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Corel Painter Tutorials

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Painter Creativity - Digital Painting Instruction by Corel Painter Master Instructor Jeremy Sutton. Underpainting in Corel Painter - Explore Underpainting in the Corel Painter Photo Painting System (Intro) Historically, an underpainting was used to establish the overall color values for a painting.

Underpainting in Corel Painter - Explore Underpainting in the Corel Painter Photo Painting System (Intro)

Similarly, the Underpainting palette lets you adjust the color, tone, and detail of a photo to prepare it for auto-painting. For example, you can darken colors to simulate the colors used in an 18th-century painting, or you can soften colors to simulate the colors found in watercolor paintings. We consider this the first part of preparing your image for Auto-painting in Corel Painter. One of the new and exciting additions to Painter X is the ability to apply the color of a source image to your under painting! The method below was to choose a source image that contains the colors and tones you want to use. Note: Some of the images in this tutorial are quite large. Basic Portrait Painting Technique for Corel Painter. Learn how to achieve smooth skin and silky hair with Corel Painter.

Basic Portrait Painting Technique for Corel Painter

So, you want to learn Painter, but you don’t know where to start. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a wise man once said (it wasn’t me). Don’t let those hundreds of brushes and the bewildering array of menus intimidate you. Today, we’re going to start with a subject that usually causes beginners lots of grief: a pretty girl. Bob Ross techniques with Painter X? - Hi, You'll really need to test a number of brush variants to find one that does what you want.

Bob Ross techniques with Painter X? -

For now, I'll just give you some basic info: For blending, start with the Blenders variants and spend time experimenting, working on a copy of your image saved with a different file name. Then, if you don't like the result, you won't lose anything by closing the image and reopening it then continuing to experiment. Digital Painting Forum (Powered by Invision Power Board) Paint Tutorial. Written by Timo on October 27, 2011 – 8:51 am - Michael Campbell Digital Painting Tutorial download page This tutorial was published in the October of 2011 issue of Digital Paint Magazine. Download Michaels PDF here Also be sure and check out the video recording of the step by step webinar. You can find information about using Corel Painter to create this river landscape at Michael Campbell Webinar. Posted in Paint Tutorial | No Comments » Written by Norvin on September 24, 2011 – 10:42 pm - In this issue artist Nomi Wagner graces the cover.

Skip Allens Right Click column sports a water color video tutorial. The Blast From the Past column features Painter Heather Michelle. I talk about social media in the marketing buzz column and Nadia Lim profiles Manet in the Old Masters area. Here is the September issue. Donald Zolan Oil Painting 2 - art online. Learn How to Paint a Watercolor Vignette in Corel Painter. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a soft watercolor vignette, perfect for a bridal portrait.

Learn How to Paint a Watercolor Vignette in Corel Painter

Today I’d like to share with you a technique for creating portraits with a watercolor look. This is a fast and easy technique, and doesn’t use the somewhat difficult watercolor brushes that come with Painter. Instead, you can download and use the custom brushes I developed for these kinds of portraits. You can download them here. Unzip the file, and then copy both the folder “Bob’s WC Brushes” and the file Bob’s WC Brushes.jpg into your Painter brush folder. Bob’s Soft CapBristle – a variation on the ever-popular Captured Bristle variant of the Acrylics category. Bob’s Soft CapBristle is used to paint the majority of the work, and then you’ll use the Edgers to feather out the edges. If you’d like to follow along, the stock photo I used here is free, and can be downloaded here. Colorizing vintage photographs with Corel Painter. Use Corel Painter's Colorize compositing mode to quickly add color to black and white images.

Colorizing vintage photographs with Corel Painter

Turning a black and white photo into a color photo can be a challenge, even in with today’s advanced software. When you hear the word “colorization,” you probably think of an old movie on Turner Broadcasting. Or you may think of the pre-color film days, when photographers would use an airbrush to add color to photos. In either case, the coloring is flat and unrealistic. Luckily there’s a way to get much better results than that, and it’s built right into Corel Painter. Painter has layer blending modes similar to Photoshop, but they are called composite methods. To get started, open your scan of an old photograph (or of a black and white drawing you’ve done) in Corel Painter. Step One Double-click on the new layer’s name, and a dialogue pops up. Light washes of color are quickly applied to the colorize layer using Soft Charcoal.

Step Two Now add a new layer, and rename it Multiply. Step Three. Photoshop Tutorial: Create Beautiful Line Art with Photoshop. This method is quick, easy, and results in quite a nice sketch.

Photoshop Tutorial: Create Beautiful Line Art with Photoshop

If you’ve ever tried to get Photoshop to create a convincing black and white sketch (line art), you’ve no doubt found that the “Sketch” filters don’t really cut it. The method I’ll show you today is one I found recently somewhere on the Intertubes, and I’ve added a coloring method. The secret is a filter I’ve never used before: Minimum. The glowing edges filter can be used to get a line drawing of sorts.