ObjectToObject Map

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CodePlexProject Hosting for Open Source Software Value Injecter - convention based mapper ValueInjecter lets you define your own convention-based matching algorithms (ValueInjections) in order to match up (inject) source values to destination values. basic usage: Value Injecter - object(s) to -> object mapper Value Injecter - object(s) to -> object mapper
Emit Mapper Emit Mapper CodePlexProject Hosting for Open Source Software Emit Mapper Project DescriptionPowerful customisable tool for mapping entities to each other. Entities can be plain objects, DataReaders, SQL commands and anything you need. The tool uses run-time code generation via the Emit library. It is usefull for dealing with DTO objects, data access layers an so on.
Emit Mapper Customization overviewCustom convertersCustom converters_for_genericsNull substitutionIgnoring membersCustom constructorsShallow and_deep_mappingNames matchingPost processing Customization overview. Default configurator is the easiest way to customize mapping. Using is rather simple: create instance of type DefaultMapConfig, setup it and pass it to the method GetMapper of ObjectMapperManager. For example: Emit Mapper
After much much reading about many of the options linked here, and possible solutions for this issue, I believe all the options are summarized pretty well at Ian P's link (all other options are variations of those) and the best solution is provided by Pedro77's link on the question comments. So I'll just copy relevant parts of those 2 references here. That way we can have: First and foremost, those are all our options: Mr Venkat Subramaniam (redundant link here) explains in much detail why. .net - Cloning objects in C# .net - Cloning objects in C#