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Notability - Unleash Your Note Taking Ability. Storing your Notability iPad Documents on Google Docs with SMEStorage. Notability is a great way to take handwritten notes on your iPad, but it’s connection options are limited.

Storing your Notability iPad Documents on Google Docs with SMEStorage

Here we will go through how you can connect Notability to Google Docs. We covered CloudDav from Storage Made Easy previously but it is worth revisiting to show how it can be used to WebDav enable Google Docs and therefore enable it to be connected using the Notability WebDav Connector. CloudDav is a one time $5 purchase and it works on any of the Clouds that are connected to your SMEStorage account. Currently it supports around 35 storage clouds. One tip is to purchase the SME iOS App for $4.99 and you get CloudDav enabled for free.

Once you have registered for a free account at, added your Google Docs / Google Drive account, and added CloudDav you are ready to use it with Notability: 1. 2. Top iPhone Productivity Apps – October 2009 « User Interface Exp. If you’re like me then you lead a very, very busy life.

Top iPhone Productivity Apps – October 2009 « User Interface Exp

I wouldn’t be able to keep track of it all as easily as I do without my iPhone. Here are some of my favourite productivity apps that keep my life in order. I use each of these at least once a day, many of them I use throughout the day. I hope you find this list useful. ListOmni Lists – This is one of the best list maker apps on the iPhone. ShapeWriter – One of the coolest apps I have on the iPhone, this one is a keyboard that types as you draw your finger over the keys. Newsstand – is my rss reader of choice. Read It Later – This app stores web pages for later reading. iComptaMobile : Logiciel de comptabilité personnelle pour iPhone.

Quickoffice » Quickoffice for iPhone. ReaddleDocs by Readdle. JotNot Turns Your iPhone's Camera Into A Document Scanner. We’ve all tried to use our camera phones to capture whiteboard notes, doodles, and other documents, but oftentimes poor image quality and odd perspectives can make them illegible.

JotNot Turns Your iPhone's Camera Into A Document Scanner

JotNot (iTunes Link) is a nifty new application that just went live on Apple’s App Store that allows users to take photographs of documents using their phones and runs them through an advanced filter that makes them much easier to read. The application is available on the App Store for $3.99, and the first ten TechCrunch readers to send a request to will be given access codes to download the app for free. Using the application is simple: first, you take a photograph of the whiteboard, receipt, or document that you’d like to store as a photo (you can also import photos that you’ve previously taken). The application presents a blue box with four corner markers, which you drag to the corresponding corners of the document in question. OCRTOOL. International:[Japanese page] [ Version 2.3 feature ] - For iOS 4, The recognition process can be in back ground.


When the recognition finished, it inform App badge icon. [ Description ] - Take a picture of a text document and using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) this innovative app will convert the image to a text document on your iPhone. Projects for iPhone. You can easily share a Project with colleagues.

Projects for iPhone

You can send a project as an email attachment using the native Projects format PJ1. This can be opened from the Email App and imported into Projects. (Note: Importing PJ1 from an email attachment requires iOS 4.0 or higher) Several other file formats are supported for export when you need to send data to computers or other applications. These include PDF format, MPX format (for Microsoft Project) and TXT (which can be imported into Microsoft Excel). Tasks from the project can also be sent as an HTML email. iPhone Mindmapping with iThoughts. The Omni Group - OmniFocus. Minimizing OmniFocus for iPhone's startup & sync time. The single biggest thing that folks can do to speed up their syncs is make sure that all of their devices are syncing regularly - like once a week or so.

Minimizing OmniFocus for iPhone's startup & sync time

On one of your Macs, open up OmniFocus's sync preferences and press the "Show Clients" button. OmniFocus has kept all the individual changes you've made to your database since the oldest date you see in the "Latest Sync" column. If the oldest date is very far in the past, you've likely got hundreds of transaction files built up, which can slow things down, especially on the phone. The iPhone is an amazing device, but even the faster phones Apple released recently are about 1/1000th as fast as a low-end desktop machine. (Note: there should be exactly 1 entry for each Mac, iPhone, or iPod you're syncing - if you see duplicate entries for any of your devices, delete the least-recently-synced entry.)

I hear some folks saying "But I have a machine I only use once a month, but I need that machine!