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Lettering Library. 陳 Jon Tan. Google Web Fonts Typographic Project. Type Connection. Thinking with Type. Butterick’s Practical Typography. This is a bold claim, but I stand be­hind it: if you learn and fol­low these five ty­pog­ra­phy rules, you will be a bet­ter ty­pog­ra­pher than 95% of pro­fes­sional writ­ers and 70% of pro­fes­sional de­sign­ers.

Butterick’s Practical Typography

(The rest of this book will raise you to the 99th per­centile in both categories.) All it takes is ten min­utes—five min­utes to read these rules once, then five min­utes to read them again. Ready? Go. The ty­po­graphic qual­ity of your doc­u­ment is de­ter­mined largely by how the body text looks. That’s it. Then, if you’re ready for a lit­tle more, try the sum­mary of key rules.

If you’re ready for a lot more, start at the fore­word and keep reading. Fonts, typefaces and all things typographical — I love Typography (ILT) A complete collection of web safe CSS font stacks. TypeWonder - Beta.

Thinking with Type. HATCHSHOW » a jQuery typesetting plugin for balancing measures. Free Chalkboard Fonts, Backgrounds & Dingbats » Lisa Moorefield. Apps + Fonts Chalkboards! They’re everywhere. (On Pinterest, at least). Typekit. Fontdeck web fonts: Real fonts for your website. 14 free tattoo fonts to download today. We've scoured the web to find you the top examples of free tattoo fonts for designers.

14 free tattoo fonts to download today

In recent years, tattoo-style typography has become a big influence on all areas of design - from graphic design and illustration to web and app design and beyond. As a result, there are now hundreds of tattoo typefaces available online for use in your projects, and many don't cost a penny! But how do you find free fonts in a tattoo style that rock - the diamonds among the rough? Pixels to Ems Conversion Table for CSS. A companion reference to the article, The Incredible Em and Elastic Layouts With CSS.

Pixels to Ems Conversion Table for CSS

The em values in the table assume that the generic browser default setting of 16px font size has not being changed. It also assumes that the <body> has font size set to 1em or 100%. Formula to calculate em equivalent for any pixel value required 1 ÷ parent font size (px) × required pixels = em equivalent. 65 Beautiful Fonts You Can Download For Free. Freebie 65 Beautiful Fonts You Can Download For Free by Alex on Aug 9, 2012 • 9:43 am 11 Comments There are so many free fonts all around the web these days and sometimes it makes me think is their any really point purchasing fonts.

65 Beautiful Fonts You Can Download For Free

I’ve decide to collect 65 fonts which are suitable for web, print, etc just overall high fonts which can be used in design projects. Neuton Font Family. Typefoundry. A Non-Designer's Guide to Typefaces and Layout. A complete collection of web safe CSS font stacks. Readability Survey of the Top 10 Blogs. Free chalk fonts. 16 Pixels: For Body Copy. Anything Less Is A Costly Mistake. 16 Pixels: For Body Copy.

16 Pixels: For Body Copy. Anything Less Is A Costly Mistake

Anything Less Is A Costly Mistake Advertisement I know what you’re thinking. “Did he just say 16 pixels? For body copy? I’d like to persuade you otherwise. As usability expert Oliver Reichenstein says in “The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard1”: [16 pixels] is not big. In this article, I’ll explain why 16 pixels should generally be the minimum size for body copy in modern Web design. You see, in most cases, if you’re building websites with the font size set between 10 and 15 pixels, you are costing your clients money.

Readership = Revenue If you’re building a website for someone — even yourself — chances are its purpose is to make money. Perhaps it’s to sell a product directly, or to offer a service, or just to generate leads. So, every element should be designed to achieve that goal. Think about it. Important Facts About Reading At age 40, only half the light gets through to the retina as it did at age 20. The 125 best free fonts. Free fonts, updated for 2017 – all the best free fonts, and none of the dross.

The 125 best free fonts

We have filtered out the diamonds in the rough from the thousands of free fonts available online that are suitable for you to use in your designs. This list represents the 50 best free fonts we've found in eight categories. We have many other articles covering specialist font types including handwriting fonts, graffiti fonts, web fonts and more, but we have sectioned our main list under these styles: You can use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to jump to the section you want. Most of the typeface collections listed here can be used in your projects, but please be sure to check the terms. 01.

Inspired by both Dala Floda and the Bodoni family, Butler is a free font designed by Fabian De Smet. The Butler family contains 334 characters, seven regular weights and seven stencil weights, and includes text figures, ligatures and fractions. 02.