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Ham Radio

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Open source arduino CW keyer with memory. In this small article I will present a quick and dirty hack to build an electronic CW iambic keyer in 5 minutes.

For those not familiar with the terminology, CW is a mode used by ham radio amateurs. In this mode, morse code is used to communicate. To produce the dots and the dashes of the morse code you may use a ‘straight key’ or dual paddle keys. With the straight keys, the operator must produce all the dots and dashes by pressing the single paddle on the key. Dual paddle keys are usually used together with keyer circuits to produce dots and dashes.

See for yourself in the quick demonstration video. The keyer presented here is a generic circuit that can be used with any homebrew transceiver to operate in CW mode, for practicing the code etc. You will need the following parts 1x Arduino board. 1x 8 Ohm speaker for listening to the circuit’s output 2x fast-on pins for PCB 1x small 15x20mm piece of prototyping PCB 2x 470K resistors .SMD or through-hole. #define DIT_PIN 8 #define DAH_PIN 10. Arduino automatic CQ caller for amateur radio. Arduino SimpleSat Rotor Controller. The Arduino series of boards is an excellent choice for a satellite rotor controller.

Arduino SimpleSat Rotor Controller

This controller uses the Yaesu GS-232 command set to control a Yaesu G-5500 Az-El rotor. The controller was designed to be compatible with the SatPC32 tracking program and should work with any tracking program that supports the Yaesu GS-232 format. This controller has been tested with the Arduino UNO and the Arduino Mega2560.

Below is a picture of the Arduino Mega2560 board. The board has a USB interface and is capable of being powered from the USB port or an external power supply. AdruinoRC-1 The Arduino series of boards are set up for plug in daughter boards (shields). The next picture shows the completed daughter board plugged into the Arduino Mega2560 board. Here is the schematic for the parts on the shield board. Below you will see the completed daughter board plugged into an Arduino UNO connected to the Yaesu rotor control box. SimpleSat Rotor Control Source Code courtesy of.

Four State QRP Group. Code named MagicBox during development, this all solid state fully functioning microprocessor based T/R switch is truly a "Magic Box".

Four State QRP Group

It was designed by Jim Kortge, K8IQY, to provide seamless tranceiving using separate transmitters and receivers It is extremely user friendly, in fact it's fully automatic, and absolutely silent. It completely protects your valuable receiver, and it is fully compatible with any transmitter final design up to 10 watts. AND it tracks beautifully up to at least 50 WPM! All that is neccessary is to plug in your antenna, receiver, transmitter, keyer or straight key, and begin sending. It is then exactly like using a tranceiver. The kit includes all the parts required to the build - PC Board, ALL connectors, programmed controller, transistors, caps, diodes - everything but the enclosure and power plug. First time builders please note: This kit is not difficult to build. Ham radio arduino beacon. Arduino, IR and Encoder controlling Magnetic Loop Antenna Tuner. Teamspeak Instructions.