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GwtQuake: Taking the Web to the Next Level. Back in November of 2009, Joel Webber and I were at a GWT Summit focused on improving the Web and UI latency.

GwtQuake: Taking the Web to the Next Level

Someone was giving a presentation on WebGL, and I saw Joel sitting in the back of the room looking seriously distracted. When I approached him, he said "Did you see this? " and swung his notebook around to show Jake2 -- Quake2 ported to Java running as a Java WebStart Application. I had seen this project years ago, but never knew it had gotten this far. Akihabara. Update your browsers to the latest stable version!


The Z key is the A button, the X key is the B button and the C key is the C button.Move with arrows keys. Touchpad is available for touch devices.Wii users, grab the Wiimote sideways after loading! Not happy or confused by default settings? Hating the keyboard settings? Pure CSS3 Spiderman Cartoon w/ jQuery and HTML5 – Look Ma, No Fl. Update: 10/11/2011 New Animation; Making Internet Marketing Fun with Wufoo and CSS3 Inspiration Searching YouTube for inspiration I stumbled on to the intro of the classic 1967 spider-man cartoon series. While watching I realized that the animation was very basic.