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Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson will teach you to create a WordPress and ecommerce website quickly and easily, His tutorials can help you to set up your e-commerce site in minutes and get on the web and work with you to create a website that will appeal to your target audience and generate sales.

Untitled. How To Make An Amazing Online Course Website With Wordpress. Selling courses is a great way to monetize your website and create an income stream.

How To Make An Amazing Online Course Website With Wordpress

By selling courses on your website, you get to keep 100% of the profits and don’t have to worry about paying fees to third-party sites. In this tutorial, I’ll show you step by step how to create a WordPress website for online courses using Divi and LifterLMS plugin. Let’s begin! Getting Started With Your WordPress Course Website To get started with your online course website, you’ll need to purchase a domain name and a hosting plan. Getting a domain name and hostingInstalling WordPressInstalling Divi and LifterLMS Here’s a quick look at the website we’ll be creating: Let’s go through these steps one by one. Step 1: Get Domain and Hosting.

How to Create an eCommerce Website Using WordPress 2018. If you’re looking to set up an eCommerce business, then your website is crucial to your success.

How to Create an eCommerce Website Using WordPress 2018

Your eCommerce website must be properly set up to provide an easy buying process to customers. And, your website must also look good enough to stand out from the immense competition that you will face in the eCommerce industry in 2018. Wordpress For Beginners Blog (Start Here) - DarrelWilson. DIVI THEME 3.0 TUTORIAL FOR WORDPRESS. WordPress Designer.


The New Divi 3.0 is FINALLY HERE. You are about to embark on a journey unlike any other. The new divi page builder allows you see the changes you make to your wordpress website while you visually see it. This is known as the new visual editor. I have put some pictures and layout packs to download here. Best Wordpress Page Builders Reviewed! Today, WordPress page builders are getting more and more competitive with each other.

Best Wordpress Page Builders Reviewed!

This is due mainly to the fact that there are new features being added and more improvements to wordpress page builders that ever before.There are several aspects that make up a page builder, is it easy to use? Is it cost effective? How long as the wordpress company been out for? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself when you are looking for a wordpress page builder Below I will give you my opinion on what i believe about some of the most popular wordpress page builders, some are amazing and some are not so amazing. How To Create an eCommerce Website(Online Store) With Wordpress and WooCommerce. In the early days of WordPress, it was normally used for blogging online.

How To Create an eCommerce Website(Online Store) With Wordpress and WooCommerce

However, things have changed drastically over time as WordPress has advanced into a complete content management system capable of powering just any kind of website including e-commerce website. It is important to note that although WordPress website can be an e-commerce platform, it may not be a good fit for all situations. However, let us see some of the reasons to consider using the WordPress platform. How To Make A WordPress Website: A Step By Step Guide for Beginners. Making a WordPress website is getting easier these days with guides such as the one you are about to read now.

How To Make A WordPress Website: A Step By Step Guide for Beginners

This guide is a product of experience from web developers that have created lots of websites and understand everything about the challenges beginners normally face in creating their own website. The following are the reasons why this guide is all you need to become a pro in making websites Current Information This is not an old guide. As a matter of fact, it is written based on the newest trend in the web design niche. Success Guaranteed This guide has simplified everything you need to know to ensure that you can comfortably develop your own working website at the end. Setup is Fast Getting results at the shortest possible time remains an attraction for many. Friendly For Beginners It does not really matter if you do not have the least idea of website creation, this guide is designed so that beginners can follow easily and get it right. Pros What “domain names” are good? Hosting Menus. How to Setup Yoast on WordPress: A Complete Yoast SEO Tutorial.

Yoast SEO is a top five WordPress plugin for good reason.

How to Setup Yoast on WordPress: A Complete Yoast SEO Tutorial

Once you get used to how it works, it helps even the most beginner blogger to effectively format blog content in terms of proper onsite SEO. However, if you’re new to WordPress or SEO, the process of initially configuring this plugin can feel a bit overwhelming. To help demystify the process, I’m sharing my best practices in this Yoast SEO tutorial, with an easy to follow, step-by-step guide. Revolution Slider Tutorial For Wordpress. The slider revolution on envato market is probably one of the best sliders for wordpress.

Revolution Slider Tutorial For Wordpress

The revolution slider comes with many features including parallax and video features. In this wordpress tutorial, I will go walk you through most of the features for the slider revolution plugin. The slider comes with a front end editor so you can visually see the change you are making live while you are editing your slider. Here Are The Images For The Slider Revolution Tutorial Get Images Also if you want the same video backround that I used in the tutorial, here is the link for the video backround for the revolution slider General Settings And Features For The Slider Revolution In the general tab, theres many different options for your slider. In the tutorial, i set it to 7000MS but you can set your slider to any time you want.

The Navigation Tab In this section, you can select what kind of arrows you want for your slider. The Parallax Tab Performance & SEO Optimization Google Fonts Import And Export 1. Home - Darrel Wilson.