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Cheatsheet. Php. Errors. 74 Quality Ruby on Rails Resources and Tutorials. Learning Rails from scratch can be a pain.

74 Quality Ruby on Rails Resources and Tutorials

But don't fret, this guide provides the best Rails resources the Web has to offer. Ruby on Rails is quickly becoming one of the most popular modern programming language framework combinations. FlashDevelop - Flashmagazine. You may have heard of Open Source alternatives to Adobe Flash and thought 'maybe I should try this'.

FlashDevelop - Flashmagazine

Believe me - you should. FlashDevelop is the best Open Source editor I've seen. It really has it all - it's developed by the Flash community, it's fast, it's free and it will even make you a better coder. Prototype Window Class : Samples. Here is a list of sample codes to show different ways to create windows and dialogs.

Prototype Window Class : Samples

You can view source of each example, even edit it and test your modification immediatly in your browser. Just click again on the link to open a new window/dialog with the modified code. ImgRed.com - Image Redirection.