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Motorola Xoom & Android 3.0. Mac and co. Ars Technica reviews the iPad. The iPad isn't a big iPod touch—an iPod touch is a miniature iPad that restricts the full multitouch experience in exchange for offering greater portability. With the iPad, in contrast, you get multitouch the way it was meant to be done. That's one of our many take-aways after having submerged ourselves in iPad land since launch.

iPad Usability: First Findings From User Testing (Jakob Nielsen' iA » Designing for iPad: Reality Check. By Oliver Reichenstein Over the last two months we have been working on several iPad projects: two news applications, a social network, and a word processor.

iA » Designing for iPad: Reality Check

We worked on iPad projects without ever having touched an iPad. One client asked us to “start working on that tablet thing” even before we knew whether the iPad was real.