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1. AQA Revision Guides. New A-level 2015 The revision guides are split into physical, inorganic and organic chemistry.

1. AQA Revision Guides

There are no modules. The AS only topics are labelled AS. New AQA A-Level Chemistry - A-Level Chemistry. Chemguide: helping you to understand Chemistry - Main Menu. SpectraSchool – Enhancing the teaching and learning of spectroscopy and spectrometric methods. AQA AS level Chemistry - Practical Skills 1. Screen experiments. <div class="noscriptmsg"><div class="info_img"> &nbsp; </div><span style="padding-top: 4px;">You do not have JavaScript enabled.

Screen experiments

Please enable JavaScript to access the full features of the site. </span></div> Our screen experiments support practical chemistry by offering new ways to explore or discover experimental work. Practical Chemistry for Schools and Colleges. Cambridge Chemistry Challenge : C3L6. UK Chemistry Olympiad. A Future in Chemistry. Chemistry at Oxford University. A Day in the Life of a Chemistry Student.

Medicine at Oxford University. Public Events. UCL Science Centre. Science Lectures for 6th Formers & Teachers All are welcome, admission is free and no booking or tickets are required.

UCL Science Centre

Lectures will start at 6:30 pm (last for approximately 1 hour) and will be held in the Chemistry Auditorium (Christopher Ingold Building, 20 Gordon Street, London, WC1H OAJ) Promoted jointly with the Institute of Physics and Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Disclaimer: The Science Centre and UCL disclaim all responsibility for any information presented in these lectures. Imperial College London. What's On. Events at QMUL. Headstart, Inspire, RIS. Nuffield Research Placements.

Nuffield Research Placements (previously Nuffield Science Bursaries) provide over 1,000 students each year with the opportunity to work alongside professional scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Nuffield Research Placements

Students in the first year of a post-16 science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) course are eligible to apply. Placements are available across the UK, in universities, commercial companies, voluntary organisations and research institutions. Nuffield Research Placements are administered at a regional level by a network of Nuffield coordinators. We particularly encourage students who don't have a family history of going to university or who attend schools in less well-off areas. We make sure no-one is excluded on a financial basis by covering students' travel costs. UK Summer Schools. Applications for the Sutton Trust UK Summer Schools 2017 are now closed!

UK Summer Schools

Click here for more information and to apply. Are you interested in exploring university life this summer? Do you want to see what being an undergraduate is really like? School students. Are you interested in gaining some valuable work experience?

School students

Do you want to spend a week with a company that believes in helping young talent to flourish? It’s never easy to decide what you want to do in the future. School and college students. Work experience gives you the chance to see what it’s like to work in the industry, and to find out whether it’s somewhere you’d like to work.

School and college students

It also gives you a chance to talk to people already in the industry, to find out how they got to where they are, and you may even make some useful contacts for the future. Having work experience on your CV shows employers you have a genuine interest in working in the industry and that you know what you’re applying for. Although work experience is very important, it’s often very hard to find relevant placement, especially if you’re under 16. The opportunity to carry out a work experience placement is, however, valuable even if it is unrelated to a future career.