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Cars. 7 Ways to Score Free Stuff. We've explored the world of freebies a couple times on Financially Fit from free vacations, to free yoga, to free cell phones.

7 Ways to Score Free Stuff

And yes, there's more! Here's another round up of totally free offerings that can potentially help you save you thousands of dollars a year. Free Media, Language Classes & Children's Events What magical place houses all of the aforementioned freebies? The library, of course! When was the last time you visited yours? Beginner chess mistakes to avoid. Becoming a great chess player is a journey.

Beginner chess mistakes to avoid

And as is the case with any truly great game, understanding the rules is just the first step. The second, we'd venture to say, is being able to identify, understand, and fix your mistakes. Fortunately, there are a few elementary (and easily corrected) blunders that nearly all beginner players fall into at some point. Dodge them, and grand mastery -- or, at any rate, a much better standard of play -- is just around the corner.

Here are seven of the most common. Hands off the queen Let's be honest about it: queens kick ass. Not so your queen. Avoid pointless exchanges In economics, there's a concept called the sunk cost fallacy. The same applies to lost chess pieces. Play Chess right here at Y! Don't rush Chances are you're not playing a timed game. Even if you're confident in your next few moves, take a few minutes to sit back and smell the roses. Don't pawn off your pawns Wrong. Castling: not just for Harold and Kumar You know the rest. Bills-not-to-automate: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance. Service providers are happy to give you the "convenience" of automated payments — primarily because it lets them reach into your wallet each and every month.

bills-not-to-automate: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

But although autopay can be a valuable financial tool for some bills and expenses, for other types of payments, you may be setting yourself up for all-too-frequent fee hikes, surprise costs, and payments for services you never even use. Those unexpected costs can hit you with a double whammy, says Jean Ann Fox, director of consumer protection for the Consumer Federation of America.

In addition to the extra costs themselves, surprise fee hikes can bleed your account balance dry, she says — and "if you run low in your checking account, you can easily overdraw your account and rack up $35 overdraft fees. " Here are five fees to drop from your automated payment list today.

"In-app" purchases — such as a game's additional levels, premium features, or virtual goods — also can easily add hundreds of dollars to a monthly bill. 30 Days to a Better Husband - Love + Sex on Shine. Man holding flowers towards someone.By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK.This month, Aaron Traister pledged to transform himself into the man his wife deserves: thoughtful, physically fit, and sexually patient.

30 Days to a Better Husband - Love + Sex on Shine

She got two out of three - not bad! During a recent argument, my wife, Karel, told me I needed to "grow up," so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'd spend four weeks making myself over, and I wouldn't tell Karel, just to see if she was paying attention. Among other things, I changed up my clothes and returned to my teenage wrestling workouts - because nothing says maturity like playing dress-up and trying desperately to relive high school. Here's the whole rundown. Related: 18 Most Annoying Male Habits, Explained I bought her flowers. Related: Secrets to a Divorce-Proof Marriage I unplugged. Related: 5 Outfits Guys Secretly Hope You'll Wear I tried not to pounce on her. Related: 5 Dresses Every Woman Should Own Related: 28 Moves for a Wow-That-Was-Amazing Night I got in shape. "But why? "

Top 9 national park beaches on Shine.