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Understanding and Examples of Explanatory Texts

26 june 2019

Understanding and Examples of Explanatory Texts

What is meant by the explanatory text explanation text ??? quoted from - explanatory text is a text that describes the process or stages of "why" and "how" the occurrence of a phenomenon or event related to nature, social, scientific and cultural.

Another opinion says that the definition of explanatory text is a paragraph or text whose contents explain an information about the process of the occurrence of a phenomenon, which is both natural phenomena, science, and social and cultural life. This type of text is also often found in science, geography and history books.

Explanatory text has certain characteristics that distinguish it from other types of text, while the characteristics of explanatory text are as follows:

  • ┬áThe topics discussed here are phenomena related to science or scientific nature.
  • ┬áThis type of text is informative and does not attempt to influence the reader to believe the matters discussed.
  • The structure of the text consists of three types, namely general statements, explanatory lines or causation and interpretation.
  • The explanation in this text uses sequence markers, such as first, second, third and others.
  • Examples of Explanatory Texts on Natural Disasters (Landslides)