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HOW TO: Attract Early Adopters to Your Social Startup. Shane Snow is a technology journalist in New York City.

HOW TO: Attract Early Adopters to Your Social Startup

Follow him on Twitter at @shanesnow. One of the main challenges for social networks stems from a question ancient philosophers have debated for centuries: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In social media, the dilemma often takes the form of, "We need users for our network to be useful, but users won’t join the network unless it’s useful.

" A social network’s utility is derived from the people belonging to it. The second great challenge in social networking is spreading to new users at a fast and sustainable pace, i.e. viral growth.

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Pearltrees videos. 4 Steps to Integrate Social Media in Your Company. In the past 6 months Dado Van Peteghem and I have interviewed 25 companies on whether or not they integrate social media in their marketing and company processes.

4 Steps to Integrate Social Media in Your Company

In the past few months we already made some results available for you, in articles on ‘the first steps to integrate social media‘ and the description of the integration process at Cisco. Top 25 Social Monitoring Tools Worth Trying : Bloggie Talkie. Any business owner or marketing executive knows that a business can be made or broken today by rumors, news and attacks made through social media.

Top 25 Social Monitoring Tools Worth Trying : Bloggie Talkie

Social media monitoring tools can track online conversations taking place online through social media outlets such as Twitter or Friendfeed, but each monitoring tool is different. The following top 25 social monitoring tools are all different, and they may all be worth trying to see what fits your needs. The following list is in alphabetical order. While some tools are free to use, others may offer a free trial period and then a fee for usage. The latter group is marked by a dollar sign ($) after the description. Addict-o-matic: “Inhale the Web” by instantly creating a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic.

Learning Web 2.0 Tools. Infographics. The Analytics That Matter To Facebook. Analytics inform design decisions, but be wary of becoming overly data driven.

The Analytics That Matter To Facebook

That’s the way Adam Mosseri, product designer at Facebook, describes how the social media giant uses data to make design decisions in his presentation, Data Informed, Not Data Driven, at UX Week 2010. Watch the video below: But before delving too deeply into how Facebook uses analytics, Mosseri starts with who makes the decisions, or how the decision-making teams are structured. Here’s a rundown of how project teams are structured at Facebook: Small teams of six or seven people. Teams are made up of the following people: Product designer. These teams use and store large amounts of data. Although the investment and use of that data is important to the team, it’s used cautiously to inform decisions. Optimizing Small-Yet-Critical Interactions Facebook uses data to optimize workflows and interactions.

…we recently, about two months ago, replaced our photo uploader. Identify Pain Points Set High-Level Success Metrics. How Top Brands Measure Social Media Success. Social Media. 11 Pro Tips for Better Business Blogging. Scott Gerber is a serial entrepreneur, syndicated columnist, public speaker and author of Never Get a "Real" Job.

11 Pro Tips for Better Business Blogging

The content of this post was sourced from the Young Entrepreneur Council, a non-profit led by the world's top young entrepreneurs. You can submit your questions to this group on Blogging isn't easy — and certainly not for individuals who don't have the capacity or desire to commit their minds and time to a long-term cause. In an age where everyone and their mother has access to Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous or other flavor-of-the-year services, getting your blog to be well-trafficked, highly syndicated and massively popular is no easy task. Know this before you consider blogging as a marketing option for your business: Even though you can write a blog, doesn't mean you should. 1. Use the blog to position yourself as an industry expert. 5 Hot Design Trends for Aspiring Bloggers.

So you want to start a blog.

5 Hot Design Trends for Aspiring Bloggers

You've already picked out your subject matter — "Tiny Kittens in Tinier Bowls" — and you're ready to start defining the look of your online domain. Well, there are tons of blog design trends out there just clamoring for your attention — some more advanced than others — and depending on the style, content and theme of your blog, there are a lot of factors to take into account. In fact, sometimes the plethora of choices you have at your disposal can be overwhelming, especially if your only experience blogging was on LiveJournal back in 2003. Before you give up and start scrawling your musings on notebook paper to distribute as a makeshift 'zine on the street corners of your 'hood, take a look at some words of wisdom we've collected from a bevy of designers and other webby folks about what's hot right now in blogs.

10 Fresh Blogger Templates for Any Application [PICS] 6 Practices That Make Your Blog Look Less Professional. In the heat of managing a blog, which includes everything from writing great content, to working with advertisers, to moderating comments, to promoting the site, one can overlook certain aspects of the site – from little things like broken links, to big ones like intrusive advertising and an overly crowded design.

6 Practices That Make Your Blog Look Less Professional

(Image Source: Fotolia) Over time, as your site grows, you keep adding things – a banner here and there, a link section, some social media buttons, some graphics etc, which ultimately clog your site up and make it harder for your readers to figure out what’s what. Since you’re spending hours a day glaring at the site, you could probably navigate it blindfolded. But that’s an entirely different story with your readers, especially the first timers coming to your site.

What you see as simple, they might see the opposite. 1. Monetization is one of the cornerstones of any site, blog and web business, and is usually done in form of advertising banners and links. 6 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results. How much time are you spending on social media?

6 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results

Can you tell if it’s helping sales? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a framework for measuring the impact of your social media efforts? That’s where Susan Etlinger’s new research for the Altimeter Group comes into play. Susan did qualitative research with 60 social media marketers and vendors to understand how businesses currently measure their social media performance. Add Google Analytics Social Tracking to WordPress Website or Blog. If you’re not on the HyperArts Blog, CLICK HERE!

Add Google Analytics Social Tracking to WordPress Website or Blog