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Best cloud based SME business ERP & CRM software. Get live dashboard, MIS reports, mobility, analytics, customization panel for personalize the solution

Case Study: erp for food industry. Managing inventory in any business is not easy.

Case Study: erp for food industry

The Food Industry is one of the most difficult ones until you have a perfect ERP solution. You need to be able to predict and need to plan everything from the initial stage. The availability of raw materials is scrupulous so production and purchase planning need to have real-time data on their stock inventory. The Food Industry can’t produce products in excess as it may lead to surplus production of products.

Also, if real-time data is not available due to a shortage of raw material production may stop. Many production organizations are still on Excel sheets for their ordering and returning process. Food safety is the most important factor in the food industry. Kabhi B Bakery and Stores had a major problem of having an old offline software system where all data is in a respective system. They had no online ordering system so the orders were taken manually over the phone causing lots of inconsistency. Case Study : ERP for Food Industry - Solution & Impact.

As in the previous blog, we have already understood what problems were faced by the team at Kabhi B Bakery and Stores ( Kanhai Foods Pvt Ltd).

Case Study : ERP for Food Industry - Solution & Impact

Right from centralising the database to real time analysis, from production center to store billing, everything needed a bit of overhaul in the new ERP. Now, let’s understand how DataNote Openlogic Framework created a solution for the Food Industry. ERP Solution for Food Industry The best solution for managing all the stuff and to get real-time data and updates id adopting an ERP solution.

Bakery ERP software that can change the way you work. 1.Accelerates Product Development process Track progress starting from production to ordering to deliveryAllow multiple people to work on separate recipe and packaging specsProvide nutritional informationPerform side by side comparison of specsInitiate multi-level approval workflowsEnsures quality of products 2.Scales up the production 3.Ensures Quality Checks 4.Optimizes Costs 5.Controls Inventory.

Best ERP Solution For Manufacturing Industries -DataNote Software. Lead Management: A sales lead is a prospect who may eventually become a client.

Best ERP Solution For Manufacturing Industries -DataNote Software

Leads could be through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings, third parties, and other marketing efforts. Once lead gets approved it will route to ledger creation. Here the system has facilities like follow-up and document attachments. Follow-ups: Frequently Asked Questions on ERP software. ERP for Machine, Parts & Fabrication ind. Discrete Manufacturing / Fabrication & Engineering Industry is a vital Manufacturing segment of Manufacturing.

ERP for Machine, Parts & Fabrication ind.

Here, the manufacturing happens in parts/assemblies and then it is assembled to make one product. There may be times wherein the products are manufactured in completely different geographical regions and brought to one place for assembly. Best ERP Solution For Manufacturing Industries - DataNoteERP. Gujarat based ERP Software for Pesticides & Fertilizers Companies. Fertilisers play a very crucial role in the growth and development of the crop for any agriculture land.

Gujarat based ERP Software for Pesticides & Fertilizers Companies

DataNote set the benchmarks in providing ERP solution to the chemical and fertiliser companies that efficiently produce the fertilisers and distribute it to the various dealers, distributors and retailers. Manufacturing companies for fertilisers have a wide range of activities like inventory management, procurement, manufacturing, quality management associated that effectively form the central point of the entire fertiliser manufacturing process.

By considering the above instance, it proves that there is a need for a single integrated fertiliser industry ERP solution to organise and monitor all the operations of these types of organisations. The ERP software for Pesticides & Fertilizer Companies can deliver power, scalability and robust functionality. ERP Software for Plastics Industry. Woven sack, non-woven and technical textile industry is growing tremendously and has become a highly competitive market.

ERP Software for Plastics Industry

It brings to one place the processes required to record and track the movements of plastic materials for the company with the help of an ERP solution specifically designed for the plastic industry. DataNote Plast ERP, is the solution for the FIBC, Woven Sack, Non-Woven and Technical Textile Industry, that knows and understands the production process. A user-friendly & the integrated product is incorporating years of tape line & downstream processing experience. DataNote covers Planning and Scheduling with Shift wise Production & Wastage Management, Inventory, Quality, Dispatch & Sales, Purchase, Machine Capacity / Scheduling, Accounts, HRM, It also offers management dashboard, standard reports, summarized production reports as well as review meeting reports and other data useful in the implementation of ISO and other quality systems. ERP and CRM Software for SME Businesses.