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Years ago I contributed to this debugging class, whose purpose is to display object that were contaminated by the Doctrine ORM: "Contaminated" here means that proxies were inserted and the whole Doctrine object graph was reachable via the field references of the interested domain objects. This meant using var_dump() and similar functions would result in a 1-kilometer log being printed. When you're developing an ORM it's difficult not to dump complex objects, but today I try to limit the use of debugging tools as much as possible. All debugging and no testing makes the PHP programmer a dull boy All debugging and no testing makes the PHP programmer a dull boy
Why Go Mo? Why Go Mo? Multi-Screen Resources Skip to content Make Your Website Work Across Multiple Devices Build a website that showcases your business on every screen from smartphones and tablets to computers and TVs. Your customers expect a great browsing experience regardless of what device they use. Whitepaper Building websites for the multi-screen consumer
Debugging : Ajax Development Debugging methods and tools for better, faster development. Featured debugging applications include Firebug, YSlow, and others. Thursday, April 15th, 2010 WebKit Inspector Improves Again: Timeline, Audits and Dedicated Console Debugging : Ajax Development
New Tools to Debug Your Tracking Code - Analytics Blog Raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar to you: You just set up your tracking code and you're wondering if it's correct--and you want to know right now.You have decided to migrate your tracking to the new asynchronous syntax--but you want to know if your syntax has any errors.You finally decided to customize the tracking code for cross-domain tracking--but you're worried that you might break your tracking.You want to make sure that your campaign is set up to the correct goal.Enter:The Google Analytics Tracking Code Debugger and a new debug version of our JavaScript code. The Google Analytics team has launched a debugging version of the Analytics Tracking code called ga_debug.js to verify your tracking code setup. To make it even simpler, we also created a Chrome extension which uses the ga_debug.js script, which allows you to use the new ga_debug.js without re-tagagging any of your content. New Tools to Debug Your Tracking Code - Analytics Blog
Basics of Debugging Google Analytics Code: GA Chrome Debugger and other tools Basics of Debugging Google Analytics Code: GA Chrome Debugger and other tools When I started using Web Analytics tools, there always was this huge black box: I’d put the tracking code on each and every page, and from then on, I usually waited and hoped the code would work as intended. Often, it didn’t, but I wasn’t able to see that until hours or sometimes a day later when the reports poured in to Google Analytics. Sometimes, it seemed to work, but only in some browsers.
Client side performance Client side performance Performance issues In the last years client side performance has become an issue. Many sites use Ajax and complex JavaScript for creating RIA applications resembling desktop apps. In many cases there are severe performance problems.
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JavaScript is enabled in your web browser. If you disable JavaScript, this text will change. <div class="disabled"> <img src="images/no.gif" width="16" height="16" alt="javascript disabled" /> Javascript is disabled in your web browser. If you enable JavaScript, this text will change.</div> Instructions for web developers How to enable JavaScript in your browser and why How to enable JavaScript in your browser and why
How to change user agent in Google Chrome™ without any extension?
Paul Irish - Google+ - A new flag named Enable Experimental JavaScript appeared in…
I know it’s unfortunately the “taboo” of modern website design, but many developers don’t want to simply leave their IE7 visitors and IE6 visitors in the dark. It’s fine for sites like this one, or for web applications but what about corporation websites? For sites that HAVE to support older/alternative browsers. This came to light ever more when I recently worked on a website which would mean that customers worth millions could possibly be using IE6. Website Design Sheffield - Mark Goddard | Developing for multiple browsers *sigh* Website Design Sheffield - Mark Goddard | Developing for multiple browsers *sigh*
Fourni par Traduction More than 580 tools listed in 14 categories Organization of Web Test Tools Listing - this tools listing has been loosely organized into the following categories: Note: Categories are not well-defined and some tools could have been listed in several categories; the 'Web Site Management Tools' category includes products that contain: site version control tools, combined utilities/tools, server management and optimization tools, and authoring/publishing/deployment tools that include significant site management or testing capabilities.

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Web Test Tools
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ChromePHP About Chrome Logger is a Google Chrome extension for debugging server side applications in the Chrome console. Most languages include their own logging capabilities, but sometimes it is easier to see your logs right in the browser. Chrome Logger used to be known as ChromePHP. ChromePHP
The php part of this article is based on my Advanced WordPress 404.php article from 2008. Many of the following ideas came out of the research performed to enumerate every single Apache ErrorDocument, including learning how to view the defaults and many cool tricks for htaccess. The PHP HTTP ErrorDocument Handler ^ Just save this as /err.php or whatever. PHP to handle HTTP Status Codes for ErrorDocument
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View Source from Safari on iPad - rob’s blog UPDATE: Thank you to Rixtur for the update for iOS 6. Steps updated. I’ve been enjoying the iPad quite a bit.
iPad2 simulator /w Css3, Jquery and HTML5 | maps Folder camera photobooth facetime gamecenter notes photos hnreader weather mail stocks maps notes photos imovie mail stocks maps notes photos imovie ipod settings clock safari mail imovie No Results x Maps x Messages x Weather x Clock x Maps x Notes x Timezones Folder x camera x Photo Booth x facetime x Game Center x Notes x Photos x HN reader x Weather x Mail x Stocks x Maps x Notes x Photos x iMovie x Mail x Stocks x Maps x Notes x Photos x iMovie • • • x iPod x Settings x Clock x Safari x Mail x iMovie
Here is a list of 5 Free iPad Pdf Reader apps for your Apple iPad which you can use it to read your documents, stories, tutorials and other stuffs. Apple iPad is a great device to read PDF ebooks, iPad is more or less like your Laptop and its a pleasure reading ebooks through these iPad pdf reader apps. The default pdf reader is not that great and the iPad buyers have been constantly searching for an alternative pdf reader. iPad Pdf Reader | Free eBook reader | Viewer
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