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Global Contact Finder. Medical Email List. Total U.S. healthcare expenditures were estimated to be $3.24 trillion in 2015.

Medical Email List

It is expected to rise significantly to $3.78 trillion by 2018 - Plunkett Research, Ltd. Pervasive challenges faced by medical practitioners, patients and medical service providers, have prompted huge investments in R&D to bring about profound transformation in the manner in which healthcare services are accessed and provided. Dental Doctors Mailing Addresses. “…Remember, Oral surgery is not expensive…Neglect is...”

Dental Doctors Mailing Addresses

(TahoeOralSurgery) In business too, it’s unwise to neglect even the smallest issues. So be focused and make the right choices in the beginning, to avoid greater mistakes in the future. Oil and Gas Industry Executives Email List. “Courage, determination and hard work are all very nice, but not so nice as an oil well in the back yard.” – Mason Cooley At Lake B2B, we will be able to make things “very nice” for you, if you have the courage to explore the oil and gas industry (oil, gas, petroleum, production, distribution, transportation etc.) and the determination to work hard.

Oil and Gas Industry Executives Email List

With our oil and gas industry executives email database to support your marketing efforts we can simplify things for your campaigns. Exploring opportunities with Lake B2B’s Oil and Gas Companies List At Lake B2B we believe in taking timely initiatives and leverage from opportunities. The oil and gas industry is valued in trillions and more, and there have been enough disputes based on oil field ownership. Email Appending Services. Email is the dominant contact information, and undeniably most businesses would prefer to communicate with you through email.

Email Appending Services

We make your database enhanced and marketable via email appends of the email addresses that you specifically need for your business. Only those addresses which have opted in and are highly deliverable are considered for appending, without any scope for the rest. We bet that our appending services are unmatched and unbeaten. We ensure that an email address is current and 'in use' through validation or welcome emails. Pharmacists Mailing Addresses.

In a report by Statista it was seen that as of 2010, in the North America primarily in the US, pharmacy and drug store sales accounted for an estimated $222.81 billion!

Pharmacists Mailing Addresses

So are you doing the best you can to gain your share from those impressive figures! With Lake B2B’s pharmacist email database with data on more than 124,988 specialists there’s a lot you can do to gain the attention of pharmacists across countries! Our comprehensive, fool proof databases are the most powerful marketing tools to support your b2b campaigns to pharmacists who would be keen on forming long-term business alliances with your brand. Dietitian Email List. It is estimated that with increasing number of patients with heart diseases, diabetics, obesity and other chronic diseases, demand for registered dietitians will accelerate considerably – (IBIS World) Health issues along with aging population that require nutrition counseling and guidance will not only leads to demand for dietitians but also for industry services.

Dietitian Email List

With the BLS predicting a job-outlook growth of 21%, the present market situation provides opportunities for marketers to leverage from and reach out to practicing dietitians. Loan Bankers Mailing Addresses. “Awards do not pay the mortgage.” – Kevin Chamberlin So don’t go by the glossy decoration – instead, choose quality!

Loan Bankers Mailing Addresses

Lake B2B is the place to start looking for the right solutions and knowhow for expanding your business and reaching out to targeted audiences. Veterinary Mailing Addresses. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Gandhi At Lake B2B, we cannot directly contribute to the greatness of the nation, but can help clients achieve greatness by assisting them to channelize campaigns and reach targeted audiences with our veterinarian email database!

Veterinary Mailing Addresses

The challenge for marketers today is to reduce gaps between healthcare services/products and identifying the platform to take it to the right audience. Reverse Appending Services. Your database might any day need a facelift.

Reverse Appending Services

Appending an additional field to your existing database is called Reverse Appending. You can reverse append any of the fields like email id, telephone number, postal address, social handle, fax, SIC code, etc. Lake B2B’s Reverse Appending service can enhance your existing database with any related field. This can save you up from buying an entirely new database and working on them, while your existing database can be updated with the same accuracy level. Accountants Email List. “A lot of labels are hiring a lot more accountants than people that know music.” – Taylor Hanson And the reason is simple.

Accountants Email List

Accountants are required in every business, and fortunately organizations are aware of it. The demand for accountants will never ebb, making it all the more necessary for marketers to be able to approach them in a planned manner. At Lake B2B we offer our clients a comprehensive and detailed email marketing list of Accountants and CPAs for easy and timely communication.

Lake B2B’s Accountants business email list is a niche compilation of data on practicing accountants from accountancy firms and in private, and can prove to be a powerful tool for brand promotions and business networking with decision makers. Hospitals Decision Makers Mailing Addresses. “Education, housing and hospitals are the most important things for society.” – Zaha Hadid So how about contributing to building a better society by being a wise marketer and taking your medical offerings, products and services to where there’s a demand for it? At Lake B2B we can help you with that by offering our top-of-the line hospital email database. Designed especially for multichannel campaigning, the exclusive list of hospital decision makers ensures that your marketing messages reach inboxes that will value and invest in them! Facilitating business networking with Lake B2B’s hospital e-mail list. Attorney Email List.

“Time is money, especially when you are talking to a lawyer or buying a commercial” – Frank Dane So value your time and money, and let us at Lake B2B show you how! We have been serving clients for the last 13 years and can show them the right approach to do business and campaigns to lawyers, attorneys, solicitors and other legal practitioners. Our lawyer database is designed for geo-targeted campaigns and will offer data that is as per client business needs and campaign requirements.

Developed with precision and in compliance to international standards our email lists of lawyers are structured, segmented and made easy-to-access for reaching legal practitioners at the most affordable rates. Doctor Email Database. "In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men" - Cicero Doctors are medical professionals who diagnose and treat ailments and restore good health.

They are trained to examine, diagnose and treat patients. A medical doctor may specialize in a number of medical areas, such as cardiology, neurology, nephrology, endocrinology, pediatrics, anesthesiology or they can work as general practitioners.