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5 Huge Resume Mistakes Google’s Head of HR Sees All the Time. Laszlo Bock, Google’s senior vice president of people operations, estimates that he’s personally reviewed more than 20,000 resumes over the course of his career.

5 Huge Resume Mistakes Google’s Head of HR Sees All the Time

First of all, we’re sorry for him. But secondly, we’re pretty sure he knows a thing or two about what makes a resume shine and—perhaps more importantly—get tossed in the trash. In fact, he shared his insights earlier this week in a LinkedIn Influencer post. Here’s what he had to say about the five biggest mistakes he sees candidates making, plus our expert tips for making sure your resume doesn’t include any of these blunders. Mistake #1: Typos We know—you’ve heard it. The Fix Have someone else read your resume—often, other people can more easily spot errors because they haven’t been staring at the page for hours. Finally, once you’ve reviewed it, stop making those final tiny changes. Mistake #2: Length Thinking about letting your resume creep onto the next page? For most of us, Bock’s rule of thumb means one page—two, tops. The Perfect Cover Letter Template to Show Off Your Skills. When it comes to writing a cover letter, you often hear the advice to walk through the highlight reel of your career path, showing why your background and experiences make you an ideal fit for the position in question.

The Perfect Cover Letter Template to Show Off Your Skills

But, well, what if you don’t exactly have that perfectly trodden path? For many of us, tying together three tangentially related experiences, a side gig, and some outside-of-work interests or volunteer work to explain why we could do the gig is more the norm. So, how exactly do you do that in a tidy one-page cover letter and thoughtfully showcase why you’re the right one for the position? Hint: It’s all about highlighting your transferable skills. What You Should Be Doing on LinkedIn Every Month, Week, and Day. How to Ask for Job—Without Asking for a Job. Whoever came up with the old saying “searching for a job is a full-time job” wasn’t kidding around.

How to Ask for Job—Without Asking for a Job

For most job seekers, finding employment means submitting applications until your fingers ache from typing and your brain hurts from churning out search terms. It means job fairs, countless applications disappearing into cyberspace, and listening to hours of unsolicited advice from friends and family, many of whom probably tell you that you need to be more aggressive in your networking. How a Student Used Lego to Build the Ultimate Resume. In the job hunt, you need to build a strong résumé.

How a Student Used Lego to Build the Ultimate Resume

Leah Bowman used Lego to construct the ultimate first impression on her search. Lego played a large part in Bowman's childhood growing up Danish, so she was inspired to use the Lego Digital Designer to create a brick version of herself. When a potential employer asked Bowman for a persuasive advertisement, she used her graphic design skills and love of Lego to advertise herself for the position. The brick version includes assembly instructions that highlight Bowman's skills, creativity and initiatives.

"Looking for a job can be a bit frustrating at times," Bowman tells Mashable. It seems like Bowman's skills really stack up. Show As Gallery. 7 Things to Remove From Your Resume ASAP. We all talk a fair game about what needs to be on your resume, but there’s also plenty of stuff that should be removed.

7 Things to Remove From Your Resume ASAP

The fluff. The blabber. The full-on oddities. And even some of the details you think are important. The Thing Employers Look For When Hiring Recent Graduates. When I was 17, if you asked me how I planned on getting a job in the future, I think I would have said: Get into the right college.

The Thing Employers Look For When Hiring Recent Graduates

When I was 18, if you asked me the same question, I would have said: Get into the right classes. When I was 19: Get good grades. But when employers recently named the most important elements in hiring a recent graduate, college reputation, GPA, and courses finished at the bottom of the list. At the top, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, were experiences outside of academics: Internships, jobs, volunteering, and extracurriculars. What Employers Want "When employers do hire from college, the evidence suggests that academic skills are not their primary concern," says Peter Cappelli, a Wharton professor and the author of a new paper on job skills.

27 Beautiful Résumé Designs You'll Want To Steal. ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Wraps 8 Days of Videos With ‘Mission Statement’ (Exclusive) 7 Surprising Must-Dos for Your Resume. You’ve known for a while that having a strong and updated resume is an essential part of your professional repertoire.

7 Surprising Must-Dos for Your Resume

But as the world of business changes, so do the rules. While the basics might stay the same, there are some surprising new tips that no one has probably shared with you. Until now. Here, we’ve gathered seven seriously helpful links to help get you caught up on all of the latest resume must-haves. Mashable. This article is part of DBA, a new series on Mashable about running a business that features insights from leaders in entrepreneurship, venture capital and management.


A lot of people want jobs in marketing, which is great news for those of us currently hiring. However, after a decade of screening, interviewing and onboarding marketers, there are still some mistakes that I constantly see. Here are examples of some mistakes you should avoid. 1. Man Creates Slick Ad to Sell Crappy 1999 Car. SYDNEY — What do you do if you have a bomb of a car that you just can't get rid of?

Man Creates Slick Ad to Sell Crappy 1999 Car

If you are David Johns, you make the slickest video of your life, and wait for the offers to come rolling in. On Sunday, Johns posted a video on YouTube titled "Buy My Barina" to sell his 1999 Holden Barina hatchback. But this is no ordinary car ad. Johns is the digital director of Australian agency Chimney, so he got his colleagues on board, and made the used-car ad to beat all used-car ads.

The beautifully constructed footage is like a scene out of The Fast and the Furious. "This is driving, redefined," the video declares, as various slogans pop up on screen, demanding your attention. The car has only had one owner, comes with 10 months rego and as a bonus, includes matching seats. Johns didn't stop at the video; he also created a website dedicated to his mission of getting the best buyer for his beloved hatchback. “Why would I spend $8,000 doing work to sell a car worth $1,000 to $2,000?

" 7 Things CEOs Look for in Star Employees. If you’re on the hunt for a new position that will let you shine, practice demonstrating these top seven traits that CEOs look for in star employees.

7 Things CEOs Look for in Star Employees

Your resume can get you the interview. But these traits can get you hired. 1. Happiness. 45 Things You Might Have on Your Resume (That Need to Be Removed) You put so much thought into what should go on your resume—from your best, most impressive accomplishments down to the perfect, classy-but-modern font. But to make sure all that effort is put to good use, it’s just as important to pay attention to what shouldn’t be on there. From overused buzzwords that make you look just like everyone else to “creative” touches that do more harm than good, there are plenty of resume elements that annoy—and even turn off—recruiters. And because we want your resume at the top of the pile, we’ve pulled them all together in one complete guide. Exchange Resumes with Colleagues to Improve Yours. Dear Hiring Managers: Stop Rejecting "Desperate" Candidates. Kathryn recently went on a job interview and felt like she nailed it. In fact, the hiring manager started talking about start dates, so she was shocked when she spoke to the recruiter the following morning and found out that company had decided she wasn’t a “good fit.”

Kathryn pushed the recruiter for additional feedback, which the recruiter reluctantly shared. Her problem? The Five Best Questions a Job Candidate Can Ask. 15 LinkedIn Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid. 5 Things You Should Be Doing on LinkedIn (Even if You're Not Job Searching) It happened again (actually, it’s been happening a lot lately): I got an email from someone a solid three weeks after I’d reached out to her on LinkedIn. The story is always the same: “Oh, you should really use my office email. Ever since I got a job, I stopped checking my LinkedIn profile.”

The Questions Managers Want You to Ask During a Job Interview. How to Ace a Job Interview Over Email or Skype. Write Your Cover Letter Like an Acceptance Speech. The Questions Managers Want You to Ask During a Job Interview. Why Employers Don’t Care About Your Cover Letter (and How to Change That) Most of the job seekers I know get hung up on writing their cover letter.

How do I tell the hiring manager everything he needs to know about me in one page? They ask. What Your Email Style Says About Your Personality—and 11 Other Things to Know This Week. Every week, we gather our favorite resources on career advice, smart living tips, and ways to have a little more fun in life and compile it all into our famous Best of the Web newsletter. And now, we're bringing it out of our inboxes and onto the web—just for you! How to Write a Job Interview Thank You Note: 4 Example Templates. 4 Key Elements of a Killer LinkedIn Summary. You’re smart, effervescent, and frankly so darned funny that people gravitate toward you on humor alone. Studies Suggest Creative Resumes and Video Resumes Aren't Effective. 4 Surprising Mental Hacks to Nail Your Next Interview. 8 Tips for Becoming an Amazing Communicator. Communication: It’s the cornerstone of any business, and yet so many people still don’t think they’re great communicators.

10 Words to Never, Ever Use to Describe Yourself. Consider the word “charismatic.” If someone called me charismatic, I would be incredibly flattered (and hugely surprised.) 4 Common Interview Questions (and 4 Perfect Answers) Interview invitations should really come with a warning: Strong feelings of excitement changing suddenly into dread are imminent upon receiving this invitation. Career counselors (and yes, I’m guilty of this, too) will frequently say, “Oh, it’s a two-way street. 3 Ways to Make Your Resume More Recruiter-Friendly. Do LinkedIn Endorsements Really Matter? How Recruiters Really Look at Your LinkedIn Profile and Online Resume. What Does Your LinkedIn Photo Say About You? The Worst Cover Letter Ever Written (Literally)

One Thing That's Killing Your Interviewer (Before the Interview Even Starts) The Secret to Building a LinkedIn Profile That Gets Results. The Best Interview Secrets We've Never Heard. 7 Cover Letter Mistakes Entry-Level Candidates Make—and How to Fix Them Now. 4 Tips for Reaching Out to Someone You Admire on LinkedIn. How to Overcome a Job's "Years of Experience" Requirement. Mashable.

Improve Your Resume with This Simple Formula Recommended by Google. How to Get a Job at Google, Part 2. “What Time Should I Get to the Interview?” and 31 Other Questions About Interviewing Answered. 5 Ways Your Resume is Just Like Everyone Else’s. Why Employers Don’t Care About Your Cover Letter (and How to Change That) How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Headline. The Absolute Best Questions to Ask at Your Interview. The #1 Mistake People Make on Phone Interviews. 5 Skills That Will Impress Every Hiring Manager.

3 Things That Will Get Your Resume Thrown in the Trash. Can't Ask That? Some Job Interviewers Go To Social Media Instead : All Tech Considered. 35 Brilliant Resume Designs at DzineBlog.