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Your Resume Is NEVER Enough to Get the Job You Want. How Successful Marketers Identify The Best Ideas » SurveyMonkey Blog. Whether you’re a marketing veteran or a shop owner just trying to bring in a few more customers, knowing whether your new ads and products will succeed is crucial to your company’s bottom line.

How Successful Marketers Identify The Best Ideas » SurveyMonkey Blog

We conducted research using SurveyMonkey Audience – our powerful online survey platform that allows you to target specific demographics – to see what 500 product managers, advertisers and marketing professionals think. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority agreed that testing is important. What’s the twist, you ask? Few of the professionals we surveyed actually test their ads and product concepts before releasing them. The Importance of Testing. 7 LinkedIn Hacks That Will Make Your Job Search Easier. 5 Signs You Chose The Wrong Career Path.

Have you ever heard people say, “We learn from our own mistakes?”

5 Signs You Chose The Wrong Career Path

Of course it’s true that the knowledge we gain from our own mistakes helps us progress in life with absolute confidence. But what would you share about the mistake of choosing the wrong career path? A Master Plan: Why Grad School Is Worth It. The thought of going back to school to pursue a Master’s Degree might have crossed your mind, especially if you have been feeling a little underwhelmed with your current job.

A Master Plan: Why Grad School Is Worth It

Let’s face it: more than the desire to learn and to increase our knowledge on the industry, getting an advanced degree increases your attractiveness against anyone else in your field. Delayed gratification comes to mind. Think of a Master’s Degree not as an instant pay raise, but instead as an investment for yourself. Some might argue that even a bachelor’s degree will not be necessary to acquire financial security. Hold on and get realistic. Cover Letter Guidelines You Can't Afford To Ignore. Cover letters, like resumes, must be tailored specifically for each position.

Cover Letter Guidelines You Can't Afford To Ignore

At times, they can feel more time-consuming than the resume and application, but there are some general guidelines you can use to ensure this document is going to stand out among the competition. The overall theme is to make your documents employer-oriented. If it doesn’t relate to the open position or the company’s needs, do not include it in your documents. Also avoid using the personal pronoun “I” too often. It can be a struggle, but it will improve your writing and make your statements stronger. Get A Name Use the company’s website or directory to get the name of the Hiring Manager. Start Strong Begin the first paragraph with a value-packed statement saying what you offer and how it ties into the company vacancy. As a Sales Manager with a proven record of exceeding goals and streamlining processes, I am interested in your position for Sales Director.

Meet Their Needs. 3 Tips To Land Your Dream Job. Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I get the job of my dreams?”

3 Tips To Land Your Dream Job

3 Rules For Effective Informational Interviewing. Have you ever had an “informational interview?”

3 Rules For Effective Informational Interviewing

If you have, then you may know what I am talking about but if you haven’t, here is a brief explanation. An informational interview is a tool to help job seekers, career transitioners, and even college students, understand a particular job or field they are considering moving towards. It is a brief conversation either on the phone or in person in which the person seeking the new career is “interviewing” the person currently in the role or field of study. The goal is to learn about the perception versus reality of an area of interest. I did this when I was first looking into coaching. The Most Important Part Of Job Search Strategies.

Picking the best job search strategies is the first big challenge for every job seeker.

The Most Important Part Of Job Search Strategies

With the right combination of tactics, you can make sure your job application is at the top of the pile for many of the jobs you apply to. Early on in the application process, you don’t have to be a 100% match for the job if you use the right approach (networking). Get Results Now Using LinkedIn with Crystal Washington. 4 Ways To Turn Resume Fluff Into Marketable Facts. Your resume is the most important document to advance your career.

4 Ways To Turn Resume Fluff Into Marketable Facts

And given employers will only scan it for 15-20 seconds, you need to make sure you scream, “Here’s what I can do for you!” Related: 3 Best Resume Writing Tips For Your Job Search There’s a difference between a resume that only showcases your personality and characteristics and one that demonstrates specific achievements and accomplishments. 7 Examples Of New Ways To Start Your Cover Letter. It’s time to dump the old line: “Please accept this application in response to…” If you’re still starting your cover letter with this overused one-liner, then I implore you to stop what you’re doing, delete the line, and spend a few minutes reading this article to discover seven new examples of how you can catch the hiring manager’s attention with an attention-grabbing opening line.

7 Examples Of New Ways To Start Your Cover Letter

Entice them with the job title and some of your standout accomplishments… 1. As an IT Director for ABC Company, I manage IT operations for a 500+-employee organization. Recruited in 2005, my goal has been to modernize and scale the technology landscape and drive forward initiatives to expand the capabilities, systems, and performance across the organization. Keyword-rich opening lines that demonstrate fit… 2. 3. 4. Highlight the fact you can meet their needs to keep them reading… 5. 6. How To Make Internships Translate To Employers. If you ask any successful business person about how they got their career start, you’ll more than likely see a wistful look in their eye as they recall an internship that made a significant impact on their lives.

How To Make Internships Translate To Employers

Related: How To Turn Your Internship Into Full-Time Employment That’s all well and good, but what is the real trick to making sure your internship doesn’t turn into the “making coffee and running copies” dreaded drudgery? The truth is that what your internships turns into rests on you. But there is a real secret to making these internships truly meaningful. 7 Steps To An Attention-Grabbing Executive Resume. If your job search strategy keeps running into a brick wall whenever you send out your executive resume , or you’re repeatedly receiving phone calls for lower paying positions that are below your capabilities, it may be time to re-examine your executive resume layout.

One of the main things to remember is your executive resume is a strategic marketing tool and its main objective should be a “Sell Me” not “Tell Me” document. Creating a laundry list of job responsibilities and task-driven statements, on your executive resume only tells readers what you get paid to do. However, hiring managers and executive recruiters are interested in learning more about what you can do for them – the best way to highlight and illustrate that is through your qualifications, expertise, personal brand , length and breadth of experience, and bottom-line impact and quantifiable results.

So, how do you make sure you are communicating all these factors in an executive resume? 1. 2. 3. Interview Questions You Should Ask. Job hunters ask me all the time about how to respond to difficult questions. But when preparing for an interview, people often forget to prepare questions to ask when the interview is winding down and the person on the other side of the desk asks, “So… are there some questions of yours that you have for me?” Exploring Different Career Paths In Education. A master’s degree can be highly beneficial for current teachers looking to advance their careers by continuing their education, as well as for aspiring teachers who want to enter the profession with a competitive edge over other job applicants.

There are plenty of degree options available to you if you’re looking to become a teacher, and each one places you on a particular professional trajectory. Check out some of the main kinds of master’s degrees for teachers and the career paths they will prepare you for, so that you can figure out which one is right for you: Master Of Arts In Teaching A Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a degree for teachers that demonstrates a mastery of the profession and the acquisition of necessary skills and experience to excel at the front of the classroom. If you are looking for hands-on teaching experience and an opportunity to work with students as part of the curriculum, then an MAT may be right for you. Master Of Science In Education 1. 2. 3. Other Degrees. 10 Ways To Overcome Job Search Phone Phobia. Job search phone phobia is very common. Here are some ideas that could turn your phone into the feather-light tool it should be and not a 500 lb weight. There are many types of phone calls.

The calls that give people the most trouble are the “Introductory Calls.” Interview Strategy: The Art Of Biting One’s Tongue. 5 Key Steps To A Cover Letter That Opens Doors. How To Answer The Most Common Interview Questions. Interview questions are not as straightforward as they seem, and answering just one question incorrectly may put you out of the running for a job.

The moral of the story? Be ready to read between the lines. Here are seven of the most common interview questions, what the hiring manager is really asking, and how you should respond: 1. What separates good designers from great entrepreneurs (which are you?)