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Data Integration Specialists

For three years currently, Data Integration Software Services has got been victimization knowledge Integration Specialists as a backup to our existing EDI arranger thus we all know concerning their fantastic accessibility and latency. Our services and products includes enterprise application integration tools, IBM gentran server, EDI sterling integrator, EDI consultants, sterling EDI and etc.

EDI Resource & Managed Services. Simply put, EDI Managed Services = EDI Consultants for your EDI Software.

EDI Resource & Managed Services

Data Integration Specialists will provide a remote EDI expert to either complement your existing EDI resource or we can be your remote EDI Coordinator and maintain the entire EDI system from our remote offices. The EDI Managed Service maintains the health of your EDI business trading partner relationships at a cost model that IT management loves because it’s easy on their budgets. Our EDI Consultant will handle trading partner set ups, connectivity to VANs/direct connects, automated scheduling, error handling, acknowledgement reconciliation, map fixes, map changes, new maps, map testing, unit testing and ongoing maintenance on a daily basis. The cost/risk of the remote EDI Managed Services model provides an attractive alternative to the Full Time Employee who normally is wearing many IT hats.

A Detailed Overview of IBM Gentran Server - Data Integration Specialists. IBM Gentran server is a combined data translation, process control, and communication system that can be operated in the Microsoft Windows Environment.

A Detailed Overview of IBM Gentran Server - Data Integration Specialists

The basic motive behind designing this type of server was to facilitate the translation and communication of EDI and other similar types of data. The process control system With the help of the process control system, you can easily integrate this amazing Gentran server with several different business applications. The integration is very smooth and after the integration, it becomes a completely new extension of the business application while facilitating its process. The communication system The Gentran server links all the internal business systems which each other and along with this, it also links the business system which is being used by your customers and suppliers all around the globe as well.

The server executive service Microsoft Windows Environment. How Is Enterprise Application Integration Helping Businesses Simplify Software Handling? - Data Integration Specialists. The dependence of businesses on software solutions has increased a lot during the past few decades.

How Is Enterprise Application Integration Helping Businesses Simplify Software Handling? - Data Integration Specialists

From pen and paper to software solutions, businesses have covered a very long journey of technological advancement. Whether a business is looking to communicate, acquire a business, or handle customer relationship – software solutions are being used in every part of the business. But with so many software solutions to manage, sometimes it becomes quite tricky for businesses to handle all the software solutions at one go. This is where Enterprise Application Integration becomes necessary. The Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) helps organizations to bridge the gap between the different systems being used by the organization. Business Process Management. SOA. Data Ecosystem. Financial application software services and solutions. The Benefits and Features of Electronic Data Interchange Solution - Data Integration Specialists.

Electronic data interchange is the electronic movement of data between or within an organization in a computer retrievable data format that allows the transfer of data from one location to another without rekeying.

The Benefits and Features of Electronic Data Interchange Solution - Data Integration Specialists

It is based on agreed message standards, and it can be done without the need for any human intervention. Different EDI systems have different tools, but there are some very common features in all the Electronic Data Interchange solution. The Best EDI Software Providers in the Industry - Data Integration Specialists. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a computer to computer or system to system, automated exchange of data and information in the form of standard electronic business documents over a secure connection.

The Best EDI Software Providers in the Industry - Data Integration Specialists

The technology helps trading partners and enterprises get more work done in a shorter period. It eliminates manual or human errors, speeds up logistic timelines, and automates the processes by enabling business to business (B2B) communications. Data Integration Specialists (DIS) has been providing expert-level integration resources since the year 2001. Everything You Need to Know about EDI Mapping - Data Integration Specialists. Electronic Data Interchange is basically a concept of business in which electronically communicating information is used.

Everything You Need to Know about EDI Mapping - Data Integration Specialists

Before the introduction of the EDI, such communication was carried on paper. There are various technical standards for EDI in order to facilitate party transactions. If you are thinking that EDI is a very new concept then you are completely wrong as EDI is in existence from as long as the 70’s. It was inspired by developments in military logistics. What is EDI mapping? ENTERPRISE APPLICATION INTEGRATION TOOL IMPLEMENTATION TIPS, BENEFITS FOR ALL SIZES OF BUSINESSES - Data Integration Specialists. An enterprise infrastructure comprises of several different structures and facilities.


An enterprise relies on various components to run a separate process so as to obtain a single objective and conduct day to day business. But there needs to be an integrated system that makes sure all these different systems are working towards one goal in a streamlined manner. Enterprise architecture has three challenges: modularity, data integration, and interoperability. You might think that implementing point to point integration might help resolve these issues, but that is only a viable option when the enterprise integration comprises of 2-3 systems. With the increasing components and connection, the complexity of the architecture increases, making scalability with a point to point integration difficult.This is why an organization, regardless of its operating scale, are going for enterprise application integration tools.

What makes up a cost of the integration projects? EDI Integration Software Company. In addition to EDI integration company, the DIS Integration Group has extensive experience into other enterprise integration arenas such as Web Services, EAI tools (Enterprise Application Integration tools) and Oracle Retail implementations.

EDI Integration Software Company

Web Services The DIS Integration Group has Senior Level Web Services consultants who have the expertise in integrating Web-based applications using the XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI open standards over an Internet protocol backbone. Many of our customers have required the need to communicate with each other and with clients but they have no intimate knowledge of each other’s IT systems behind the firewall. This is where our DIS Integration Group sets up Web Services so that different sources (java, perl, windows, unix, etc.) can all talk to each other via shared business logic, data and processes. Our DIS Integration Group has extensive background in providing customers a Web Services platform that integrates multiple, diverse applications. Discussing The Benefits Associated To Electronic Data Interchange.

The integration of data is one of the important aspects that is resource intensive within many organizations.

Discussing The Benefits Associated To Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange includes manual processes as well as ERP integration and here are some of the major benefits of EDI. 1. Cost Savings Operating expenditure is something that has been eating up a great chunk of your overall income. Your overall operating expenditure can be lowered by around 35% by making use of EDI. 2. Invest In EDI Software And Standardized Your Business Operations. Need of Enterprise Application Integration. Communication is the key for any global business.

Need of Enterprise Application Integration

Every enterprise be it small-scale, medium-sized or large scale should follow this direct advice by The Body-shop magnate, Anita Roddick. Not a single department, let alone an organization can function and survive without adequate communication. A well-connected organization results in increased productivity and better output, further motivating the employees to do more. There are several ways of simplifying and automating business processes to enhance the overall efficiency. One such proficient technology is Enterprise Application Integration. There are several different domains involved in running a business: from supplying to designing to packaging and so on. Enterprise Application Integration plays a pivotal role in improving the work culture by easing functionality and promoting better communication. All You Need To Know About EDI Technology. In today’s world, many businesses understand the value of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

But still, EDI is a complex concept for many. As EDI is quite critical and technical, it requires capital and resource investments to be operational and accomplish the goal of error free production data flow. Traditionally, businesses used to deal with their documentation processes on paper but now EDI technology makes these processes even easier and quicker. In most businesses EDI is required in order to ensure growth, innovation and the health of your ECommerce trading partner relationships. Planning to Buy EDI Software? Important Factors to Consider. When it comes to managing B2B transactions, EDI software is truly a great gift to businesses. The bulky accounts, paper receipts & payments was the big task and storing & securing was even bigger.

Sending, receiving and storing data electronically has made corporate life much easier than all the manual processes. EDI enables the exchange of several business documents, but the two primary aspects in transactions are purchase orders and invoices. Features To Look For In an EDI Provider. An efficient supply chain management system is essential for adequate automation and streamlining of distribution tasks. One such solution promoting automation and enhance efficiency is Electronic Data Interchange.

It is transferring data from one computer to another utilizing standardized message formatting, relying on internet connectivity, either through peer-to-peer networking or serial links. Documents can be electronically exchanged between multiple companies both in the US and abroad. It is essential to make a sound decision when selecting an EDI provider since a slight miscalculation and wrong choice could lead to poor supplier scores, inability to forge a long-lasting relationship with clients or missing out on enormous business opportunities, etc. Depending upon the requirement, managed services differ across the board.

Thermotech Corporation Service. “Our EDI resource left us and a recruiter started interviewing FTE candidates. Not only were we in a hurry to find someone as our EDI volume is large and not being attended to, we felt we needed an employee to be onsite handling our EDI full time. Then, we reached out to DIS and they stated they could handle our entire EDI operation from their remote facilities and for almost half the cost of an FTE!! Because we have used DIS in the past, we were comfortable with their ability to deliver so we signed them up. Today, they handle all EDI remotely and come onsite from time to time. It truly is a huge savings and we have no risk with paying benefits, etc. PROFILE Industry: Precision Injection Molding & Assembly EDI software: OpenText: TLE For Windows # of trading partners: 200+. CHALLENGE Thermotech had a long time EDI Coordinator that was a FTE and a critical player in the Thermotech EC/EDI strategy.

4 Benefits to EDI Managed Services. You have ideas, concepts, plans and goals to support and run your business. But, what about managing your vast-spread business? Do you still use papers to collect, keep and distribute data and documents? Then, you need to update your business and its mode of operations. There are two major factors that are reliable to run a business effectively, first is execution and another is management. You have everything such as latest technology, skillful management professional and more productive executive employees.

Five Values for EDI Integration Software. Data is a very crucial element of almost every organisation and therefore, it must be dealt with properly. All those who have already put EDI integration software to use have an idea of the benefits associated with the same, while those who haven’t used it still wonder about the same. Know About EDI Transformations and Things. For a legendary, global company like IBM, providing Gentran Server EDI to customers is one element of their business. Ways To Ensure A Successful EDI Implementation. What Is An EDI System And How Can It Benefit Your Business? DIFFERENT BUSINESS OPERATIONAL ISSUES CAN BE SOLVED BY EDI MANAGED SERVICE. The Integration Services for the Business Processe. How Does An Electronic Data Interchange System Work? Almost every business today needs an EDI system, particularly if it deals with lots of paper-based transactions. Such a system helps in making the transaction documentation more efficient, by providing automation to some extent, and reduces the risk of human error by making computers do the data processing.

If you are thinking of implementing an EDI system for your company, this article will help you make sense of how the system will work. Preparing the documents for dispatch Before the EDI system sends the documents over its server network, it first prepares the documents by extracting and organizing them for conversion. Best Healthcare Electronic Data Interchange Services Provider. The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a complex set of regulations involving technology, industry standards, and business rules. Data Integration Specialists. HTML Ipsum Presents Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Vestibulum tortor quam, feugiat vitae, ultricies eget, tempor sit amet, ante. Donec eu libero sit amet quam egestas semper. 5 Ways Biztalk EDI Services Will Help You Get More Business. EDI Software : A Preferred Option For Your Business.

4 Benefits of Electronic Data Interchange. 21st century is the era of technology and automation. Almost everything that we see today is run electronically. 4 Reasons On Why You Should Select EDI Managed Services For Your Business. Capable, Reliable And Efficient EDI Resources To Offer. Either Remote, Hybrid or Onsite full time, below is a sample of the quality of resources DIS will provide you immediately: Sr. & Mid Level IBM Gentran Server Windows / Unix • Retail, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Health • Mapping, Trading Partner set up, testing -Visual Mapper and AI • Workflow building, testing • Onsite or remote • 16 years EDI experience, 5+ years GIS/Sterling Integrator • Lawson, SAP, Oracle, JDE, etc.

Sr. Unparallelled Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) And Mapping Services. Experienced And Specialized Web, EAI And Oracle Retail Services. Cost Efficient Remote EDI Specialist For Your EDI Software.