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iWantHue. Autodesk 123D - Free 3D Modeling Software, 3D Models, DIY Projects, Personal Fabrication Tools. HTML5-Powered Web Applications: 19 Early Adopters. HTML5, rumored as Flash killer, is a brand new web technology that raises a revolution lead by Apple in web application development.

HTML5-Powered Web Applications: 19 Early Adopters

It contains canvas element for images and animation drawings, support video and audio embedding, and includes storage database for offline web applications. Most important of all, you don’t need a plugin to get all these features, your latest browser supports that. Sounds pretty cool, but what HTML5 can do actually? Well, this post is going to satisfy your curiosity about the power of HTML5 by showing you a series of practical HTML5-powered web applications such as drawing application, chart creating application and time management application.

So there’s no technical document anymore, let your eyes witness the true potential of HTML5! Textile. Page Speed Online.