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Here you can read and download the SUP&R ITN Press Releases from our team or around the web

Building the next generation of engineers. The Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC) at the University of Nottingham oversees the Sustainable Pavement and Railways Initial Training Network (SUP&R ITN). The initiative is funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellowship Programme and comprises an international consortium tasked with creating a new generation of engineers who will address a host of civil engineering issues. To date, 15 researchers in three Work Packages, have tackled a range of problems which affect the modern transport industry.

These include defining a design procedure for airport pavements, developing an environmentally friendly bitumen emulsion and testing it to see if recycling would affect its durability. Two other studies successfully used End-Of-Life tyres and biomass materials to construct pavements. For railway infrastructures, the team combined low temperature asphalt with recycled materials to create sustainable trackbed sub-layers. Summer School 2016, Huelva and Madrid:

Recycled Tires in SUP&R ITN’s sustainable pavements and railways – Weibold Tyre Recycling Consulting. This May, MSCA fellowship programme Sustainable Pavement & Railway Initial Training Network – SUP&R ITN ( released a new video, where they successfully summarize 4 years of training-through-research programme and give the general public an overview of their achievements in creation of more sustainable pavements and railways infrastructures. Restructured and refreshed website was also published, giving easier access to the project outcomes and better insight in work that fellows carried out through this 4 years. SUP&R ITN project started back in 2013, supported by European Commission, with a goal to create a new generation of professionals, to help answer essential questions such as preservation of our environment and sustainability assessment through conceiving, planning and executing sustainable road and railway infrastructures.

Range of problems that are affecting modern transport industry has been tackled. Projects & Results Service : Periodic Report Summary 1 - SUP&R ITN (Sustainable Pavements & Railways Initial Training Network) The FP7-funded Sustainable Pavements & Railways Initial Training Network (SUP&R ITN), which started at the beginning of October 2013, aims to form a new generation of multi-disciplinary European researchers and professionals capable of conceiving, planning and executing sustainable road and railway infrastructures. SUP&R ITN has offered training-through-research for 15 young researchers with a consortium of universities, research centres and companies/industries from five EU countries (UK, Italy, France, Ireland and Spain). The SUP&R ITN has implemented six Work Packages (WPs) with The Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC) at the University of Nottingham leading the training, management and dissemination WPs and each hosting institution supporting the training and research of individual researchers through three scientific research WPs: Another component of SUP&R ITN is dissemination.

The photos above are from one of the two outreach activities held over the last year. 2016Feb - LabIC lanza la Escuela de Invierno de SUP&R ITN sobre pavimentos y redes ferroviarias sostenibles | Asefma - Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Mezclas Asfálticas. 2016Jan - News - SENSKIN. 2016Jan - Curso “From Research on Sustainable Pavement and -railway to its implementation in practical engineering projects” – PT Carretera. 2016 Jan - FIRM magazine. 2015Nov - SUP&R ITN: una rete per formare nuovi ricercatori per le infrastrutture - Ecopneus gestione del recupero dei Pneumatici Fuori Uso.

Home > News > SUP&R ITN: una rete per formare nuovi ricercatori per le infrastrutture di Davide Lo Presti e Gaetano Di Mino La Rete Internazionale di Formazione “SUP&R ITN” è un progetto finanziato dall'Unione europea tramite il programma “FP7 - PEOPLE - Marie Curie” che si prefigge, come principale obiettivo, la formazione di nuove generazioni di ricercatori, attraverso il compimento di un percorso di studio, sancito dal conseguimento finale del titolo di dottore di ricercatore Europeo. Il reclutamento avviene su scala europea ma è aperto anche a giovani extraeuropei che concorrono sotto due precise condizioni: che si conduca il progetto di ricerca fuori dal proprio Paese di provenienza e che tra i selezionati ci sia una sostanziale parita’ di genere.

Il centro di Ingegneria dei Trasporti presso l'Università di Nottingham (NTEC) è responsabile del coordinamento della rete e cura lo sviluppo della parte scientifica e formativa. Per seguirci sui social networks: 2015Oct - Pre-conference workshops | 8th International RILEM SIB Symposium. Four pre-conference workshops are scheduled for Tuesday 6th of October. Young Researchers Workshop (international doctoral students and recently appointed post-docs presenting their research activities): h: 9.30, room 160/2 (Agenda).Mechanisms of Cracking and Debonding in Asphalt and Composite Pavements (Organized by Rilem TC 241-MCD). (*)Warm recycling of asphalt mixtures: h: 14.30 room 160/2 (Agenda).Chemo-Mechanical Characterization of Bituminous Materials (Organized by Rilem TC 252-CMB): h: 14.30, room 160/1 (Agenda).

SUP&R ITN dissemination event 2015: SUP&R ITN project will be presented with quick presentations of each fellow (h: 12.30, room 160/1) and a dedicated poster sessions in the “Polifunzionale” room (on display until Friday, 9 October). (*) This workshop has been cancelled. For further information please send an email to 2015Sep - 2015Aug - Università degli Studi di Palermo. 2015Aug - STA in action – Issue # August 2015. 2015 July - STA supports course on 'Sustainability Assessment of Transport Infrastructures' (Palermo, Italy, 16-23 Sep 2015) - Smart Transportation Alliance. 2014 - SUP&R ITN – PT Carretera. January 2014 - World highways talks about the SUP&R ITN. First publishedin World Highways January February July August 2014 Massenza has started 2014 with a new approach to its range of bitumen emulsion plants, streamlining its four larger models into two, and adding a smaller plant.

This has allowed Massenza to optimise the design and components for each size of plant, which in turn allows the company to offer its customers a more competitive deal. At the same time, Massenza has made three major technical improvements to the plants: a new type of material for the water tank which resists corrosion; a new dosing system for the additives which go into the water; and a new type of mechanical seal. “Each of these plants is intended for a different type of customer,” explains Massenza director Diego Massenza.

“The smallest one, EASY plant, is aimed for companies which need a small production output along with a limited investment. The medium-sized EVO plant will be bought by the majority of our customers. 2014 June - SUP&R ITN in FIRMM magazine of FEHRL. Sep 2014 - PTEC, Plataforma Tecnológica de Construcción talks about the ESR6 project. October 2014 - SUP&R ITN on staff bulletin of the University of Nottingham. 2014Apr - TRA2014. IS2014 Jan - AP Technical Committee - ISAP Day 2014 at TRB.