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Anterior View of the Skull.

Nervous System

Your Body Ruler - A User's Manual. (Now part of A View from the Back of the Envelope.)

Your Body Ruler - A User's Manual

The idea: you can measure with your body. Length, angle, time, etc. This page deals with length. And... you will never forget to bring your bodyruler with you. :) Though sometimes I forget my calibration... Your Body Ruler A User's Manual Congratulations on being a human ruler! An example How big is the screen/paper in front of you? Calibrating Yourself A first step is to choose your measures, and measure your choices.

Many body distances can be used as measures, but you dont need all of them. Before using any new measuring instrument, one needs to calibrate it by comparing it with something else, something of known measure. Here are some measures you might use. Stuff Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) writes of Roman architect-engineer Vitruvius Pollio (1st century B.C.): "... Angle See also Measuring angle & distance with your thumb. The visual height of your fist, held out in front of you, is about 10 degrees. References. Sanzin's Human Anatomy and Physiology Unit 1. {*style:<b>Unit 1 </b>*} Overview of Anatomy and Physiology | Levels of Organization within the human body | Maintaining Life | Things we need to Survive | Homeostasis | The Language of Anatomy | Objectives: 2001 Mississippi Science Framework 2.

Anatomical concepts. ATLASofANATOMY. Human Anatomy Table of Contents. Instant Anatomy - Learn human anatomy online. Anatomy Dissection Videos Video Lecture Course. Human Anatomy Table of Contents. Anatomy Library - Anatomy Atlases. Skull Anatomy Tutorial. [ Crimando's HomePage | GateWay HomePage | Legal Disclaimer ] Last Modified: January, 2008.

Skull Anatomy Tutorial

(J. Crimando) Skull Anatomy Tutorial All images and maps on this tutorial created and © by J. Select from these basic anatomy tutorials of the skull: Have fun with your very own "Online Cranium"! Try These Links For Other Skull Information & Images... Skull Module ... Temporomandibular Joint Disorders ... Cleft Lip and Palate. . . . [ BIO201 Lecture | BIO201 Study Q's | BIO201 Assignments | Syllabi | BIO202 Lecture | BIO202 Study Q's | BIO202 Assignments ][ Human Biodyssey Home | Cool A&P Tutorials | Writing Essays | Science ToolBox | Surviving College | Prof Email | Feedback ] | GateWay's Library | GateWay's HomePage | Maricopa Home ] Created and copyrighted © J.

Master Muscle List Home Page. Human Body, Anatomy Charts, Anatomical Models. Free Medical Video Lecture courses. Human Anatomy. Human anatomy. BioDigital Human: Explore the Body in 3D!