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Introduction à 3D Studio Max et VRAY. (contactez notre secrétariat) Cette formation a pour objectif de permettre aux étudiants et stagiaires de réaliser une image de synthèse d’un produit ou d’un concept simple grâce aux logiciels 3D Studio Max et VRay.Elle aborde la création de volumes et de lignes, les fondamentaux de la modélisation polygonale et l’utilisation des modificateurs.

Introduction à 3D Studio Max et VRAY

Les grands principes liés à la matière et à la lumière seront ensuite étudiés, d’abord de manière théorique puis en application dans le logiciel. Enfin, la découverte du rendu VRay et de l’animation permettront aux étudiants et stagiaires d’aborder toutes les possibilités offertes par la 3D pour la réalisation d’images, ou de films.Public visé :• Infographiste 2D • Architectes • Photographes • Dessinateurs projeteurs. Maya Tutorials - Visual Center. Maya Tutorialsvcenter2016-07-06T17:30:56+00:00 Maya Interactive Tutorials Welcome to my free Maya tutorials.

Maya Tutorials - Visual Center

Here you find a list of interactive simulations designed to explain Maya attributes in the easiest and most intuitive way possible. These documentations are intended to be used for both beginners and professionals as a on-hand online documentation while working on 3D projects. New tutorials will continuously be posted, if you want to be notified subscribe in the form below and feel free to write your comment or recommendation for new tutorials. These interactive Maya tutorials are offered by the Swiss 3D animation Studio VisualCenter and renderings by 3D generalist freelancer Joel Stutz.

Maya questions and answers Below you find a list of the most common asked questions in Maya. If you’re using google chrome press Ctrl + F to search for a relevant keyword, other browsers have a similar shortcut. How to mirror blend shapes. Printer script. Break And Form 2.0 script Scripts This script allows you to break an object into pieces by detaching its polygons or slicing it into chunks (with or without volume preservation) and form this object again by manipulating the position, scale and rotation of each piece.

Printer script

You can also make dispersion of your object by making the frames go backwards. Light Painter script. Free Fill My Bookshelves script Scripts This free script is made for 3d interior artists to help them with a process of arranging books on shelves.

Light Painter script

FREE Vray Tutorial - Gamma 2.2 setup or linear workflow - page 1. What if you don't want to save your image in full float format all the time?

FREE Vray Tutorial - Gamma 2.2 setup or linear workflow - page 1

A true linear workflow is usefull for people who will use the full potential of these images to further post process them, for compositing needs etc... Many people however will do just fine with a saved image where the gamma curve does get burned in while rendering the image, so you don't have to worry about getting the exact same output gamma curve while saving the image. To achieve this, you need to go to one more setting in V-ray that controls this whole gamma thing: the color mapping rollout. You will need to switch on 'expert' mode to see all the settings. Vray: Working with Irradiance Map and Light Cache. - Rukout. FREE Vray Tutorial - Gamma 2.2 setup or linear workflow - page 1. Vray real world light intensity. Previous versions of Vray calculated light intensity in a different way compared to how it calculates today.

Vray real world light intensity

I will explain the old way first and then move on to how the latest version calculates light intensity as this may be beneficial if you are going back through older scenes. Vray used to use watts as a measurement for light intensity, which is a measurement of power and not a true reflection on the amount of visible light. You could easily fall into the habit of adding Vray plane lights into a scene and cranking up the multiplier until you are happy with the general illumination but not really knowing how much light is actually being emitted. Vray for Maya Tricks and tips. Définition du moteur ::

Vray for Maya Tricks and tips

Light Collab - Help Documents. Part 1: Aliasing vs.

Light Collab - Help Documents

Noise Sampling can be divided up into primary and secondary rays. As the name suggests, the primary ray first hits the object from the camera. The primary rays are responsible for geometry edges and textures. When the ray then bounces off the object these are called the secondary rays. Subdivisons vs. samples Increasing the quality of the primary and secondary samples is done by raising the subdivisions (or subdivs for short) either in the render globals or on the individual materials and lights. Subdivs² = samples. Vray 2.0 materials guide. An in depth look at each setting within a V-Ray material.

Vray 2.0 materials guide

You can jump to a specific section using the links below. DiffuseReflectionRefractionTranslucencyBRDFOptionsMapsReflect/Refract interpolation Diffuse Diffuse This is the actual colour of the surface, reflection and refraction colours can affect the visual appearance of this colour. Roughness. Vray CompTex + Vray EdgesTex Tutorial. Imaginez ne plus jamais faire de « Chamfer Edges »… et ben c’est le but de ce tuto !

Vray CompTex + Vray EdgesTex Tutorial

Il existe un principe de base en 3d qui dit que les angles nets à 100% n’existent pas dans la realité. VRay for 3ds Max Manual - Vray for Maya. Subdivision Render as subdivision surface - this option appears when you add the Subdivision extra attributes. When this option is checked the object will be subdivided during rendering. The settings for this subdivision can be controled globally from the Default Displacement roll up in the Settings tab of the Render Settings dialog. You can also control the subdivison quality per object by adding th Subdivision and Displacement Quality extra attribute. Subdivide UVs at borders - allows you to choose whether or not the UVs of the object will be subdivided at the borders. Subdivision and Displacement Quality Override Global Settings - when this option is checked the settings in the Default Displacement roll up will be overriden for the current object. V-Ray Automotive Showreel 2013.

Using V-Ray Fast SSS Material in Maya. How to convert 3d Studio Max V-ray materials to Maya V-ray materials? « Vray for Maya Tricks and tips. Définition du moteur :: Vray Linear WorkFlow Different ways to add Gamma in your renders. Share with your friends! Every real device to take pictures adds gamma. We actually are “producers” of images and we need to correctly setup the gamma in 3ds Max, in order to imitate the behavior of real cameras. In 3ds Max the options we have to add gamma are various: HDR Image Based Lighting 3D Scene Setup. This short video is a follow-up on a comment made by alex_starc in the 10 Free HDRI Spherical Skies Maps post.

He had issues with the sky being too dark in the render so I just recorded a short session of how I setup my scene with Image Based Lighting (IBL) using and HDRI map. Hope this helps. In this video I’m showing how I setup scene lighting using a VRayLightDome and the VRayHDRI texture loaded with a HDRI (Viz-People HDRI Vol. 01 Map 03 and My own PureLIGHT No. 11). If you have any questions, please use the comment box below (Click here to watch on YouTube)

Matte shadow and reflection using V-Ray 2.0. In the latest update for V-Ray 2.0 the reflection alpha is now included in the main alpha without the need for the VRayExtraTex. You only need complete the first part of this tutorial and just use the VRayExtraTex if you require the reflection alpha to be separate from the main alpha. You can visit this link for more information on the 2.40.01 update. V-Ray has recently released version 2.30.01 and within it comes a new tool called matte for reflection and refraction. V-Ray 2.0 for Maya Essential Training. CGSkies - 350+ Panoramic HDR Skies. Using the renderer VRay, it is possible to render a scene with only a High Dynamic Range image as the lightsource: Using just HDR images, such as CGSkies skydomes, it is possible to light an entire 3d scene without any additional light source, the amount of work needed to set it up is minimal. (Note: In our experience only VRay manages to render sharp shadows when using a HDR image as the only lightsource.

Other render engines may need additional support lights to achieve sharp shadows.) Antialiasing and Color mapping in VRay tutorial. Trucs & Astuces. Full.blown.images - High End Visual FX & Automotive Visualisation - Munich.

Lighting in Vray using an HDRI

First Look at Chaos Group's V- Ray 3.0 - Webinar. Maya. Render. Vray Render. How to create a virtual photo studio | 3D | Creative Bloq.