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David Cameron mission is to provide the products and support customers need to achieve the ultimate sauna experience. The catalog of quality infrared, sauna, shower and steam room kits, supplies and equipment provides options sure to suit the desires of anyone looking to enrich their quality of life through the addition of a sauna to their home. We’re here to help. Our staff is satisfied only when you are; and that’s the Guarantee.

Buy Scandia Hand Finished Saunas. Buy Pre-Cut Saunas in Our Online Store. Buy Himalayan Salt Saunas. Timers & Thermometers/Hygrometers. Wood and Glass Sauna Doors. Aromatherapy. Sauna Accessories for Sale. Buy Himalayan Salt Products at affordable Price. Buy Steam Accessories. Steam Generator Landing Page. Himalayan Salt Stones. Description Each Himalayan Salt Stone is hand carved into a unique shapes and contains 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements.

Himalayan Salt Stones

Choose from our array of products to enhance your health and benefit from the 84 essential minerals it contains, including iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Specifications (How to use the Stones) For Self Masssage: Himalayan salt stones are a great tool for tension relief. To remineralize skin: After a shower, with your skin still moist, use a Himalayan salt stone to replenish mineral deficiencies that our bodies lack. For grounding and to neutralize bacteria: Carry a salt stone in your pocket or purse to neutralize bacteria as Himalayan salt is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. As a deodorant A natural alternative to chemical-based, traditional deodorants and antiperspirants, Himalayan salt stones provide a protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria.

For instant warming or cooling sensations: Sauna Materials. Are you a DIYer?

Sauna Materials

At we offer a wide variety of sauna lumber and materials for those who are interested in building their own sauna without buying a sauna kit. If you're looking to transform an existing room into a sauna, we've got you covered! The most common way to line the walls for a sauna is buy using Tongue & Groove panels. These panels really make for an easy installation and a great finished look! The Cedar wood we offer is kiln dried. One of the main advantages to using cedar wood for a sauna is that it will not get as hot as dense woods, which provides a more comfortable sauna surface to sit and lean on.

Wood and Glass Sauna Doors. Sauna Wood Care. Sauna Lights. Sauna Flooring. Aromatherapy. Timers & Thermometers/Hygrometers. Towel Accessories. Sauna Accessories for Sale. Buy Sauna Buckets and Ladles. Sauna Rocks for Sale. How COVID-19 Has Redefined Wellness. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our perspectives on so many things in our lives.

How COVID-19 Has Redefined Wellness

We’ve learned to work from home. We can master social distancing. We become comfortable wearing masks. We realized what activities include higher risks. We’ve added words like “quarantine” and “contact tracing” into our daily vocabulary when they were previously used only in Sci-Fi movies. One of the greatest shifts has been the focus on the state of mental health and wellness of the millions of souls now confined to their homes. While the phrase “work from home” has almost transitioned to “live at work,” individuals, companies, and CEOs have had to recognize the need for a serious assessment on how we are coping with the new normal.

Pre-COVID, wellness almost seemed to imply whatever exclusive trend marketers were pumping out: high priced clothing, costly diets, and high cost products and procedures. So if wellness is no longer defined by exclusivity and luxury, what does wellness now include? The Ultimate Sauna Heater Guide. Wood Burning Sauna Heaters Wood burning sauna heaters are favorite among sauna traditionalists as it puts off a softer, more pleasant heat.

The Ultimate Sauna Heater Guide

Also, the smell and act of preparing the sauna is part of the near-sacred experience that has been carried out for centuries. Wood burning stoves will take longer to heat the sauna room depending on their size. They will require a chimney for proper ventilation. A wood burning stove should be placed on a protective metal floor covering to catch falling ash and embers. Stoves can also be interior or exterior loading-- choose exterior if you prefer to keep the wood/ash mess outside the sauna. How Sauna Use Improves Immune System Function. Placing your body under hyperthermic conditions ignites a whole host of responses that improve your body's defenses when sickness befalls you.

How Sauna Use Improves Immune System Function

Improve Cellular Function This may be one of the most impressive benefits from sauna use. 3 Different Types Sauna Sessions. Experienced sauna connoseurs know that there are many different types of sauna sessions.

3 Different Types Sauna Sessions

If you'd like to know more about this, you need to keep reading! 1. French This is a very popular sauna session which you can have any time from 5am to 7am. Keep Yourself Updated with the Latest Sauna News at Infrared Sauna Accessories at Best Price. Trendy Sauna Doors for Sale. Electric Sauna Heaters for Sale. Infrared Saunas Available at Great Low Price. Buy Electric Sauna Heaters on Wholesale Price. Himalayan Salt Wall Brick. Description Himalayan Pink Salt is a natural wonder of the world.

Himalayan Salt Wall Brick

Marveled for thousands of years, Himalayan Pink Salt possesses 84 trace minerals found in the human body. Exposure to Himalayan Salt has proven the ability to boost the immune system, revitalize skin, and even reverse signs of aging. Through our proprietary Himalayan Pink Salt Brick design, it is now possible to build you own salt wall! Harnessing the mystique of this ancient mineral, you can turn any space into an experience with the beauty and functionality of our all-Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks. Specifications 100% Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Brick Himalayan salt Blocks can be placed on top of your stove or BBQ grill for cooking your favorite foods. Use these salt bricks to transform any room into an experience Dimensions: 6" x 8" x 1" Description Himalayan Pink Salt is a natural wonder of the world. Infrared Saunas for Sale at Himalayan Salt Wall Sconce.

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Home Sauna Accessories at Best Price - Electric Sauna Heaters for Sale. Home Saunas and Infrared Saunas for Sale.