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NOW GERMAN LANGUAGE WRITING SYSTEM FOR TRANSLATION. The German writing system is based on the Latin alphabet with a few odd differences that make looking at German text a little unusual for non German speakers.


The Latin alphabet is one of the main alphabet systems used worldwide. It is used in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and the Scandinavian languages Germany’s Latin Alphabet Compared with other World Writing Systems Although readers of this blog will be very familiar with the Latin alphabet – after all, it is written in Latin characters! – they may be aware that many people around the world get on just fine with other forms of writing. German Alphabetic Idiosyncracies While German writing is definitely based on the Latin script, developed during the Roman Empire, it also has four peculiarities of its own. Introducing the Umlauts The umlauts are a slight variation of three common vowels: a, e and u. The Eszett The Eszett, written as ß, is like a more pronounced ‘s’ sound. Capital Letters for Common Nouns. Now Working On Translation Projects With Human Sources. Translation is not an easy task, especially when the subject matter is specialised.

Now Working On Translation Projects With Human Sources.

Translators may have to translate legal, scientific, medical and technical articles, documents and manuals. How do they do it? The usual answer is that translators who advertise their specialised translation ability have had training in that subject matter in another life. But how true is that? Are many translators really taking up translation after being doctors, solicitors or scientists? One survey of translators a few years ago revealed that three-quarters of professional translators had had no other further training in anything other than translation.

Does a Lack of formal Training in Specialised Subjects Really Matter? Many Features That We Know As The Best Translators In Australia. Whether you are German business intent on marketing your goods in Australia or a German migrating to Australia you will require all relevant documents to be translated from German to English so they can be read by your targeted audience in Australia.

Many Features That We Know As The Best Translators In Australia.

At Dammann German Translations you can expect the best translation for your documents that you will find anywhere in Australia. Our Translators are NAATI Accredited Key government and other organisations in Australia will only accept German to English translations provided by NAATI accredited translators. NAATI stands for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. This is the highest accrediting authority in Australia and only accredits translators after they have successfully completed a challenging exam. Examples of Documents we Regularly Translate We Offer Certified Translations Confidentiality is something we Consider Essential. Some Tips To Celebrate Translation Day.

If you are a translator, did you know that one day every year was dedicated to celebrating everything to do with translating?

Some Tips To Celebrate Translation Day.

It’s called International Translation Day and every year it takes place on 30th September. There is a different theme every year, too and this year it’s “indigenous languages and their translation.” If you work in a translation agency and your employer decides to ask you what you should do to celebrate International Translation Day 2019, you should suggest something to do with the challenges and benefits of translating indigenous languages. Even coming to terms with understanding why indigenous languages are so important might be a useful theme for the day. Translation is something that is genuinely international in character.

Always Go With a Language Specialist for Translation.: Transform your business using translation. 7 of the Best German Translator Apps That You Can Really Rely On - German Translation Services. There are some obvious pros and cons when using translator apps which are as follows: ‍Pros You can access an immediate solution to a German word you do not knowA reliable German translation app offers pronunciation help using audioProvides the reassurance that when miscommunication could take place this can be resolved in a matter of secondsMany translation apps are free so you can use them as often as you like and where you like Cons Becoming dependent on using translation apps for everything, means less speaking occurs with othersEven with the best app the translation will never be 100 percent accurate.

7 of the Best German Translator Apps That You Can Really Rely On - German Translation Services

This elevates the risk of learning German incorrectlyImpossible to become familiar with German slang and any other more casual sounding words which have been localized into German The 7 of the best apps to translate German to English, or any other languages you speak: TripLingo TripLingo is suitable for the business traveller or frequent travellers who are seeking a useful app. iTranslate. A Important Short History Of Translation. Translation is only needed because people around the world cannot communicate in a single universal language and need to do so in writing or in the printed form, anyway.

A Important Short History Of Translation

If everyone around the world could understand English, or Chinese, equally well, then it would probably make life a lot easier, but there would be no work for either interpreters or translators and no history of translation! Since the time that humanity first learned to speak, there has been a need for those whose language was different to be able to understand each other. It took thousands of years of human social evolution before populations became so large that communities found themselves living close to others who spoke a different language from them.

Add the desire for trade and you have the perfect reason to invent the very first interpreters. Get Perfect German Words We Need In English. Some of the most powerful German words in the German language are those that are molded together to make a super-long word.

Get Perfect German Words We Need In English

An example is “Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung”, which quite literally means “automobile liability insurance.” There was another awesome German word, “Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz”, which when it existed meant “law delegating beef label monitoring.” Some Idea's about Save Money On A Technical Translation.

If you need a technical document or text translated into another language you will be looking for accuracy, speed of delivery and good value for money.

Some Idea's about Save Money On A Technical Translation.

While translation projects can feasibly be translated by an automated computer-mediated translation tool, it is highly unlikely that your translated document or text will be accurately translated even though it will hardly cost anything and may even be free as well as being quick. The fact is that technical documents cannot be left to automated software alone yet without the real risk that accuracy will be compromised. Of course, you won’t know just how accurate the translation is unless you are bilingual yourself, but you will certainly find out when you get a response from whoever it is around the world that you are sending your translation to. KNOW ABOUT GERMAN CULTURE AND TRANSLATION. A good German language translation has never just been about translating the language into other languages using a word to word method.


It is important to understand both German traditions and culture if a translation is to be fully accurate. A knowledgeable German translator will also be aware of how well another language speaker will understand a German translation. This may depend on the educational or knowledge level of the audience. Documents Required For an Australian Tourist Visa - German Translation Services. The sad fact at the moment is that despite the many natural attractions of visiting Australia as a tourist, this is unlikely to become a reality while the Covid-19 pandemic rages unchecked around the world.

Documents Required For an Australian Tourist Visa - German Translation Services

Australia has a strict policy on entry to the country at the moment that prohibits anyone who is not an Australian citizen or resident from entering. Even many Australians cannot get back to their own country because of caps on flights, the cost of flights and the cost of mandatory 2-week quarantine. This article is written in the hope that eventually things will get back to ‘normal’ and foreigners will once again be welcome to visit Australia. Visiting Australia as a Tourist – three Categories of entry Pre and Post-Covid Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens do not need any documents on arrival at any Australian international airport or port of entry by boat.

How to Promote Your Business using Translation Services - German Translation Services. The Covid-19 pandemic may have dampened global business activity to some extent, but it certainly hasn’t dented the push to expand international business activity. The ready availability and widespread uptake of the internet worldwide means that almost any business can market itself and its products anywhere in the world. Pandemic restrictions haven’t destroyed the internet and international supply chains may have slowed down but certainly still operate. So, if viruses, the internet and global trade routes can’t stop your business from planning on international expansion, what’s stopping you?

The Main Stumbling Block – Language! The English language may be one of the world’s most important international languages, perhaps the most important, but it doesn’t mean every potential customer and business partner understands it well enough to attract them to your particular business. NOW GET ADVANTAGES OF LEARNING GERMAN FOR STUDENTS. However serious you are as a student, there are many good reasons for learning German. Some of these are listed below and are explored in more detail later in this article. ● Learning German allows you to study at a fees free German university. ● Learning German allows you to get more out of a holiday or extended travel in any German speaking country. ● Learning German allows you to work or do serious business in a German speaking country.

If you are a foreign student and are interested in pursuing a course at a recognized university, one drawback is that international course fees have gone up almost exponentially. Once upon a time, countries like Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand used to offer cheap university and college courses to international students. GET THE TAX DOCUMENT TRANSLATION. If you live in Australia, you will be expected to pay tax and complete an annual tax return unless you declare yourself a non-tax resident. If you declare yourself as tax resident in Australia, then any income you earn anywhere else in the world may be taken into consideration when completing your annual tax return.

Australia has tax agreements with several other countries, including the U.K., the U.S. and New Zealand that mean you have to decide which country you are tax resident in. If you earn an income in Australia, for instance, but have declared yourself tax resident in the U.K., then your Australian income should be included in your U.K. tax return and vice versa. Get The Difference About Proofreading, Editing, And Revising. German translators, just like any other translators, must become proficient at a variety of skills.

The most obvious one is fluency in the main two or three languages that the translator concentrates on. Important translation skills like proofreading, editing and revising are all useless unless the translator has translated a chunk of text or a document as accurately as possible. Now Language Development Influenced On Translation. Last Updated On: October 10, 2019 Communication between explorers was always difficult when a new language and culture was encountered. However, as time has moved on communication has become much more effective. Professional translators not only concentrate on translating the language as they find it, but they know a lot more about the culture of those who speak native other languages.

This has helped improve the quality of the translation. Now your business can also be expanded by using translation services. How New Year is Celebrated in the German Language. Last Updated On: January 12, 2021. How to Promote Your Business using Translation Services. How to Learn Christmas Greetings in Other Languages - Blog. Last Updated On: December 10, 2020 If you are moving between countries over the Christmas holiday period, the people you meet would be only too happy if you greet them with a Happy Christmas in their own language (while social distancing, of course!). One great way to feel comfortable in a country you are visiting and travelling through is to get to grips with the languages before you get to the countries. It saves having to find translators and interpreters once you are there. Learning new languages doesn’t have to be slow or boring and as long as you are prepared to work hard to reach these goals you will gain the language proficiency that you need to communicate. 1.

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