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Oh Land: Nordic Fantasia. Danish pop-electro songstress Nanna Øland Fabricius, aka Oh Land, takes a dramatic turn as she cycles aimlessly about Copenhagen’s animated streets in director Matthew Donaldson’s short.

Oh Land: Nordic Fantasia

Though Oh Land has called Brooklyn, New York, home since early 2010, the Copenhagen native still pines for the Nordic mini-metropolis. “I miss being able to go everywhere on my bike. It’s so freeing and such a nice way to explore your city,” she says. “In New York it’s so dangerous, it’s not the same experience.” This fall, the knockout chanteuse—known for her whimsical vocals, fantastical lyrics and idiosyncratic dance moves—has been touring the United Kingdom, opening for Katy Perry and performing hits like “Wolf & I” and “White Nights” from her eponymous second album.

Ballet or break dance? Fox fur or faux fur? Nude or Neon? Caviar or Cadbury’s? Vivienne Westwood or Viktor & Rolf? Bad boy or Prince Charming? Fact or fiction? Footloose or Flashdance? Sequins or subtlety? Night owl or early bird? The Mary Poppins Effect? Lately, there has been some discussion in the comments about whether drivers display more courtesy when cyclists ride upright bicycles and dress in "regular" clothing.

The Mary Poppins Effect?

One reader wrote that "the uprightness [is] more visible and [the clothing] maybe less offensive to your average driver... The images generated revolve around Mary Poppins. Only a monster would do anything mean to Mary Poppins" (Christopher Fotos, December 10, 2010). Do you agree? When Bike Snob NYC poked fun at the Tweed Ride last week in his typically colourful manner, I related to the associations he made with colonialism and Civil War re-enactments: I never found Tweed Rides appealing for precisely those reasons.

Speaking solely from my own experience, I'd noticed as soon as I started cycling for transportation that drivers are nicer to me when I dress "normally. " In part, I think the idea of not wanting to harm Mary Poppins is valid - in the sense that a cyclist dressed "normally" looks more human to the driver. Cycle Chic™ - The Original from Copenhagen.: Bogota Cycle Chic. More photos from our trip to Bogotá, Colombia.

Cycle Chic™ - The Original from Copenhagen.: Bogota Cycle Chic

We blogged about it a little earlier on Copenhagenize, but we got to go for the ITDP's (Institute for Transportation and Development Policy) Transport Systems Summit. Mikael will get to meet up with a few more of our friends from the ITDP when he's in São Paulo. Between, and during, conference events they made sure we had lots of opportunities to bicycle around the city. Here are a few shots from one of the bicycle tours. This is Dani. This is David, he runs Bogotá Cycle Chic.

Tweed run

Bike fashion. Downtownfrombehind. COMMERCE STREET, Alex Williams, writer at the New York Times, and Joanna Goddard, writer and creator of A Cup of Jo, with their son, Toby for Downtownfrombehind.


Alex and Joanna have one of those romantic New York stories. She liked his glasses, he liked her toothy grin, they met at the Oscars over a bowl of guacamole. First date and Alex opted for a movie. He spent the entire time wondering if Jo was into him. Jo spent the entire time thinking about making out with him. Cycle Style Auckland. Iconic bicycle designs through the ages – in pictures. Bicycle Paintings, by Taliah Lempert. Five Spring Bicycles. Bicycle Wine Rack. The Tweed Run. Cycle Chic™ - The Original from Copenhagen. New York RideStyle Fashion Show 2011.