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Yealink. Digium VoIP Phones. 2N® Helios IP Intercom. 2N® IP PA Systems. Inform the public of everything it should know IP public address systems from the 2N portfolio enable sound distribution via IP protocol over great distances or even wirelessly.

2N® IP PA Systems

They are tools for broadcasting public announcements and advertising messages, whether this involves live speech and recorded messages, playing atmospheric music, internet radio or other audio streams in a certain area with the option of playing various messages in different zones. They are primarily used to address, inform and alert a wide circle of people such as customers, employees and visitors to public spaces.

VoIP Security, Mail Server Blacklist Settings - DVCOM Technology. Networking Basics - DVCOM Technology. All You Need To Know About Branch Office Connection. Today, most of the companies are expanding its branches across globe.

All You Need To Know About Branch Office Connection

With the addition of new branches, it is quite important to establish a reliable network to interconnect different branch offices together. With the help of Branch office connection, you can get fast and secure access to the data available in other branch offices. Whether you want affordable backup Wide Area Network connectivity in a location, dedicated connection to remote sites or need more bandwidth, you can get everything with the help of Branch Office Solution.

So let’s discuss about the benefits and types of branch office connectivity solutions. Key Benefits of Branch Office Connectivity Solutions Branch office connection helps in improving cooperation among employees, partners and contractors. With the help of Branch office connection, you can also enhance the broadband connection between the branch offices without changing any network components. Branch Office Connectivity Solutions. Top 7 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Call Center Services. Today, lots of companies are outsourcing their call center services so that customers get immediate and fast response for their calls.

Top 7 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Call Center Services

These call center companies assists companies to save their employees time in order to enhance the productivity and increase profit. By outsourcing your call center solution, you can get help from specialized professionals. There are numerous benefits of outsourcing your call center services. Let’s take a look at few of them. Benefits of Outsourcing Your Call Center Services Provides 24X7 Support When a company hire an external service provider for handling calls then they have to maintain a 24/7 workforce of in-house agents. Reduced Costs Outsourcing your call center solution is quite beneficial for small businesses as you can easily reduce costs that are linked with hiring a segment of call center agents. Handles Overflow Calls Companies can always hire call center agents to handle overflow call volume. Disaster Recovery Save On Resources. Different Types Of Analog Telephony Cards.

Telephone cards are crucial hardware components of telephone systems that integrate with computers.

Different Types Of Analog Telephony Cards

High Speed Wifi Adapter- DVCOM Technology. The entertainment applications running over the home network infrastructure and home-based productivity for SOHO are growing while the broadband bandwidth is increasingly available within affordable budget along with deployment of DSL or FTTx.

High Speed Wifi Adapter- DVCOM Technology

The Fiber speed of Vigor2130FVn optimizes the throughput performance and flexibility for time-critical console gaming, multimedia streaming (compatible with Euro-DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.0 for high-speed data transfer to an existing cable TV system provided by cable TV operators) and P2P downloading as well as IP telephony. The four Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 LAN ports) auto-sensing ports facilitate home networking with width-intensive applications! Through the combination of Gigabit WAN and Gigabit LAN ports to optimize the bandwidth usage, the downstream data and voice packets for Triple play can be flawlessly displayed in endpoint devices, such as HDTV, desktop/laptop or analog/IP phone. Switchvox Phone System - DVCOM Technology.

Switchvox, the full Unified Communications system, enables VoIP and traditional calling.

Switchvox Phone System - DVCOM Technology

With each Switchvox business phone system, all features are included. Simply choose the appliance that is the right size for your business. Video Conferencing Endpoint. 18x optical zoom PTZ cameraMicrophone arrays with 360 degree voice pickupH.264 high profile, saving 50% bandwidthYealink intelligent firewall traversalBandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustmentVideo recording and playbackRemote diagnosisDual displays and ‘focus’ featureHigh compatibility and interoperability Offering an Outstanding 1080P Full-HD Video Conferencing Experience The VC120 is Yealink’s latest innovative 1080P full-HD video conferencing endpoint for branch offices.

Video Conferencing Endpoint

It is designed to provide ease-of-use, high-quality and cost-efficiency.To make life easier still, the VC120 supports an intelligent firewall transversal which allows users to plug and play with no further firewall configuration from box to work in just five-minutes. Digium Asterisk Advanced Training - DVCOM Technology. Highly Powerful and Reliable 8 Port Analog Telephony Cards.

The A8 series of analog cards supports upto 8 connections per card in your Asterisk system.

Highly Powerful and Reliable 8 Port Analog Telephony Cards

This series can scale from one to eight ports by using the Digium’s latest quad-port interface modules. The modular feature of the card facilitates the mix and match between station and line interface, offering the exact port desired by you. The 8 port analog telephony cards are available in PCI express form and half-length PCI factors. Some of its basic applications are listed below: Hotspot Solution for Hotels-The Only Choice of Today’s Customers. Hotspot Solution for Hotels-The Only Choice of Today’s Customers Today’s hotel industry is far more intricate than ever before.

Hotspot Solution for Hotels-The Only Choice of Today’s Customers

Due to the arrival of new players, the cut –throat competition is increasing with a fast pace among them. All of them desire to offer best-in-class services to their clients so that their brand value increases. The people at present are addicted to the internet and online businesses that they can’t live without it. It doesn’t matter whether we are at home or out, we spend many hours on these gadgets for surfing on social site or using live chat. Wi-Fi hotspot solution is an ideal choice for visitors An incorporation of technology with the services assist hotels to cope up with the present highly competitive arena. Wi-Fi hotspot solution open source: New definition of technology Wi-Fi hotspot solution open source for lodgings is the primary concern which draws in the clients more. A Helpful Guide to Choose the Door Entry Systems with Camera. In the present scenario, door entry systems with camera are getting the hottest trend to improve the security of the homes.

A Helpful Guide to Choose the Door Entry Systems with Camera

Though several people already know that a video intercom also known as door entry system. The reason is this device allows you to see the person standing outside the door. They are turning out to be very popular these days due to the security highlight that it offers, such as permitting you to really see the other individual at the entryway first before opening it. In case you see a suspicious-looking individual knocking at the door, you can test and make inquiries first until you are guaranteed that your guest is an innocuous and agreeable person.

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