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Gay stories

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Sf-fantasy/twilight-galaxy-motel. Chris James. Stories by Michael Arram. Archive: sf-fantasy/toward-the-brightest-star. Archive: sf-fantasy/the-auranades. Archive: sf-fantasy/the-talisman-of-odan. Earthshatter: the journey begins now - Home. Vic James, Author - Home. Archive Index of Prolific Authors. Comicality's Shack Out Back. AC's Corner Cafe` The U.N.I.T. - Treehouse. Tarheel Writer - Gay stories, original and suggested, along with GBLT resources. Every single story recommendation on this site has been personally read by me. I make recommendations according to my own criteria. I do; however, accept recommendations from you, but before they are considered for addition to the recommendations on this site, I will read them first.

It has taken almost ten years to gather the stories I recommend. There are a lot and they vary quite a bit too. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you cry. EXTERNAL LINKS I am proud to suggest good reading and I do that by providing links to other sites. Home Page | Authors | Stories by the WriterSuggested Reading | Bricks and Musings | Links and ResourcesPrivacy Policy | Send a Comment All Site Content © 2003 - 2014 Tarheel Writer.

The Hex Files :: Draco and Harry Fan Fiction Archive. Welcome to Waddie Greywolf Web Site. I'm a retired, Vietnam Veteran. I come from a long line of West Texas story tellers. Some might be so rude as to call me a bullshit artists, but I ain't afraid to wear that cognomen. I've set for hours around camp fires listening to old cowboys spin fantastic yarns or lain on my back on a soft quilt pallet, on a warm summer’s eve, looking up at the beauty of the universe, listening to family and friends tell wonderful tales. For centuries it was a cheap, renewable source of entertainment which bonded people together. Technology is a great thing, but along with it we lost a social setting necessary to create precious memories which can only be made by the tradition of story telling.

My stories are mostly unabashed, unapologized for love stories in the context of male/male bonding relationships; however, there are a few straight relationships explored for balance. Some of my stories make reference to the possibility of a greater power in the universe. ::My homepage:: The Revolutions Universe | "When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right." ~Victor Hugo. Archive: sf-fantasy. Archive: sf-fantasy/paulek. Archive: sf-fantasy. Archive: sf-fantasy/excelsior. Best of Nifty. AwesomeDude Home Page. The Scrolls of Icaria. Dan Kirk (Author of Do Over) Mists Of Fate. DREAMWalker Group: Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction. Welcome To Dabeagle's Doghouse.