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Lu14A.jpg (1500×1500) Disneyland Fantasyland. Dolphins Name Themselves With Whistles, Study Says. May 8, 2006 Dolphins give themselves "names"—distinctive whistles that they use to identify each other, new research shows.

Dolphins Name Themselves With Whistles, Study Says

Scientists say it's the first time wild animals have been shown to call out their own names. What's more, the marine mammals can recognize individual names even when the sound is produced by an unfamiliar voice. Bottlenose dolphins appear to develop so-called signature whistles as infants (just for kids: bottlenose dolphin fun facts). The idea that they use these whistles to identify each other was first proposed in 1991 after individuals were heard to make their own unique sounds. Savita Bhabhi - The sexual adventures of a Hot Indian Bhabhi. XXX ELF XXX SexCraft ( adult game)