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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) LIFE CYCLE ENGINEERING srl. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) consultancy & training, EuGeos. What is LCA?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) consultancy & training, EuGeos

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA - sometimes also referred to as Life Cycle Analysis) studies the environmental aspects and quantifies the potential impacts (positive or negative) of a product (or service) throughout its entire life: from the winning and processing of raw materials, through component production and product manufacture, to use and ultimate disposal.

LCA considers environmental impacts in a number of categories, such as resource use, climate change effect, water pollution, waste production, etc. ISO standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 set out conventions for conducting LCA. The environmental life cycle of products/services Conducting an LCA requires an examination of the extended product system – the network of activities that transforms raw resources into products, transports them to market and enables their use, then finally removes and treats items that are no longer wanted. Contact C-Tech Innovation.

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Internship UK. Student Internships with TUV Rheinland UK - from September 2013 TUV Rheinland UK Ltd is looking for bright and dedicated internship students, who would like to gain a practical experience of working in a hectic business office environment and learn/practice their business acumen, marketing and project management skills.

Internship UK

The Role: General description of tasks and projects that we can offer to the internship candidates: Support with Sales & Marketing (S&M) campaigns: - UK market research - preparation of S&M materials - making contacts with potential clients (email, phone, meetings) Financial Management Resources and Tools for Nonprofits –Strong Non Profits. Environmental Compliance Assistance Programme. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) find it harder to comply with environmental legislation than larger companies.

Environmental Compliance Assistance Programme

In general, the smaller the company, the more difficult it is. Often SMEs are not aware of their environmental obligations - but they are also unaware of the benefits of being green: new market opportunities and cost savings. The European Commission proposed an Environmental Compliance Assistance Programme to make it easier for SMEs to comply with their obligations and improve their environmental performances. There are a number of areas where action is being taken: Minimising the administrative burden on companies Helping SMEs integrate environmental concerns into their businesses Supporting regional and national networks Building up local know-how Improving communication Providing funding Review of the ECAP programme. Free Social entrepreneurship toolkit and advice from UnLtd. Practical Advice for Every Step on Your Journey This toolkit offers practical guidance and working models for every stage of social entrepreneurship from initial idea, setup and piloting, on to longer term sustainability, growth and replication.

Free Social entrepreneurship toolkit and advice from UnLtd.

The toolkit is not meant to be a formal textbook, instead it aims to to present the authors’ experiences of supporting social entrepreneurs and the challenges and opportunities of social entrepreneurship in a structured way. The toolkit is divided into sections, each focusing on one stage of this journey. There are 3 different ways to view the toolkit, each designed to help you find what you need fast. Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) distributes public money for higher education to universities and colleges in England, and ensures that this money is used to deliver the greatest benefit to students and the wider public. Our core values are openness, impartiality, fairness and objectivity. Simpacta Red Ochre. 1.4 - Is Social Enterprise The Right Model? - UnLtd. Introduction As your plans emerge from initial ideas and thinking towards a more complete project concept and potentially on to a fully operational enterprise, you will increasingly need to think about your business model.

1.4 - Is Social Enterprise The Right Model? - UnLtd

Essentially, your business model breaks down into a number of elements: Headline purpose, (social impact) objectives and moral / ethical compass – Vision, Mission and ValuesYour strategy: how what you do fits together into a coherent whole; and how that helps you deliver your objectivesYour offer: what product / service are you offering your customers and / or beneficiaries It is never too early to start thinking about these elements. Look at your business model as a continuously evolving concept – ideally it will become more robust and more detailed over time as you go from idea to project to organisation. Start by asking yourself two questions… Question 1: Does your concept translate into a viable enterprise model? LCA 2 go. Services « IDRAN. Setting up.

eVerdEE Login Form. Sustainability Consultants. Leading international advisor, Anthesis Consulting Group PLC, acquires European firm Best Foot Forward in breakthrough deal London, 7 October 2013: Sustainability specialist Anthesis Consulting Group PLC (Anthesis) has created a new global sustainability consulting platform with the acquisition of UK blue-chip advisors Best Foot Forward, announced today.

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The agreement combines Best Foot Forward’s Europe-based team with the existing US and Asian operations of Anthesis to form a worldwide expert group. Anthesis says it has identified unmet client demand for expert sustainability consulting which combines corporate strategy, analytics, behavioural change expertise and full program delivery. “The current market is polarised between large non-specialist consultancies and small boutique sustainability firms typically operating single jurisdictions.

Best Foot Forward is one of Europe’s most highly regarded sustainability firms with offices in London and Oxford. Eco Smes. Inicio. FEBE ECOLOGIC: consulenza LCA, carbon footpirnt e software LCA GaBi. Daniela Piermatteo. Home.