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NPC's and Followers

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As requested from the kind people who view my images I present MARCURIO!!

Marcurio - Mystic Mayhem - Riften Mage Companion Redone at Skyrim Nexus

More like Marcuri1.0 amirite?! >. > Anywho, down to bidnis. My first mod, a face edit to Marcurio, the hireling found in Riften's Inn The Bee and Barb. Skyrim Followers - Marcurio, Wizard Not Pack Mule. Deathstroke in Skyrim: Follower Mod. Skyrim Mods 68: Agent of Righteous Might, Mystic Knight, Galinveil. YouTube. Skyrim Mods 84 - Falskaar, Inconsequential NPCs, Deadpool.