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Iam a freelencer Blogger & content writer likes to share & get knowledge.

UPES – B. Tech Degree Mechatronics Engineering. BBA Financial Services And Marketing – UPES. Transportation & Logistics Management IT Solutions. Hexaware is a specialist and preferred partner for transportation and logistics companies.

Transportation & Logistics Management IT Solutions

We help companies improve performance and drive visibility across their network Our unique approach coupled with services & value added solutions help logistics companies to constantly innovate, exploit their technology platforms and derive business benefits. We provide focused solutions for the following segments of the logistics industry: We help Shippers to improve their ON Time In Full deliveries to your customers We help LSP’s to optimize their warehouse & transport operations.

User Experience Services. Hexaware User Experience Practice User experience (UX) design has established itself as an essential activity for businesses to drive competitive advantage.

User Experience Services

In some commoditized and price-competitive markets, a well-evolved and differentiated user experience is the only viable competitive strategy. Hexaware’s User Experience Practice (UXP) helps businesses create a meaningful connection with customers. Digitization and Automation of Freight Settlement to Save Costs. To stay competitive in this time of constant change, demanding customers, and renewed need for innovation, LSPs must look everywhere for streamlining and cost saving opportunities.

Digitization and Automation of Freight Settlement to Save Costs

Automation of freight settlement processes is one such area, which can add 3-7% to your net margin. Join Hexaware Technologies, and eft (eye for transport), as we are collaborating to bring you an insightful complimentary webinar on "Digitization & Automation of freight settlement to save costs", at 11 am EDT on August 6th. Register to attend this session, where we walk you through how Automated Invoice Solution (developed by ASG - Transportation & Logistics) can help you improving your margins, reducing back office costs and results in achieving following: Web Application Testing and its Importance. iFraudEngine, Hexaware’s Insurance fraud engine, is designed to detect and prevent fraud. The Future for MRO – Digital Aviation M&E/MRO Masterclass Webinar. The current state of Aviation M&e/MRO is advanced; from paperless and mobile technology to ongoing business intelligence.

The Future for MRO – Digital Aviation M&E/MRO Masterclass Webinar

It begins with effectively converting your legacy frameworks which obliges experience and demonstrated skill. Join Hexaware to look into the most recent MRO advances and how to upgrade a business flying MRO business to achieve and exceed your goals. Register to attend this complimentary webinar on July 31st, 2014. Date: July 31st, 2014 Time: Webinar Session 1 – 06:30 UTC/GMT; 2014 Oracle Transport Management (OTM) User Conference – US. Philadelphia – Pennsylvania – USA - August 10, 2014 Hexaware Technologies, an Oracle Platinum Partner with a focus in Transportation Management Services and Solutions, is proud to announce its Silver Sponsorship of the OTM Conference to be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US on August 10-13, 2014.

2014 Oracle Transport Management (OTM) User Conference – US

The conference is designed to bring together users and potential users of the OTM software to share knowledge, ideas and experiences. With anticipated attendance of more than 400 people, this conference is the perfect place to find answers to your questions, meet with Oracle representatives and collaborate on ideas for future upgrades. Unleash the Benefits of Clouds for Manufacturing. Manufacturing is set for bright days.

Unleash the Benefits of Clouds for Manufacturing

Factory floors are getting busier in Europe and US. China has cooled down a bit – but in overall scheme of things that may actually be OK. Funds are available for investment. IT departments are drawing up plans to fix things, modernize the infrastructure and applications. AGILE DAY CONFERENCE 2014. Pune - July 18, 2014 Agile Day Conference 2014 (ADC 2014) Date & Venue : July 18, 2014 | Hotel Radisson Blu, Pune July 25, 2014 | The Grand Magrath Hotel, Bangalore Website : Designed with the vision to promote and support implementation of Agile practices and facilitate the growth of this domain, the Agile Day Conference 2014 (ADC 2014) will take place at two major cities in India – Pune (July18, 2014) & Bangalore (July 25, 2014) Increased use of Agile has created new opportunities as well as presented challenges at the enterprise level.


Built on this, the theme of the ADC 2014 is “Agile Testing – Embrace Quality, Deliver Superior Business Value.” Check out our peoplesoft service brochure. Mobile Applications for Manufacturers. “How would we verify that the mobile applications are any great?”

Mobile Applications for Manufacturers

– This is an address that a large number of my customers ask. In all honesty, I have attempted to answer this inquiry. I assume some of this is because of – what I examined in my last blog – mobile applications are part innovativeness and part engineering development. Why is web application testing important? MFG Business Analytics work for world's biggest exchanged copper orga… MFG Customization and Development of end to end sales process in SFDC.

PeopleSoft Benefits Admin with tips & tricks for Open Enrollment. In this online education session, Hexaware will walk you through with a live customer success story of a Major Autoparts Retalier where we have deployed PeopleSoft Benefits Admin.

PeopleSoft Benefits Admin with tips & tricks for Open Enrollment

The session will also cover key tips/tricks for Annual Open Enrollment. Date: July 30, 2014Time: 11:00 am EST Session will demonstrate the following Retail Industry Specific requirements and how it was handledCustom Benefits Electronics ConsentMandatory Open EnrollmentBest PracticesTop Challenges faced during Implementation Presentation Objectives.

Accessibility Testing: It’s Essential. Get Quality Assurance & Testing Services updates directly in your inbox.

Accessibility Testing: It’s Essential

Subscribe now If someone were to ask me “Why accessibility?” I’d say it is my passion. As tedious and boring as some people make testing seem, I truly enjoy accessibility testing. Oracle Cloud Solutions, Oracle Cloud Services, Oracle Cloud Offerings. Building your future with Oracle Cloud Applications Oracle -Cloud applications are the latest set of transformational innovation launched by Oracle.

Big Deals : Property Deals In Goa, Goa Real Estate Deals, Property In Goa. Name :SAGRADOS Location :North Goa Type :Villas And Apartment Property :Residential Size :1200 - 3500 Sq. Ft. Price :7750 - 8191 (Per Sq. Demystifying The Art Of Selling Testing Services. What Good Looks Like In Mobile Apps for Manufacturers? “How do we make sure that the mobile apps are any good?” – This is a question that many of my clients ask.

To be honest, I have struggled to answer this question. I suppose some of this is due to – what I discussed in my last blog – mobile apps are part creativity and part technology development. And when creativity is involved – be it a film, a piece of music, a painting or a mobile app, using a checklist or stuff like that to define ‘quality’ becomes a risky and uneasy undertaking. However, there is a need to establish some sort of criteria so that Business gets a something useful every time they spend money. Webinar on Planning and Optimizing Your Forwarding Operations using SAP TM. Day & Date: Wednesday, July 16th - 2014 Time: 12:00 PM EDT. Offers huge discount on all electronic accessories this July.

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SF Cable now also delivers USB Hubs and Charging Station. Hayward, CA (PRWEB) June 26, 2014 SF Cable, supplier of the highest quality cables, components, and accessories (including custom products) at the deepest discounts on the internet distributed with total customer satisfaction, delivers the latest in USB Hubs and Charging Stations. Complete with your choice of charging station only or hub and charging station combination, SF Cable keeps customers charged and connected. Creativity First for a Mobile First World in Manufacturing. Ipod 3.5 mm male/female audio stereo extension cables. Web services for CICS Transaction. As per a survey conducted in 2005 by Ovum1, the mainframe is fit and well.

The mainframe is not going to disappear any time soon, nor is IBM’s commitment to it. Brand new MIPS continue to grow by around 15% a year, and the number of lines of COBOL Code in production continue to grow by 3 to 5%. CICS is the premier teleprocessing monitor on the mainframe. Globally, CICS processes an average of 30 billion transactions per day totaling over $1 trillion – that is, more transactions than the entire internet. CICS is used by 490 of the Fortune 500 firms as well as thousands of smaller companies. Problem Space. Fraud Analytics Solutions By Hexaware. Buy USB High Speed Panel Mount Extension Cable online. Private Banking Solutions, Private Banking Services by Hexaware. The Private wealth management industry offers multiple opportunities presented by evolving client demands and a homogenized product mix.

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The industry has moved to a non-linear growth phase lead by innovation, mergers and acquisitions, compliance and fraud related issues while rising cost of regulation and reduced business scenarios have placed downward pressure on margins. Buy D-Sub Pin insertion/removal Tool at Best Price. 3D Models (Free) TED talks. Logistics Mobility Solutions. Software Testing Conference (STC) 2014 : Conference & Expo.

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Asset Management Services, Capital Market Services, Wealth Management Services.

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The Digital Transformation of HR. Manufacturing Industry Experts – Hexaware. As an innovation partner, Hexaware operates a Manufacturing Center of Excellence which advises clients on latest advances in information technology and how the same can be leveraged for business impact.

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Human Capital Management Services by Hexaware.

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PeopleSoft Application Support for Leading Financial Services. Can everyone fit in the big data role?

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