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6 Handy Steps to Setup Airport Extreme Router. The Apple Airport Extreme router uses the broadband Internet connection that lets your computers and the Internet-capable devices access the Wi-Fi or wireless network. In spite of having the manufacturer differences, you can also access the Apple network on your Mac and Windows computers.

You can configure the router in a few minutes and then use the standard network cables to connect your devices to it. After setting up the Airport router, you will be able to access the Internet from anywhere within a specific range. Note – For any help or query, immediately dial the Apple router support number to consult the professionals for immediate resolution. Step 1 – Find the ‘Internet’ port on the back of your DSL modem to connect it to the PC through the cable. Step 2 – Connect one side of the Ethernet cord to the modem’s port labeled as ‘Internet,’ and connect another side of the cable to the port labeled as ‘Internet WAN’ on the back of your Apple router.

Share post: 5 Steps to Restore QuickBooks for Mac Backup File. Sometimes, when using the QuickBooks for Mac version, a file can be corrupted or damaged at the point of completion. There can be different problems that cause your data to be corrupted, which is easy to repair by using the Intuit’s File Doctor if you’re using the QuickBooks for Windows version. But there’s no specific tool for QuickBooks for Mac, so the best way is to restore the recent backup to access the file. For the detailed directions to create a backup, you can avail the customer service for QuickBooks Mac version via the phone.

Otherwise, check the further process. Figure out How QuickBooks for Mac Creates a Backup QuickBooks for Mac may backup the company files automatically every hour or whenever the file is closed. When the backup is created, it seems like a disk icon which is the Mac file that contains the.dmg extension. Learn How to Restore a Backup of Company File in QuickBooks for Mac Version Step 3 – Now, open the restored Company file. 3 Ways to Fix the Most Annoying Gmail Errors. Errors with Gmail aren’t rare; the users may experience an error when using the Gmail, such as ‘Temporary Error’ or the ‘No connection’ or ‘Oops’ error. On the occasion of any errors, as described in this tutorial, you can call at the Gmail support number to get them fixed instantly.

Also, you can follow this guide to resolve the frustrating Gmail errors. Fix 1 – Gmail “No connection” Error If you’re receiving the no connection error when using Gmail on the iPad or iPhone device, just follow the below-outlined steps. Check that you have the most robust and active Internet connection. An uninterrupted connection can cause that kind of error.Reopen the Gmail application. Fix 2 – Gmail “Temporary error (502)” If you face a ‘Temporary Error’ message when logging into the Gmail account, it’s possible that the email services are temporarily unavailable.

Fix 3 – Gmail “Oops” error Check that you’re using a Gmail’s supported browser Check your web browser add-ons Check the Gmail labs Related Blogs-: How to Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Installation Errors. If you failed to install your Lexmark printer and receive an error, or you’re unable to find your printer as the option in your installed programs and Windows after installing it, several reasons can cause the issues. Problems with the connection or some glitches with your system or the device itself can also be the reason for the error in installing your printer. At such time, you can call on the Lexmark printer customer service number to resolve the issue as instantly as possible. You can also start troubleshooting the printer installation issues by following these ways. Solution 1 - Reinstall your Lexmark Printer If the installation process gets failed before completing, then reinstall your Lexmark printer by following the guidance provided by the machine. You can also connect your Lexmark printer to a different PC to make sure whether the computer or the printing machine is having issues.

Solution 2 - Update Printer Drivers and Software Solution 3 - Troubleshooting Applications. How to Enable Undo Send option in Gmail? 5 Handy Steps to Stop Facebook Videos Auto Buffering Issues. Facebook has been a vital connection platform for everyone and has given unlimited flexibility to the customers or users that are associated with it. People usually log into Facebook because they want to post something they feel worth sharing.

In addition to the social platform, Facebook has also given us a platform to share and watch videos on the real-time network with our friends, family, relatives, colleagues, etc. Periodically, some problems keep occurring when using the Facebook and therefore, users have to call on the Facebook helpline phone number for instant resolution. Video streaming over the Facebook has been a concern for the real-time users today. Due to slow network speed and data connections, you may sometimes face a problem of buffering while watching your favorite videos or pictures. 1. After turning off the auto buffering and playing in the Facebook web interface, you have to disable the auto-playing on your Android and iOS devices as well. 4. 4 Ways to Clear Paper Jam on Lexmark Printer.

Hotmail Customer Service. Step 1 – Restarting your computer is often enough to resolve most of the temporary problems. Sometimes, your computer may not boot up properly that cause some programs not to work appropriately, including the web browser. Step 2 – Shut down other Internet-capable programs that are consuming the Internet like Outlook. These added applications use the most of the bandwidth, causing the Hotmail to freeze up. Step 3 – Upgrade the web browser plug-ins. Step 4 - Navigate to the Hotmail website. If the Hotmail freezing issue continues then call at the Hotmail phone number for the possible solutions and to get the problem fixed permanently. What To Do When Gmail Won’t Load or Open Properly.

If your Gmail website is slow or not loading at all, there are some of the browser-related problems that can lead Gmail to run slowly. You may also experience the issues if the Gmail website itself is having the difficulties. On the condition, it’s suggested you seek the appropriate solution to fix the Gmail issues. You can either call on the Gmail customer support service number or follow the steps below to resolve the problem. Step 1 – Make sure that you’re using a web browser that is updated and compatible with Gmail. Remember that Gmail works well with the modern and newest version of browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. If you have installed the former version of the browser, update it instantly to get the security updates and the best email experience. Step 2 – Ensure that the browser extensions and computer applications are working fine with Gmail.

Step 3 – Clear the cache and cookies in your web browser. 1. Other Solutions. How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop When It Won’t Start. If QuickBooks Desktop appears partially or doesn’t open at all after clicking the QuickBooks icon, various problems can stop QB from starting appropriately. You may face this issue if you double-click the program multiple times to open it. On that condition, restarting the computer is helpful to fix the temporary QuickBooks issues, but sometimes you require contacting the QuickBooks payroll support phone number to get quick help and assistance to resolve the problems. 1.

In such a case, closing the QBW32.exe process that runs in the background will be helpful to fix the issues if QuickBooks won’t open. 2. QuickBooks rejects the request to start if it’s trying to open the prior company file or the file gets damaged in your program. 3. 4. 5. However, if the problem continues and you’re not able to fix the issues facing when opening the QuickBooks Desktop, make a clean installation of the program. Top 3 Ways to Reset the Apple Airport Router. Resetting the Apple Airport router sets it to the default state that lets you re-access it when it stops to respond, or you lost the router password.

Relying on the model of your Apple router, you can reset it by following one of these ways. Before you call the Apple Airport router customer service experts, check the following. Method 1 - Soft Reset It changes the router password and turns off the security for around 5 minutes so that you can change the network settings. Otherwise, your Apple router returns to its earlier settings. You can perform this step if you forgot the password and you can’t access the admin settings. Method 2 - Hard reset This way resets your router to the default state, but recalls the previous saved profiles and configuration, letting you restore the router to previous settings. Method 3 - Default Factory Reset It’s just like the hard reset method but also deleted the saved profiles and configurations as well.

Step by Step Instructions to Reset Netflix. If you’re facing streaming issues with Netflix, you can resolve the problems by resetting it. You can reset the Netflix using three methods. Restarting your device is often enough to get rid of the issues. However, if it doesn’t help, then you can remove and reinstall the Netflix app to fix the problems. Otherwise, you can deactivate Netflix and then activate it again to solve the problems. Note — In the event of any Netflix issues, you can call on the Netflix customer service phone number to resolve the problems immediately. Figure Out How to Reset the Netflix Application: Step 1 — Sign into the Netflix on your PC and choose the profile and click on the Profile icon on the top-right side and choose the ‘Account’ option from the drop-down list. Step 2 — On the ‘Account Information’ page, click the link labeled as the ‘Manage Netflix ready devices and computers.’

Step 3 — Click the ‘Activate a Device’ button. Step 4 — Continue with the directions that appear on the window. How to Troubleshoot a Lexmark Printer If It Won’t Print. If your Lexmark printer is not printing the documents correctly or doesn’t process the print jobs correctly, several reasons may be causing the problems. Your printer won’t receive the print messages if the print spooler service on your computer is not functioning correctly or not started at all.

It’s also possible that a print job is stuck in the queue or there is a jammed paper in your printer. At such time, you can even call the technician through Lexmark printer customer support phone number to fix the problems. You may require power cycled your Lexmark printer to remove the print job and jammed paper. The following troubleshooting guidance helps you get rid of the Lexmark printer problems. Step 1 – Click on the Windows logo or Start menu on your system’s desktop, and then click the ‘Control Panel’ icon. Step 2 – Click the ‘Services’ tab, followed by the ‘Print Spooler’ option. Step 3 – Power off your Lexmark printer and also remove the interface and electrical cable. Like this: Step-by-step Directions to Repair Missing Windows 7 Files. Misplaced or corrupted files on your computer can cause some major issues. On that condition, your system can’t start, work or shut down appropriately.

Though, you can quickly repair such files by using the Windows 7 system-file checker utility. It’s intended to replace the missing file with the appropriate versions so that your PC can work again appropriately. Find out How to Repair Missing Files in Windows 7 Computer 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Now, you will be able to solve the issues of Windows 7 operating system occurring because of one of the missing program files.

How to Resolve the Slow Facebook Chat Feature. Facebook Chat feature is mainly proposed to make communication in real time; thus you can send/receive emails with others as quickly as you would on the mobile phone. However, just like other services, it may slow down at times. If it is slow, you may not be able to send the messages, and it also interrupts your flow of communication. Several causes can slow down the Facebook chat feature, such as your web browser and the Internet connectivity as well. Some of them can be resolved by adjusting a few settings while some of them require the expert help to be fixed that is quickly accessible through the Facebook customer support number.

You can speed up your Facebook chat feature by following some of the possible workarounds as outlined below. Fix 1 – Start a New Chat Start messaging with a different friend and make sure that you can now send the messages or not. Fix 2 - Internet Connection Issues Fix 3 - Facebook Problems Fix 4 - Web Browser Problems Fix 5 – Other Considerations. 11 Gmail Add-ons You Must Try to Enhance Your Productivity. How to Fix The Epson Printer Miscellaneous Printing Problems. You can get the best quality printed output if the required components, such as operating system, computer hardware, printer drivers and your Epson printer itself all are up-to-date and functioning.

If one of the links fails to work, you may not be able to get the best quality prints. When you find the miscellaneous printouts like garbled or strange characters on the printed documents, perform an in-depth analysis to find out the precise reason for your printer problems. You can call on the Epson printer support service number to call the experts to troubleshoot your printer for solving the issues efficiently.

Otherwise, follow these solutions. Fix 1 - Printer Prints Mirror or Inverted Images If your Epson printer is printing inverted images that also seem like the mirror, then you can disable the mirror settings by opening your software window on your computer. If you're using the Windows computer, open the Page Layout window of your Epson driver and disable the 'Mirror' image. 2 Steps to Reset the Linksys Router Password (with image) · kimwillson. To access the Web-based settings of your Linksys routers, you should have a password. However, if you require setting up the Linksys router and now don’t remember the router’s password, then you can change it by resetting the configuration on your router to the default factory settings, and then re-enter the custom configuration.

For a hassle-free password recovery process, call on the Linksys customer service phone number. Otherwise, follow these steps: Step 1- Find the small ‘Reset’ button located on the back of your router. Step 2 – Release the button once you’re assured about its restarting. Later on, you can change the default password by entering the password you want to create. Other Solutions Linksys routers connect to the cable modem or other broadband connection device, letting your computer and devices share the same Internet connection. How to Contact Hotmail Customer Service Support.

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