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Facebook Twitter Apbio. Genetics. Exploring Life's Origins: A Virtual Exhibit. Top 14 Presentation Apps - Showing 1 to 14 based on popularity. 1 to 16 based on popularity Presentation applications give users the tools needed to organize information to be shared with an online or offline audience as slideshows, videos or photo montages.

Top 14 Presentation Apps - Showing 1 to 14 based on popularity

AppAppeal ranks all presentation apps based on worldwide popularity. Popularity rank 119 AppAppeal rating 4/5 Price range (p/month): $19.00 - $249.00 Free plan available Mobile apps SlideShare is an online community for presentations. Popularity rank 1,201 AppAppeal rating 4/5 Price range (p/month): $5.00 - $13.25. Wsdbestpractices - POGIL. Project-Based Learning.

Bozemanbiology. The Illustrated Guide to Epigenetics. Illustrations by Joe Kloc.

The Illustrated Guide to Epigenetics

GetBodySmart: Interactive Tutorials and Quizzes On Human Anatomy and Physiology. Rader's CHEM4KIDS.COM. Genetics Animations. Biology. Biology 1A: General Biology (Spring 2010)


DP AP Biology - AP Biology Poster Board-Presentations. The Simulation. News and Announcements.

The Simulation

Teaching materials. Teaching materials Evolution is essential to our curriculum and to scientific literacy.

Teaching materials

Imagine teaching social science without teaching history; students would lack perspective on events going on today. Similarly, to understand the big picture of biology, students need to understand life on Earth in terms of its history and its future — the changing life forms and ecosystems that have arisen and changed over billions of years, as well as the mechanisms that have brought about those changes. The Understanding Evolution project aims to help instructors develop student understanding of: We've assembled a variety of resources to help you increase student understanding of evolution.

Curriculum Boxes. Flashcards: Study Math & Science Flash Cards. Evolution. Evolution. Origins. Tree of Life Web Project. Understanding Evolution. The bacteria that changed the world - May, 2017 The make-up of Earth's atmosphere, once the domain of Earth science textbooks, has become an increasingly "hot" news topic in recent decades, as we struggle to curb global warming by limiting the carbon dioxide that human activity produces.

Understanding Evolution

While the changes that humanity has wrought on the planet are dramatic, this isn’t the first time that one species has changed Earth’s atmosphere. Three billion years ago, there was no free oxygen in the atmosphere at all. Exploring Life's Origins: A Virtual Exhibit. Ten Recent Advances in Evolution. By Carl Zimmer Posted 10.26.09 NOVA To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species, here's a list—by no means exhaustive—of some of the biggest advances in evolutionary biology over the past decade.

Ten Recent Advances in Evolution

The Shape of Life. What Darwin Never Knew. The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online. Immersive Learning Simulations. ForgeFX has been a proud content development partner for Pearson Education for over 10 years.

Immersive Learning Simulations

Developing over 100 simulation-based training programs and applications, across a number of different subjects and curricula, ForgeFX helps Pearson Education deliver digital learning products that transform students from passive audience members, to active participants in the learning process. 3D Wave Simulator. Beautiful Teenage Brains. Serious Games Bring Immersive Astronomy To Science Classrooms. Serious Games for a high tech space-simulation experience Via: Edutopia - Virtual Universe: Students Use Technology to Reach for the Stars by Bilen Mesfin Full Article Remote telescopes, desktop planetariums, and 3-D space-simulation programs launch classrooms into space.

Serious Games Bring Immersive Astronomy To Science Classrooms

Mitosis. Continuamos con el tema de las Animaciones, esa vez con unas de la mejores que he visto sobre Biología Celular , donde se incluyen temas desde la Anatomía de la Célula, Estructura de los Cromosomas, ADN, Ciclo de Krebs, Fotosíntesis, etc. y mis favoritas las de Mitosis y Meiosis. Center for Health and the Global Environment. Here are some simple ways you can work to protect biodiversity -- and human health! Making small changes in your food, your transportation, and your home can have significant impacts. Here's how: Eat Sustainable Food Choose sustainably-harvested fish.

Several organizations provide information on what kinds of fish to buy and which ones to avoid, and these are listed below by region: Eat less meat and more cereals, fruits and vegetables. TreeHugger. News and Information for Planet Earth. Biology Lesson Plans: Activities, Experiments, Life Science Labs. The Biology Place. NOTE: The Shockwave files (.dcr extension) located on this site will not run on iPads or in 64-bit Chrome v. 39 or higher.

The Biology Place

Please use Internet Explorer or FireFox. BioCoach BioCoach activities allow students to visualize and apply their understanding of biological concepts. During these practice activities, students manipulate graphs, complete biological puzzles, and answer questions. Biology Animation Library. Terrific Science. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Science Ruler. The Cell and its Organelles. National STEM Centre. 3D Human Anatomy.

Instant Anatomy. Infection & Immunity. Viruses. Zoology. The Brain. Mark Home. Bytesize Science. 1:1. Scientists discover brain chemical that eases the pain of financial loss. By Daily Mail Reporters Updated: 02:12 GMT, 22 February 2012 Scientists have found that a chemical in the brain allows people to brush off the pain of financial losses. The breakthrough discovery could pave the way to the development of drugs to treat problem gamblers. The chemical is active in the region of the brain involved in sensory and reward systems and its existence sheds light on what may have been going on in the brains of Wall Street and City of London traders as the 2008 financial crisis took hold.

The Human Brain Project. Blue Brain’s success in modeling the rat cortical column has driven the development of the Brain Simulation Facility and has demonstrated the feasibility of the project’s general strategy. But, this is only a first step. The human brain is an immensely powerful, energy efficient, self-learning, self-repairing computer. If we could understand and mimic the way it works, we could revolutionize information technology, medicine and society. The brain is actually wired like a chess board and a new scanner reveals how in stunning detail.

By Ted Thornhill Published: 10:04 GMT, 30 March 2012 | Updated: 15:31 GMT, 30 March 2012 For a long time it was thought that the brain was a mass of tangled wires, but researchers recently found that its fibers are actually set up like a chess board, crossing at right-angles. What’s more, this grid structure has now been revealed in amazing detail as part of a brain imaging study by a new state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner. Amyris. NOVA. The Ductile Helix: "Jumping Genes" May Influence Brain Activity. Mobile DNA molecules that jump from one location in the genome to another may contribute to neurological diseases and could have subtle influences on normal brain function and behavior, according to a study published October 30 in Nature. 49 Fascinating YouTube Videos to Learn About the Human Body. As any doctor, nurse practitioner or other health care professional knows, the body is an interesting system.

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