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Baconpancake After Effects IK rigging tutorial by Jesus. Free Downloads Archives | VFX BroVFX Bro. News. How to Backup After Effects Project Files | How to Backup After Effects Project Files March 15, 2013 Post By Adrian Thompson You've created, rendered and delivered a final project out of After Effects. Now what? It's a great idea to archive the project file so that you can have access to it down the road. 1.) First things first, I would highly recommend organizing the folders and assets inside of After Effects so that your future self will be able to easily identify the hierarchy. 2.) These are three straight forward functions that help simplify your project. Consolidate All Footage - Removes duplicate files and saves a single copy. 3.)

Now that you've simplified your project file, you're ready to move everything to a single location. 4.) If you're interested in long-term security, I would recommend backing up this .zip file to at least two different locations in case the original is destroyed. Interlacing Progressive Footage. I've used one of my stock footage clips from my collection at called, "Brady Bunch Tiki: V2" as a test clip to use as an example for this article. This original clip is 1080p24 (and is also supplied as 720p24, 576p25 PAL and 486p24 NTSC at RevoStock).

For this tutorial, I created a master file by conforming it from 24p to 30p and reduced it down to SD letterbox 4x3. It's from this converted SD file on which we'll perform all our tests. I thought this clip would work well for this test since the tiki figure moves from frame-left to frame-right, ideal for interlacing. Figure 1 - A single frame from the 30p source. The first step is to double up the literal frame count. Double the TRT of the 30p clip so it's twice as long. In order to do this properly, the new frames need to be interpolated by means of a vector-based pixel warping or morphing algorithm.

The best way to tell if this step is working correctly is to look at the new frames that have been created. Links: | the 'hulu' for motion graphics, vfx, and animation. The Dream Career Workshop — Dreams Do Come True.