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Dash Technologies Inc. formed in 2010 and has over a decade of vast experience and cumulative expertise in providing client-oriented solutions in the IT sector. Our team centers its effort on client essential, carrying out individual approach towards each client as the result offering most dynamic, innovative and cost-efficient solutions.

Internet of Things - Website & Mobile Application Development. Internet is an amazing discovery of our time; it has given us a range of benefits that were not available before.

Internet of Things - Website & Mobile Application Development

Remember the Cellphones used before now it’s a Smartphone. With Cellphones we could make calls and send text messages, but now with Smartphone in addition to making callas and text messages we can make video calls, send Multi Media Massages, read eBooks, watch online movies, or listen to songs of our choice, all of it in our hands. These are only a few marvellous things our Smartphone does, apart from various other intended usages. The basic purpose of connecting things to the internet is to gain the limitless amazing advantages. The convenience of internet has already been experienced with our Smartphones, laptops, and tablets, and this is possible for everything else as well. What is IoT? Internet of Things (IoT) is an environment of linked physical objects that can be reached over the internet. The Internet of Things is a vast concept and cannot be describes perfectly. 1.

Artificial intelligence - Website & Mobile Application Development. The philosophy behind the emergence of Artificial Intelligence is the human curiosity, while exploring the efficiencies of the computer system, that lead him to wonder if machines can think and act like humans? Hence research on AI, began with the objective of creating intelligent machines that behave and think like humans do. There are two basic goals of AI development are firstly to create expert systems and secondly to include human intelligence to Machines. The expert systems would learn, explain and give advice and show intelligent performance, while building computers that think, understands and reacts like humans do. Artificial intelligence is the producing machines and systems that reflect human intelligence. Artificial intelligence - Website & Mobile Application Development.

Cloud architecture - Website & Mobile Application Development. Cloud computing architecture is a combination of the components and its sub components essentially required for cloud computing.

Cloud architecture - Website & Mobile Application Development

The components basically consist of a front end platform like fat client, thin client, and mobile device, back end platforms like servers, and storage, a cloud based delivery medium, and a network can be Internet, Intranet, or Inter cloud. Together all these components design cloud computing architecture. Cloud Computing architecture comprises of loads of cloud components that are loosely attached with each other. Broadly the cloud architecture can be divided into two parts: Front EndBack End Front End The front end generally relates of the customer’s end of cloud computing systems.

Back End The back End is the cloud itself. Cloud infrastructure comprises of storage devices, servers, network, cloud management software, operational software, and virtualization platforms. Dedicated Team Model - Website & Mobile Application Development. A dedicated web developer centre is popular among customers, as it functions an extension of the client’s software engineering facility, looking forward to gaining at long-term collaboration from onsite/offshore outsourcing.

Dedicated Team Model - Website & Mobile Application Development

With a highly competitive market proposing new sophisticated services, nowadays to hire dedicated resources like Dedicated Mobile App Developer and Dedicated Web Developer is gaining much popularity. Working solely on a selected project, hired dedicated resources specialists are IT professionals who learn about a client’s requirements and to meet them in the most efficient manner. We jointly identify, define and hire dedicated resources team along with our customer and provide access, control and complete transparency on the team along with our clients whereby the hired dedicated web developer team works as extension of our customer’s development team. Fixed Price Model - Website & Mobile Application Development. The fixed-price model, more commonly known as predetermined lump-sum cost model.

Fixed Price Model - Website & Mobile Application Development

This model is offered in case the project scope defined and 100% fixed. Client pays a fixed predetermined cost for the well-defined projects scope that is agreed through a signed contract. The client needs to decide on either to hire services of contract developers or full-time developers. The total fixed cost is broken down based on milestones/deliverables achieved as committed in the contract. In our experience working on this model, there may be cases of new ideas/features/functionalities missed by client in the specification or the contract.

Big Data Services - Website & Mobile Application Development. VR Application Development - Website & Mobile Application Development. AR Application Development - Website & Mobile Application Development. At Dash Technologies Inc., we have made a smart starter manual for enabling you to kick off your objective oriented AR App development and as extended reality, that empowers dynamic duty and correspondence, especially when associated with advance and with expanded substance transport, AR apps takes on your common experiences to an incomprehensible level by giving a thoroughly enhanced point of view of the present reality and moreover we are even known for making AR entertainments that are more sensible and applications that are also amazing and engaging.

AR Application Development - Website & Mobile Application Development

Despite the fact that it is attached in with developing your assignment in an intuitive method or building attractive gadgets for backing up your laborers, our years of accumulated experience and proficient Augmented Reality developers have shown exceptional creation of profitable and exceedingly smart AR applications. Expanded reality gives a changed preview of reality around you by upgrading environment in connection with the earth. Internet of Things (IoT) - Website & Mobile Application Development. The Internet of Things is an innovative interlinking of technology indicating the next industrial revolution meaning disorder, radical change and an entirely new paradigm for the world.

Internet of Things (IoT) - Website & Mobile Application Development

At Dash Technologies Inc, Internet of Things empowers associations to recognize where the IoT can possibly make an enticement in their industry and create techniques to catch that esteem, using IoT application services for an operational advantage. IoT software development stands out among the most rising innovations these days and gradually it is becoming clear to everybody that we are move towards keen urban areas, savvy houses, brilliant homes, shrewd living!

Everything on earth will be connected or linked with each other and we would live in the realm of IoT. As IoT Development Company, as Dash technologies, is always there to help. NodeJS Development - Website & Mobile Application Development. Being one of the leading NodeJS web Development Services and versatile application improvement Specialist Company, we Dash Technologies Inc. is in the business of delivering accomplished applications.

NodeJS Development - Website & Mobile Application Development

Regardless of whether it is about module and module advancement arrangements or an application improvement prerequisite, we have been taking into account the necessities of small and huge estimated business modules. Having the power to improve the application with NodeJS Development Services, and our designer’s adaptability in achieving the business objectives with Nodejs advancement is highly appreciable. The necessity to enroll NodeJS designers in this way suits particularly when custom NodeJS adjustments need to be made depending on the predefined modules. In this sense, we serve you to give a jump start to your web application and accomplish your business objectives. ASP.Net Development - Website & Mobile Application Development. Dash Technologies Inc. is a US based top ASP.Net Development Company for delivering IT services to the businesses in the US.

ASP.Net Development - Website & Mobile Application Development

Again we are trusted development partners for the US businesses. We have certified Agile Scrum Masters to deliver scalable and performance-driven solution efficiently. Our in-house certified DevOps Architects participate in the operational activities of the product development using ASP.NET development. Cross Platform Development - Website & Mobile Application Development. Various versatile stages incite to assemble and keep up portable applications for every conceivable stage.

Cross Platform Development - Website & Mobile Application Development

Building up the local applications implies a combined cost. Cross-Platform applications make a route for the organizations to put resources into a system that diminishes endeavors. For the time and practical arrangements, designers run with the cross-stage versatile application improvement organization. Experience and proven track record in Cross-Platform Application Development have a tendency to demonstrate our capacities to make brilliant applications which are profoundly qualified with most recent norms, performing as indicated by most recent advancements keeping in mind the end goal to create ideal outcomes towards customer’s request. iOS Application Development - Website & Mobile Application Development. Top Mobile App Development Company in Ohio, USA. Trimming down business operations to provide convenience of use to your customers or may it be organizing your Big Data – an intelligent mobile application is all that is needed.

Top Mobile App Development Company in Ohio, USA

And, our expertise in the field of Mobile Application Development facilitates you to succeed with perfect mobile strategy and gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Regardless of the project size, we provide mobility to all from SME to Enterprise level clients by developing Mobile Applications for them makes us a top Mobile App Development Company. In a way, we bring value to the demanding modern customers and help the businesses streamline their operations.