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Important Infrequently Used Words To Know. Paul V.

Important Infrequently Used Words To Know

Hartman. 12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing. By Johnny Webber 1.

12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing – A different kind of thesaurus. 2. – One quick dictionary search tool. Random Title Generator by Maygra (based on a design by Jellyn) Allusion - definition from Ninjawords (a really fast dictionary) Phraseup* - find the right words. Rhymes with READ. English to French, Italian, German & Spanish Dictionary - Chapter-by-chapter - Sebastien Berthet Homepage. The ultimate companion to Microsoft Word for novel writers Home | Tutorial & Screenshots | FAQ | Using CbC with SuperNoteCard Download for Windows (version history) Requires Word 97 or later (including Word 2007) - CbC is freeware!

chapter-by-chapter - Sebastien Berthet Homepage

Update : CbC does not work with Windows 8more screenshots Chapter by Chapter ("CbC") is a software for novel writers who use Microsoft Word intensively. CbC was developed because the Master Document feature of Word was too complex and very buggy (it corrupts documents). WHATSTHISW?RD / solutions for l?e? It's also great for finding Scrabble or Words With Friends words, and solving Hangman games.

WHATSTHISW?RD / solutions for l?e?

Just enter the word you are trying to solve or find in the box below, using question marks in place of the letters that you don't know. e.g. t? U? Synonym Finder » Find synonyms, antonyms & definition for (almost) any word. - free phrase database, search for common sayings. NoodleTools : MLA / APA / Chicago Bibliography Composer, Notecards, Outlining. EasyBib: Free Bibliography Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles. Browse the pantheons of world mythology. Free Online Grammar Check, Spelling, and More. Sternest Meanings, The Anagram Bot. Shakespeare Searched. 17 Fantastic Apps Made Especially for Writers.

An increasing number of writers are being dragged (kicking and screaming in some cases) into the 21st century.

17 Fantastic Apps Made Especially for Writers

They’re abandoning the use of pen and paper and starting to embrace the wealth of excellent writing apps currently available, all of which have been designed to make their working lives easier, more efficient and ultimately more enjoyable. As all writers know, penning any text from a short story to a novel, research paper or script is a fragmented process, which involves weaving together various characters, plotlines, ideas, and most probably hundreds of notes scribbled in notebooks scattered around the house or office, into one unified passage of text. Every writer will benefit from an app which will make this task any less arduous than it has to be. The 17 excellent apps explored in detail below guide writers of all types through every stage in the writing process, from initial idea formulation to the final draft and beyond.

Advertisement 1. Rhyme Generator: Find Rhyming Words Easily. CALLIHOO Writing Helps. Character Feelings.

CALLIHOO Writing Helps

Confusing Words. Sorry, you're not my type: 10 online typing tutors. I have to confess that typing is not my strong suit. Oh, I’m not terrible or particularly slow but I use a modified HNP that is not pretty or elegant. It does get the work done, though. My typing speed is somewhere around 35 words per minute. It occurred to me that typing is an integral part of writing these days. Speed = $$$ The cold, hard reality is that the faster you can accurately type, the more money you can make. Free Screenwriting Software by Plotbot—write screenplays online with friends. Convert PDF to Word — Convert PDF to Doc — Convert online PDF to Word. Lexical FreeNet. Pseudo-Elizabethan Place Name Generator. Cliche Finder. Have you been searching for just the right cliché to use?

Cliche Finder

Are you searching for a cliché using the word "cat" or "day" but haven't been able to come up with one? Just enter any words in the form below, and this search engine will return any clichés which use that phrase... Random Name Generator. Japanese (Anglicized) Find the famous quotes you need, Quotations. - Free Online Spell Checker. FREE Rhyming Dictionary: Find Rhyming Words in Seconds. RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus.

Tip of My Tongue - Chirag Mehta : Top 30 Best Tools for Writing Online. Oct Filed Under Software | Comments Off Whether you’re new to the world of authorship or a veteran trying to make the most of Web services and applications, there are a number of online tools for writers of all types.

Top 30 Best Tools for Writing Online

From blogging platforms to networking hotbeds, and job boards to real-world gatherings, and more, the supply of utilities is comprehensive, to say the least. But finding them all can be hard-going, so we’ve taken the liberty to make the discovery process easier by arranging our top finds here for your perusal. Here are 35 of the best social media tools for writers. Word Processing As a writer, you may have grown comfortable with applications like Microsoft Word, the Open Office equivalent, or more basic text editors like Notepad for Windows or the Mac OS X mainstay known as TextEdit. Google Docs – This is perhaps the most frequently mentioned processor of its kind, simply for the fact that it is a Google property. Zoho Writer – This application is superb in all sorts of ways. Online Etymology Dictionary. Until recently a difficult word to trace, in part because it was taboo to the editors of the original OED when the "F" volume was compiled, 1893-97.

Online Etymology Dictionary

Written form only attested from early 16c. OED 2nd edition cites 1503, in the form fukkit; earliest appearance of current spelling is 1535 -- "Bischops ... may fuck thair fill and be vnmaryit" [Sir David Lyndesay, "Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaits"], but presumably it is a much more ancient word than that, simply one that wasn't written in the kind of texts that have survived from Old English and Middle English. Buck cites proper name John le Fucker from 1278, but the surname could have other explanations. The word apparently is hinted at in a scurrilous 15c. poem, titled "Flen flyys," written in bastard Latin and Middle English.