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Crypt Raider - Puzzle Games at Miniclip. Mysterious Balls. 247 Mahjong. Games - Free Online Games at Addicting Games! Pool and arcade. Point and Click Games — Free Online Escape Games,Adventure Games, Scary Games, Puzzle Games Online, Walkthroughs & Hints. Escape Games 24 - Play Room Escape Games, Point and Click Games. Play Online Stickman Games.

Room Escape Games. Room Escape games, Point'n'Click games, Puzzle games, walkthroughs and more Free Web Games at Action Games - Games at Miniclip. Agon - The Mysterious Codex Walkthrough - Adventure Lantern. Episode 1: London Scene You will start the game in your office.

Agon - The Mysterious Codex Walkthrough - Adventure Lantern

Take a look at the papers lying at the corner of your desk. M&M’S® Home. Play Infocom Adventures Online. Play Infocom Adventures Online These pages use Zplet by Matthew Russotto.

Play Infocom Adventures Online

ZPlet is open source, Artistic License. The source is hosted on SourceForge. There seems to be a new version of ZPlet on sourceforge dated 20060707. Test it here. -TRAPPED- Mystery Games - SLEUTH. Urban Dead - A Free Massively Multi-Player Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse. Card Games. Online Mystery Games. Free Online Games, Free Games, Play Games at Fupa Games. Free Online Games. Game Tips.