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PHOLED flexible displays could help US Army communicate. The future of flexible displays is here.

PHOLED flexible displays could help US Army communicate

Today, technology isn’t advanced enough to power up flexible display screens, the only reason why they haven’t showed up on market shelves yet. The Universal Display Corporation has shown the world just how it’s done, with the PHOLED flexible display technology. OMG! Iron Man fan makes working gauntlet armor that shoots lasers! Admittedly, it kind of sucks that we can't make our own Iron Man suit and fly around killing bad guys.

OMG! Iron Man fan makes working gauntlet armor that shoots lasers!

But one fan has gotten about as close as anyone to being Tony Stark—and he has his own laser-shooting gauntlet arm-glove to prove it. The extremely handy Marvel fan Patrick Priebe built his own gauntlet, complete with retractable laser gun. The Holographic Universe. In the 1950s and 60s inventor Dennis Gabor discovered that when you photograph objects with a split light beam and store the information as wave interference patterns, you get a better image than with ordinary point-to-point intensity photographs.

The Holographic Universe

Not only is the captured image clearer, but it is completely three dimensional. “In a classic laser hologram, a laser beam is split. One portion is reflected off an object – a china teacup, say – the other is reflected by several mirrors. They are then reunited and captured on a piece of photographic film. The result on the plate – which represents the interference pattern of these waves – resembles nothing more than a set of squiggles or concentric circles. Autism Spectrum Discorder ( ASD) in Children. According to CDC, Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of developmental disabilities, as discussed in our previous post on “Autism in Infants – Symptoms, Risk and Detection”, that can cause significant social, communication and behavioural challenges in an individual.

Autism Spectrum Discorder ( ASD) in Children

Autism Spectrum Disorder includes six major disorders which are discussed below in details: Autism Spectrum Disorders Types Pervasive Developmental Disorder is observed in toddlers with delay in the development of basic skills such as socializing, communicating, and most importantly the use of imagination. One of the major problems that arise is that the child is very confused about what to think and what not to think and face difficulties in understanding the world around them.Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: Under Autism Spectrum Disorders, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Frequently asked queries about Autism: What’s the difference between autism and Asperger’s? How Wireless Power Works" Cut the Cord – Wireless Electricity is Here! Wireless electricity (sans the cord), has been around for quite awhile, dating back to 1890 when Nikola Tesla unleashed power for the first time.

Cut the Cord – Wireless Electricity is Here!

However I wouldn’t exactly call his wireless electricity safe for home use; unless you want a really REALLY dark tan. Things have changed quite a bit since the 19th century. News Blog: Intel gets into the wireless electricity game. Are we closing in on laptops that can recharge without those annoying power cords?

News Blog: Intel gets into the wireless electricity game

Yesterday Intel, the world's largest chip manufacturer, demonstrated a form of wireless energy transfer by lighting a 60-watt bulb from a power source three feet away, in an effect they referred to as WREL (wireless resonant energy link) Wireless Electricity : Techinnoventure. Intel recently announced a display of some new technology which looks like another step along the way to a good proof of concept of efficient wireless electricity.

Wireless Electricity : Techinnoventure

Music Therapy - Autism Colorado Springs 80906. Autism Information Autism Spectrum Disorders are a group of neurodevelopmental disorders affecting 1 in 68 children and are characterized by significant social, communication and behavioral challenges, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Music Therapy - Autism Colorado Springs 80906

The causes of autism are still being researched and there are no known cures, although several treatments have been shown to be effective. Some effective autism therapy and treatments include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration, Nutrition and Music Therapy. Music Therapy and Autism Research There is a large body of research supporting the use of music therapy for autism spectrum disorder, and we have compiled an overview of it here. Autism. Autism is a development disorder affecting social, communication and imagination skills.


Children with autism share a common difficulty in making sense of the world. How does a Hologram actually work? - Sci Guide (Ep 3) - Head Squeeze. Trade Show Holograms - 3D Holographic Projection Exhibits. World Leaders in Holographic Projection Technology and Telepresence. 3D Displays & Holographic Projection. World’s Most Realistic Hologram Projector Device Now Available. Brain Computer Interfaces. Cadeau CreativeMuse, a lightweight, wireless headband, can engage with computers, iPads and smartphones.

Brain Computer Interfaces

Last week, engineers sniffing around the programming code for Google Glass found hidden examples of ways that people might interact with the wearable computers without having to say a word. Among them, a user could nod to turn the glasses on or off. A single wink might tell the glasses to take a picture. Mini-projectors: Tiny size and tiny image quality - Apr. 9, 2009. LONDON (Fortune Small Business) -- I'm CEO of Playfish, one of the largest creators of video games for social networks like Facebook. Though our studios are spread around the world, we develop games collaboratively and often review them together, running our software over the company intranet and displaying it on computer monitors or through projectors.

So I was excited to hear about the new LED-driven microprojectors. The promise of a pocket-size device for screening our games together sounded too good to be true. The Human Body As You Know It Is Over. Best Pocket Projectors. [wpp limit_page="2"] Audiovisual equipment is very good to have when you need it, but this is not something you necessarily want to invest in. audio visual rental, have proved to be a popular technology for impressive enough, without having to commit to a purchase or long lease.

What kind of computer can? Whatever. Most rental companies offer a wide selection of equipment, plasma screens, the largest to smallest microphones. LCD Projector Guide and Tutorial. This LCD Projector Guide is just what you need to assist you in the use and purchase of a digital LCD projector or DLP projector. It will discuss the differences between LCD and DLP projectors, size and portability considerations, projector bulb types and brightness, resolution, image quality and other considerations in the use and purchase of a digital projector.

LCD Projector Guide LCD vs. DLP Projector Types LCD Projectors operate by shining light through transparent LCD cells. Separate color panels (red, green, and blue) to produce the desired color. LCD projector. Liesegang LCD Projector Metal-halide lamps are used because they output an ideal color temperature and a broad spectrum of color. These lamps also have the ability to produce an extremely large amount of light within a small area; current [1] projectors average about 2,000 to 15,000 American National Standards Institute (ANSI) lumens. Other technologies, such as Digital Light Processing (DLP) and liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) are also becoming more popular in modestly priced video projection. Projection surfaces[edit] Smallest Projector in the World - The Future Of Things. Epson PowerLite 1761W Projector (Ultraportable WXGA 720p Widescreen 3LCD, 2600 lumens color brightness, 2600 lumens white brightness, HDMI, wireless, app compatible, rapid setup): Electronics.

How Holograms Work"