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One, Two, or Three. That's how many CSS files should be loaded on any website.

One, Two, or Three

One A one-page site.A fairly simple site with just a couple of pages that aren't too different.A blog or blog-like site, where even if there are 1000's of pages and taxonomies, they look mostly the same. Even sites with hundreds or thousands of pages can often get away with a single CSS file if the pages are largely the same. Even if there are various taxonomies, like a typical blog. Two. CSS Style Guides. As we wrap up our recent poll on ordering CSS properties, it brings up the larger issue of CSS style guides.

CSS Style Guides

Ordering properties is just one choice you have to make that makes up a complete styling strategy. Naming is a part of it. Introduction au CSS3. Kick-Start Your Project: A Collection of Handy CSS Snippets. Don't start your project with an empty style sheet: there are many great snippets that can make your life easier and speed up web development.

Kick-Start Your Project: A Collection of Handy CSS Snippets

We are going to show you some handy snippets that you might find useful for kick-starting your next project. In one of the previous articles “Basic Ready-to-Use CSS Styles”, we saw how we could create a suite of classes to help the design process while making a website. I hope you made your own set of patterns! Today we are going to see how we can continue this exercise with some things a little bit more technical. Custom Style All Your Form Elements with Pure CSS and No JavaScript. As a designer, being able to style every HTML element with CSS is what I desire, and not having to use additional scripts to do it is an even bigger desire.

Custom Style All Your Form Elements with Pure CSS and No JavaScript

We already have a good amount of control over text, paragraph fields and submit buttons, but not much control over other form elements. This article will show you how to style all form elements and cover which techniques work in which browsers. You will need to download this zip file for the element images. Custom Style All Your Form Elements with Pure CSS Like the title says, we're going to style the following elements with pure CSS and without any JavaScript help:

A Boilerplate for CSS Typography - GetHiFi. See the Demo | Download the Zip Writing the CSS for websites can be a very time consuming process.

A Boilerplate for CSS Typography - GetHiFi

There are often big things that need to be done when creating stylesheets like layout, that leave a developer exhausted when it comes time to handle the details. One detail that is often overlooked is ensuring good coverage of all typographic elements as well as setting up a clean typographic framework. This is especially an issue when setting up a site on a Content Management System. As new content is created, it is important that the CSS developer has anticipated all of the elements that will show up on the site and set up rules for them.

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