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Oh Land: Nordic Fantasia. The Mary Poppins Effect? Lately, there has been some discussion in the comments about whether drivers display more courtesy when cyclists ride upright bicycles and dress in "regular" clothing.

The Mary Poppins Effect?

One reader wrote that "the uprightness [is] more visible and [the clothing] maybe less offensive to your average driver... The images generated revolve around Mary Poppins. Only a monster would do anything mean to Mary Poppins" (Christopher Fotos, December 10, 2010). Do you agree? Cycle Chic™ - The Original from Copenhagen.: Bogota Cycle Chic. More photos from our trip to Bogotá, Colombia.

Cycle Chic™ - The Original from Copenhagen.: Bogota Cycle Chic

We blogged about it a little earlier on Copenhagenize, but we got to go for the ITDP's (Institute for Transportation and Development Policy) Transport Systems Summit. Mikael will get to meet up with a few more of our friends from the ITDP when he's in São Paulo. Between, and during, conference events they made sure we had lots of opportunities to bicycle around the city. Here are a few shots from one of the bicycle tours.

Tweed run

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