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The Hunt. Boxnutt / Home. The Hunt. Belly Dance. Red Velvet // Dress Shop. Sigh.... this dress shop is my pride and joy.

Red Velvet // Dress Shop

I spent the last year (before we bought the store) curating a sizable collection of magical vintage dresses and then felt as if I'd landed on the moon when we purchased the collection from The Style. It was pure magic! My favorite part of the store opening process was personally picking out hundreds of dresses for the displays and racks. Simply put, I'm crazy for vintage dresses. The new shop has dress racks inspired by "Betty, Joan and Peggy" (of MadMen), racks inspired by the seasons, lots of mini dresses and even formals and bridal. Thanks for taking a peek at the new shop! Photographs courtesy of Float Away Studios. New designs. What is in my bag today, Shine blockas. He llegado del sur y tengo un montón de fotos que compartir con vosotros!

shine blockas

La verdad es que no tengo demasiadas novedades que contaros, solo que tengo unos horribles dolores de barriga y creo que son por el periodo o algo, así que me voy a tomar una pastilla porque no aguanto más!! I came back from the south with loads of pictures to share with you! The truth is that I don't have many news to tell, just that I have a horrible stomach ache and I think it's because of the period or something, so I better go and take a pill because I can't stand this!! Xx Shorts: Topshop Cropped top: American Apparel Ankh's cross necklace: Uno de 50. GUEST POST - Photos by: Kathleen Bly post designed by kristin ess Mad love for our first guest post winner, Taylor Nick!!!


I am fully obsessed with this bohemian-inspired-braided-goodness! Even though Taylor had some SERIOUS competition, there’s no doubt that this little lady took the cake in our hair tutorial contest. She created a beautiful, textured, easy hairstyle that will work with almost any hair type. Congratulations Taylor, and thanks to ALL of you who entered this post contest. Xx Kristin “My look is inspired by all of the bohemian braids on the 2011 runways. Tools: 2 Claw clipsBobby PinsHair tie, preferably matching your hair colorFine tooth combHairspray Steps: 1. 2. 3.