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X-Byte Enterprise Solutions provides the best mobile app development services which focuses on Block chain development, IoT app development, iPhone app development services, Android App development services and Hybrid App development Services. Visit :

HomeKonnect – An Integrated Smart Home App Case Study on Behance. Enterprise Web & Mobile App Development Company in USA. Enterprise Web & Mobile App Development Company in USA. Mobile Internet Speed Test App Development Company USA. On Demand Food Delivery Apps Development Company USA. Now you can have your favourite food at your doorstep by using Food&Fork - Online Order Food Delivery App For Restaurants.

On Demand Food Delivery Apps Development Company USA

Food is the basic and essential need of any human being. In this busy, hectic & fast routine, and digital era, online food ordering and delivery application appear like a miracle for them who are either busy or never stepped into their kitchen. They can easily access plenty of restaurants across the city and order their favourite food in no time. So, here we have developed the same type of application with amazing features which are beyond your imagination. Our experienced team is efficiently able to provide you handy, reliable, fast, secured application of the same type.

Do you want to develop Online Order Food Delivery App For Restaurants like Swiggy, Zomato Order, Uber Eats, Foodpanda and Domino’s? Best Home Based Fitness Workout App Development Company USA. Multi Industry Local Classifieds Website Development. On-Demand Music & Live Streaming App Development. On Demand Taxi Booking App Development Company. Digital Payment Gateway Mobile App Development. The Latest Web Application Development Trends in 2019. We are on the way to emerging ourselves with the latest technology and bring fresh ideas, modern innovation and new initiatives in web app development in the current year 2019.

The Latest Web Application Development Trends in 2019

You might say that there is no significant change in your life, but we cannot imply it on the technology that opens the door of the future. There is always been tough competition in the market when you enter in the race of business. You can never win that race on the basis of sticking to the old methodologies and development levels.

To stay one step ahead of your competitors, it’s really important to focus on trends, techniques, approaches that are gaining popularity. A Complete Guide on Cross-platform Mobile App Development. In today’s digital world, mobile market is ever-growing network.

A Complete Guide on Cross-platform Mobile App Development

By the year of 2020, the mobile market is expected to grow and generate $189 billion revenue. To reach a large pool of audience, you would have to publish your mobile app on every different platform. However, it’s not easy to develop an app for every single platform. Instead, you would have a focus on creating an app that could run on different platforms with different technologies and different tools. This definitely consumes a lot of time, effort and money. As long as people have increased their mobile usage, the multi-support platform apps are high on demand. Now let’s us tell you, what’s Cross-platform? Transforming Your Real Estate Business with Blockchain Technology. What’s considered to be the backbone of cryptocurrencies is slowly making its way into other industries as well.

Transforming Your Real Estate Business with Blockchain Technology

Companies are slowly waking up to business transformations possible with blockchain technology. From financial companies to healthcare providers, businesses are trying and experimenting on ways to implement blockchain technology to tighten their processes. However, what nobody saw coming was the onset of blockchain in the real estate sector. An industry known for its offline and paperwork processes is increasingly interested in deploying blockchain technologies to streamline its processes.

Research conducted by Deloitte to study the reach of blockchain technology across industries reveals that over 53% of its respondents are making this technology a critical part of their operations. This was bound to happen as real estate is one of the sectors that needed a desperate overhaul. X-Byte Enterprise Solutions. HomeKonnect – An Integrated IoT Smart Home Automation Solution Development. On Demand Doctor HealthCare App Development. Top Android App Development Company Services USA, UAE.

Frontend Our professional Android app development team makes use of best-in-class frontend frameworks and technologies to promise stellar user experience.

Top Android App Development Company Services USA, UAE

Making use of best design and frontend development practices, we ensure high-responsiveness, intuitiveness and functionality. Java Kotlin React Native Objective C Backend Sound backend architecture is important for the success of any Android application. Node.js Laravel Database Our thoughtful database management practices and database architectures are powered using reliable and robust database technologies. MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDb Redis Realm. How to Develop Online Taxi/Cab Booking App ? The concept of online taxi/cab service has been emerged and is also considered to be very useful nowadays.

How to Develop Online Taxi/Cab Booking App ?

In order to avail and develop this type of online can booking app service, you need to go deep down inside the importance of cab/taxi booking app development. People always love and prefer to take a cab by booking it with just a press of the button on their cell phone. But before you go into the phase of developing an effective cab booking app, you must have a strong knowledge and skills along with experience in understanding the needs of customers. The Fight for Relevancy: Single Page Apps Vs. Multiple Page Web Apps. The internet is full of debates.

The Fight for Relevancy: Single Page Apps Vs. Multiple Page Web Apps

As far as web development is concerned, one of the more recent debates companies and developers have been indulging in is on single-page and multi-page applications. Though it’s a cliché that web designing and web development have been undergoing a solid transformation over the last few years, it’s undeniable that they are only consistently working on optimizing user behavior. With users shifting from desktop screens to their portable counterparts, the tech supporting this shift has to be evolved as well.

Now, this has led to the development of these two development models, where apart from being aesthetically and technically sound, these are influencing a number of other factors like SEO, response time, bounce rates, conversion rates and more. On-Demand Video & Live Streaming App Development.

IoT App Development Services in USA/UAE | X-Byte Enterprise Solutions

Top Rated Mobile App Development Services Provider Company in USA/UAE. Top Blockchain App Development Service Provider Company USA/UAE. Top Blockchain Development Company Services USA, UAE. What are Progressive Web Apps and Why It Should Matter To Your Business. When one aspect of technology evolves, everything associated with it evolves as well.

What are Progressive Web Apps and Why It Should Matter To Your Business

Ten or fifteen years ago, the way we accessed the internet and consumed information was very different from how we do today. It was the age of dial-up connections, where mobile broadband connections were just starting to become a household term. Smartphones were expensive. People had a regular handset and a GPRS connection was the only source of mobile internet. But the scenario today is completely different. With these advancements, developers had to ensure other aspects of web usage and interactions evolved as well. While most of us have access to a superfast internet connection, there are still places where connectivity is just booming.

So What Are Progressive Web Applications? True to the tech’s name, they are indeed progressive as they combine the benefits and functionalities of both web applications and mobile apps. How Do They Function?