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Subscription preferences Loading... Working... Latin Backing. Free Guitar Backing Tracks @ GuitarBackingTrack.com. All Keys Progressions. Playlist - TubePlayer.net. Listen to Social Playlists with the Best Videos Free! Type in an Artist to Build a Playlist. Results are generated by social popularity. Funk Backing. Rock Backing. Getguitarmaps's Channel. QualityJamTracks's Channel. SulliBackingTracks's Channel. Professional Backing Tracks for guitarists, bass players, harmonica players and any other musician. These tracks are also widely used by songwriters, composers, and even as a media source. If you wish to use any audio from my channel it is under copyright and you must inform me that you intend to use it.

The download tracks are of the highest quality and can be used with any form of recording software. When downloading please use the email address you use for your youtube account so i know who downloaded the tracks.

Blues Backing

Jazz Backing. Ballad Backing. Modal Backing. Roundthebases6's Channel. Belgrademachine is a friend of mine that fabricated a wint turbine to generate power stored in batteries.

roundthebases6's Channel

This is a demonstration of his turbine powering my Fender Blues Deluxe 1X12 40 WATT amp, and Fender Mustang Floor floor pedal. The shot was from about 40 feet away, and we are in the Madison River Valley West of Bozeman, MT. The amp is turned up to about 6 of 11 to give an idea of how loud this amp really is. I am playing my '00 Fender Stratocaster. SulliBackingTracks's Channel. Upload Sullibackingtracks Website Subscription preferences Loading...

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Working... EMOTIONAL backing track!!! QuistTV's Channel. Upload Subscription preferences Loading...

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Working... QuistTV.