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SEO. Creative SEO. InstantRankmeter: Check your website position in the major searc. PageRank sculpting. People think about PageRank in lots of different ways. People have compared PageRank to a “random surfer” model in which PageRank is the probability that a random surfer clicking on links lands on a page. Other people think of the web as an link matrix in which the value at position (i,j) indicates the presence of links from page i to page j.

In that case, PageRank corresponds to the principal eigenvector of that normalized link matrix. Disclaimer: Even when I joined the company in 2000, Google was doing more sophisticated link computation than you would observe from the classic PageRank papers. If you believe that Google stopped innovating in link analysis, that’s a flawed assumption. Google Ranking Factors - SEO Checklist. Search Engine Ranking Factors. # Unique cblocks Linking to the Page # of Unique IPs Linking to the Page # of Root Domains Linking to the Page # of Root Domains Linking to Page w/ Partial Match Anchor Text # of Subdomains Linking to the Page.

Search Engine Ranking Factors

Google I/O 2009 - Search Friendly Development. Death to Content Farms: Google Tweaks Algorithm to Find More “High-Quality Sites” — NewsGrange. Google today made a major change to its search algorithm that will affect almost 12% of all queries.

Death to Content Farms: Google Tweaks Algorithm to Find More “High-Quality Sites” — NewsGrange

According to a blog post written by the company’s Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts, this change is meant to highlight high-quality sites and push down “sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful.” While Google doesn’t mention content farms by name, there can be little doubt that this update is directly aimed at them and scraper sites that just copy content. According to Google, this update doesn’t take any data from the Personal Blocklist Chrome extension into account, yet. The update does track well with the top blocked sites by Google’s users, though. Référencement Bing : tout ce qu’il faut savoir pour réussir. SEO for Startups: Top 7 Lessons + A Trip to YCombinator. Last week, while in London, I received an email from Paul Graham, whom I've long admired, possibly even idolized a bit.

SEO for Startups: Top 7 Lessons + A Trip to YCombinator

He asked if I was available to come speak at a YCombinator SEO event in Mountain View. Tonight, I presented at that evented and thought I'd share my experiences, recommendations and yes, my presentation. Not everything that was discussed is public, in fact, much of it is "classified" at YC's request. However, there's so much good material that it would be criminal not to share.

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