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Dave Novak

Older single guy interested in science, nature and the arts.

NPR Choice page. Slate’s Use of Your Data. The Original American Dogs’ DNA Lives On in a Tumor. Slate’s Use of Your Data. Judge rejects Manafort's challenge to Mueller's legitimacy. A federal judge on Tuesday rejected former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's challenge to the authority of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Judge rejects Manafort's challenge to Mueller's legitimacy

The ruling from U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III dashes the hopes of many allies of President Donald Trump's that Ellis would deliver a crippling blow to Mueller's office and undermine the legal legitimacy of his appointment. Story Continued Below During oral arguments last month relating to bank and tax fraud charges against Manafort, Ellis skewered the special prosecutor's team, suggesting they were on a crusade aimed at impeaching Trump. “I‘ve been saying that for a long time. The Moment I Realized My Husband Was Abusing Me. Anderson Cooper Shreds 'Incoherent' Trump: 'Like A Crazy Person On A Park Bench'

I Have A Terrifying Type Of OCD You Probably Haven't Heard Of. Cambridge Analytica's Fossil Fuel Connections. Mueller team reveals Manafort business associate’s connection to Russian intel service.


Kathy. Spicer Attacks CNN's Multi-Sourced Corroboration Of Dossier On Trump-Russia Ties As "Fake News" A CNN report that multiple US intelligence and law enforcement officials had independently corroborated “some” of the details in the dossier on President Trump’s connections to Russia was dismissed by White House press secretary Sean Spicer as “fake news” who then insisted CNN instead cover good news for the administration.

Spicer Attacks CNN's Multi-Sourced Corroboration Of Dossier On Trump-Russia Ties As "Fake News"

The White House has repeatedly used fake news to support their political agenda, in addition to his family and campaign surrogates’ documented consumption of fake news. The Trump White House has repeatedly attacked unfavorable news coverage and news outlets, especially CNN, as “fake news;” the president even insisted that “any negative polls are fake news.”


Dating. Norristown. Wedding. Travel. Veterans. Environment. Music. Collectables. Tut's Trove. Art. Computer tech. Audio. Politics. Pinball. Deadly Virus Widespread in British Bumblebees. Honey bees are apparently the Typhoid Marys of the pollinator world.

Deadly Virus Widespread in British Bumblebees

A study suggests that honey bees spread two kinds of pathogens to wild bumblebees. And one of these, deformed wing virus (DWV), is killing bumblebees across the United Kingdom, perhaps contributing to the decline of the nation’s wild populations. The wide occurrence of DWV is “truly alarming,” says molecular ecologist Peter Neumann of the University of Bern, who was not involved in the study. DWV can be nasty. Like many other viruses in honey bees, DWV spreads in two ways. DWV first turned up in 2004 among commercial bumblebees; the insect, Bombus terrestris, is often used in greenhouses, particularly to pollinate tomatoes.


Norristown. Video. Peter Abelard. First published Tue Aug 3, 2004; substantive revision Tue Nov 9, 2010 Peter Abelard (1079–21 April 1142) [‘Abailard’ or ‘Abaelard’ or ‘Habalaarz’ and so on] was the pre-eminent philosopher and theologian of the twelfth century.

Peter Abelard

The teacher of his generation, he was also famous as a poet and a musician. Prior to the recovery of Aristotle, he brought the native Latin tradition in philosophy to its highest pitch. His genius was evident in all he did. He is, arguably, the greatest logician of the Middle Ages and is equally famous as the first great nominalist philosopher. 1. 1.1 Life Abelard's life is relatively well-known.

Abelard was born into the lesser nobility around 1079 in Le Pallet, a small town in Brittany near Nantes. During the first years of the twelfth century, Abelard felt confident enough to set himself up as a lecturer, first at Melun and then at Corbeil, competing mainly with William of Champeaux (Paris) for students and reputation. It was not to be. 1.2 Works 2.


Beth. Bicycle. A172 Japanese Old Pottery Ware God Jurojin w Deer Statue with Good Work. Place bid Review and confirm your bid Bid confirmation d h m.

A172 Japanese Old Pottery Ware God Jurojin w Deer Statue with Good Work

A172 Japanese Old Pottery Ware God Jurojin w Deer Statue with Good Work. Books. Auto repair. Food. Home. Guitar. Poetry. Striking a Nerve: Bungling the Cannabis Story. Correlation does not equal causation, and a single exam cannot show a trend over time.

Striking a Nerve: Bungling the Cannabis Story

Basic stuff, right? But judging by coverage of a study just out in the Journal of Neuroscience, these are apparently foreign concepts for many folks in the media. In the study, researchers at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital and Northwestern University in Chicago performed MRI brain scans on 20 young adult "casual" marijuana users and 20 age- and sex-matched nonusers. They found that, in the users, gray matter densities in the nucleus accumbens were higher than in controls, and the right amygdala and left nucleus accumbens were shaped differently.

Interesting, but remember that these findings only reflected differences between the marijuana users and controls at a single point in time. You wouldn't know that from the media coverage. Also note that the study did not identify any cognitive or behavioral abnormalities in the cannabis users versus controls -- it was strictly an MRI study. false.

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