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GALGUN-宣傳影片-Xbox360-巴哈姆特GNN. Second Life 24h  字體. 天国へようこそ/ドーパミント! (Single)试听下载, 东京事变专辑天国へようこそ/ドーパミント! (Single) - 一听音乐网. NHK的Anikuri15動畫計畫. 是甚麼樣的計畫可以讓所有動畫大師齊聚一堂? 是甚麼題材讓他們使盡渾身解數,絞盡腦汁,創造出屬於讓人一眼看穿的招牌風格? Anikuri15到底是什麼?! 答案是,Anikuri是Animation Creators 15的縮寫,又簡稱為「NHK15」,顧名思義,就是由15位動畫大師所執導,時間都只有一分鐘的短篇動畫,這些動畫主題、風格各異,唯一限制就是只有一分鐘。 由知名監督執導, NHK電視台分3季播放,每一季播放5部。 原汁原味的內容在這裡 >> LocoRoco. 身為一道彩虹: 日本打工旅行一年總結. 一年遠比想像中的短很多 當足跡踏遍日本16個縣市 22個離島 累積的不只是版圖上的哩程數更壯大了心的勇敢與果斷 享受吧!

身為一道彩虹: 日本打工旅行一年總結

一個人的旅行 不是在幫電影打廣告,但打從心底認同它想傳達的中心思想-「享受吧! 動畫靈感多多看, 10好站推薦. 瀏覽:5,331 人次。

動畫靈感多多看, 10好站推薦

說到動畫就想到一個pratt的學長叫謝震宇Chenyu Hsieh的,當年拿到siggraph的獎然後就到EA去工作了,令人好生羨慕! 動畫產業之蓬勃發展,在阿凡達上映之後,更是令很多學子心嚮往之,可是看看台灣的動畫「代工」,再想想我們原創的動畫精華,有時真的覺得很可惜,國外有RINGLING這樣不可多得的動畫好學校,為什麼台灣沒有呢? 人老了,話題很容易岔開,也很容易囉唆,總之,跟大家介紹我書籤中十個與動畫靈感相關的好網站吧! (像是CGNode,3D Total這種大站我想大家知道,就不放了喔!) 1. Chinese&Japanese music. Fashionstyle. Portfolio - The Awesome Version. Young shields. Party photos. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting. VIDEO DOWNLOAD. The cherry blossom girl - Mozilla Firefox. Garance doré. Download. Search RSS Log In / Sign Up Log in using social networks Select and download a CKEditor package Compare packages Minimal toolbarFor quick input fields - 17 Plugins Standard compliant toolbarFor standard-based sites - 47 Plugins Full featured editorFor every possible need - 72 Plugins Download CKEditor Version 4.3.4 • 25 Mar 2014 • Changelog • Quick Start Guide.


Plurk Themes 分享區. Flat Light Bulb for special. If I would have gotten a dollar for every time I wish I had some kind of light source around while being in the dark I would have been a rich man today.

Flat Light Bulb for special

Whether it is when trying to open the door after a night out or just trying to fix something in a cramped area where light is sparse I have many times cursed at the absence of light. But there is seemingly a solution on the horizon for this common problem. Pocket torches or flash lights have been the problem solver for years but I must admit that they are crummy and not always easy to carry around with you. For example, who brings a small flash light with them while going out partying for example. I am one of those that wants to bring as little as possible with me and a flash light is definitely not among the things I would pick if I had to.