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25 march 2017


Pet owners worry about their pet’s safety especially when they go out in the evening or night for a walk. Sometimes, pets can get spooked or find something interesting and run off. Those who like to go camping and hiking look for the right accessories like leashes, collars and tags to keep their pets safe. A relatively new product on the market – the LED Light Up Dog Collars - Porta – is in high demand for a variety of reasons.

Reasons to invest in an LED collar

  • Avoiding hazards: With low visibility during the late evening or night, it is easy for people to trip over stones or potholes. The LED collar helps to increase visibility and helps the dog to “guide” its owner to walk safely. LED collars can be used alone or with reflective vests.


  • Visibility: Some pet owners let their well-trained dogs off the leash to run freely in a park or a field. LED collars make it easy for owners to keep track of the dog.


  • Clean-up: LED collars glow brightly enough to help owners pick up after their dogs. Dog poop has the potential to create health problems not just for other pets but people too.

Choosing the best Light Up Dog Collars - Porta

As a pet owner, here are a few factors to consider while buying an LED collar.

  • Durability: Price is always an important factor in the purchase of any product. Regardless of how much you want to spend, look at a wide range of collars before picking one that suits your needs. Check the components such as bulbs, battery pack, whether it can be charges, is it sealed well to prevent water related problems and wear and tear related to use. Buy one which is well made and will last a long time. Full grown pets rarely outgrow their collars.
  • Brightness: The next most important thing is to check how bright the light is. The brighter the glow of the bulb, the better the visibility.
  • Water Resistance: If your dog is a water-loving breed, then it pays to look even more closely at the construction of the collar. If you also live in an area where it rains a lot, then you have to get one which is not susceptible to the weather. Keep in mind that water seepage could short circuit the bulbs and the collar is just like a regular one.
  • Price: Just like other collars, LED collars are also available in a wide price range. Premium collars do cost a lot but will also last longer, with a bit of care.
  • Battery vs. Rechargeable: Technology used in the collars is also evolving to the extent that many can be recharged using USB ports. This lets owners recharge instead of having to invest a lot on buying batteries on a regular basis. These collars do cost a bit more than battery operated ones.
  • Size: Manufacturers of pet accessories make these collars in many sizes to accommodate the needs of all pet owners.