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TOOLBOX - Firebug - Les plugins Firefox : Firebug Par Martin Pour le développement web, il existe plusieurs extensions très pratiques pour améliorer la qualité de son code, le déboguer, ou l’optimiser. Elles sont véritablement plébiscitées par les développeurs, et sont en partie à l’origine du succès de Firefox. L’une des plus connues et utilisée est Firebug, un condensé de fonctionnalités destinées à vous aider à déboguer et comprendre tout ce qui est lié à l’affichage de votre page. TOOLBOX - Firebug - Les plugins Firefox : Firebug
Contest - Google Code Jam Contest - Google Code Jam On this page you can see results and code from past rounds of Google Code Jam, and you can try the problems for yourself. If you're new to Code Jam, try following the Quick-Start Guide. Where should I start? If you're new to programming contests, we highly recommend starting with the least difficult problems and moving up from there as you get more confident. Beware: the round that has the easiest problem A may have a very difficult problem B! As you get used to the platform, you can check how many people solved each problem in the "Submissions" box to the left of the dashboard, and use that as a rough gauge of difficulty.
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Happy holidays from Nurun! An article recently shared on Nurun’s Yammer discussion boards caused a bit of a stir among our community. The basic premise: Why is the Save icon still showing a floppy disk? After all, when was the last time any of us used one of these things? (A quick yet extremely scientific survey confirms that the last time most of us did, years were beginning with a one. And yet, today’s users clearly have no difficulty correlating the “save” action with the floppy disk icon. The use of partially symbolic depictions of this kind is part of the larger practice of skeuomorphism. Happy holidays from Nurun!
Recent Playstation advertising has been described, by some circles, as being creative, effective and memorable. By others, down right controversial. In the beginning, the advertising for the original Playstation was reasonably conservative, and demonstrated with ease the product they were selling, without trying to shock or mind blow anyone. Nice and simple. With the arrival of the PS2, and perhaps realizing that the vast majority of the PS2 sales were for adults, the advertising took a downward turn into controversy that generally angered their targeted market. The trend has continued to a lesser extent with the PS3, were perhaps Sony took heed from the feedback of the PS2 advertising and toned down there aggressive and controversial style of advertising. FUN - 39 Creative and Sometimes Controversial Examples of Playstation Advertising : Speckyboy Design Magazine FUN - 39 Creative and Sometimes Controversial Examples of Playstation Advertising : Speckyboy Design Magazine

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