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Avishek Chakraborty

People who love to travel, and at the same time want to challenge themselves, then travel on a bike is just meant for you. For an explorer, freedom is a core thing, and a bike can give you the opportunity to explore freely anything and everything. It is open you up to adventure, you can get to know about the wildest place around the world, can meet great people, their culture, and habits. Though it is a hard work but the outcome is just awesome, its challenges you physically and mentally, it opens a door to shows you people’s best sides, you are always learning something new, you will get lots of time to think.

Experience the wriggly roads with bike hire in Bhutan. Bhutan is mostly loved by adventure enthusiasts, flora lovers and people who are crazy to explore. it is a sovereign state in Asia and also smallest state in the Eastern Himalaya.

Experience the wriggly roads with bike hire in Bhutan

For its striking mountain terrain, the eye-catching beauty of nature and uniqueness is still regarded as one of the "Shangri-La's" in the Himalayan region. This place is also known as 'Druk Yul' or the Land of Thunder Dragon. Once you decide to travel to Bhutan, experiencing serenity to bring back your soul’s composure will be on the cards. The country’s elevation varies from 200m above sea level to up to 7000m above sea level makes this landlocked country one of the eye-catching vacation spots along the Himalayan range. Now when we talk about such variance between elevations, the certainty of difference in terrains is higher. Now the point is how do you want to go on the voyage up the elevation? Bhutanese people have always been well acknowledged for their hospitality. Explore the snow-capped mountains a bit closer with bike hire in Sikkim – Bike rental in Darjeeling, Gangtok, Bhutan.

Travelling to the North East has always been on the cards for every travel enthusiast.

Explore the snow-capped mountains a bit closer with bike hire in Sikkim – Bike rental in Darjeeling, Gangtok, Bhutan

Ever since tourism has been promoted in the country, travel plans to Sikkim have been the next best option preferred by travellers over the northern states of India. Travellers always eye for an exquisite trip. No matter whether the traveller plans to go solo or with a group of friends or colleagues, exploring the rocky and winding roads of the hill stations make them ardent about the entire tour plans. The panoramic beauty of Sikkim while travelling by road is something whose description cannot be bound with a few combinations of words.

When it comes to making choices for the Sikkim road trip, people often are found to be opting for hiring SUVs or hatchbacks when travelling with their spouse or colleagues. Like this: Like Loading... Explore Sikkim with bike rental in Gangtok – Bike rental in Darjeeling, Gangtok, Bhutan. Once on tour, most of us find difficulties in the conveyance from one place to another.

Explore Sikkim with bike rental in Gangtok – Bike rental in Darjeeling, Gangtok, Bhutan

In case public transport is opted for, constraints are brimmed in this option. First of all public transport requires apt time in hand to travel from one place to another, and secondly, lack of point-to-point visiting unavailability is a big turn-off for public transport. The said constraints can be overcome in a case of private hiring of vehicles, but at the cost of hefty rental charges. With all such constraints, it was observed that backpackers were found to be affecting the most. Considering all these, it was in October 2016 that the transport department of Sikkim introduced bike rental in Gangtok.

The service of bike rentals in Gangtok turned out to be a big hit as any solo traveller could easily go out on solo tour of Sikkim in a way cheaper price than any private vehicle hiring. Like this: Like Loading... Bike hire in Darjeeling - A must try. No matter which hill station you have chosen to spend your vacation in, it is certainly incomplete without exploring it to the fullest; starting from paying visits to the famous tourist spots to the adventurous rides across the winding hilly roads.

Bike hire in Darjeeling - A must try

Mountains have always been about the curvy and dangerous peaks, passes and roads. It certainly doesn’t matter which hill station you have exactly landed in, the Himalayas have always been the godfather of all. Starting right from the highest point on the globe, to the potential exposure to one of the most adventurous and exciting road trips on the planet, the Great Himalayas rules over every other mountain range. As far as the eastern region of the Himalayas is concerned, the first and foremost place that crops in our minds is none but Darjeeling. The place has always been appealing, most chosen and recommended because of its exposure to the snow-clad mountains. Bikes are open to be hired by all. Rent a bike and hike your travel spirits, bike rental in Sikkim. Any travel experience over hilly terrains is certainly incomplete without adventure; after all whosoever the traveller is, has always an eye on hitting adventure right at the sweet spot.

Rent a bike and hike your travel spirits, bike rental in Sikkim

Likewise, any adventure is incomplete without bike riding through winding mountain roads. We must have heard about stories and experiences of travellers going on a trip to Ladakh to have enjoyed bike rides across the hilly roads of the Himalayan range. In case you have targeted the Eastern Himalayan range as your vacation spot, you just not need to worry, as you can get any cruiser bike of your choice for your adventure at your fingertips in Sikkim as well.

Ever since it’s inception in October, 2016, the amazing and eye-gravitating service of bike rental in Sikkim is still one of the most desired things in Sikkim amongst the tourists. Hiring bikes on rent in Sikkim is the most appealing thing for budget tourists, who generally refrain from hiring hatchbacks or SUVs during their stay.