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Gestalt Principles. Language GURU - Mastering The Meta Model. Free Meta Model Training - 5 Part NLP Video Series. Many people have heard or learnt about the Meta Model since it was first released with the Structure of Magic Volume 1.

Free Meta Model Training - 5 Part NLP Video Series

However few know how to use it for more than drilling down into the details – yet the Meta Model can be used for much, much more than information gathering. It's one of the most powerful tools that we have in the entirely of NLP. To celebrate the launch of a new program Michael Breen and I are releasing later this week call "Language Guru – Mastering The Meta Model" I've just completed a new five part video series sharing many of the top distinctions about working with the Meta Model that will help you transform what you can do with language, helping others and being ultra persuasive.

And I'm giving it away for free. Check it out here. In the first video you will enjoy a 17 minute free training video where you will learn: If you have a question, feedback or comment. Bookmark & Share. Language GURU - Mastering The Meta Model. Introduction to the Meta Model; Practice Sheet. NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Counselling in Chichester, West Sussex, UK. Alison Smith - Passion In Business - Business Quarterly. Welcome to a new quarterly newsletter aimed at giving you more detail on some of the models on communication and influencing in business.

Alison Smith - Passion In Business - Business Quarterly

The Passion in Life newsletter is largely aimed at personal development and I felt that business clients are missing out on some of the specific things you could be using to make life at work more effective. So this quarter I'm going to be sharing with you some of the highlights from the NLP in business workshop I offer. NLP changed my life! (Actually if I apply the advice from The use of Language section the more accurate statement should be..... My life changed positively after I'd attended the NLP practitioner and started to apply the NLP tools and techniques.) Ok not something you want to hear about in business but it certainly made my life at work more effective too.

Enjoy and connect to what gives you passion in business. So what's my lift message for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)? So what impact does this have in communication? The Meta Model. NLP Articles Articles The Importance of Doing what’s Important in Life by Jevon Dängeli What do you really want in life?

The Meta Model

What lights you up? What’s your purpose and your destiny in this life? Remember this: the universe supports people who are pursuing their passion and those who are pursuing their destiny. Written by Jevon Dängeli – NLP / HNLP Trainer & Wellness Coach IQ Scores NLP Center is meant to be a collection of NLP resources worldwide, be it trainers, institutions, events or simply related links with useful information on the subject. Free NLP Tip 42 Learning and change in Adults Part 4 Meta Model review. Neurolinguistic Programming: The Meta Model. Neurolinguistic Programming is a great tool box.

Neurolinguistic Programming: The Meta Model

In this series I will be sharing several tools out of this broad metaphorical tool box to empower you. (I have shared one personal tool already, the Swish technique, I will later share the kinesthetic equivalent of this, if that doesn't make sense, it will in the future post.) We will be looking at the Meta Model first, why? Because people who know the Meta Model are practically unable to be bullshitted.

Semantic Illusion will be destroyed forever. Adapted from material by Roger Ellerton and Chris Howard. Origin of the Meta ModelJohn Grinder and Richard Bandler developed the Meta Model by modeling two very successful therapists, Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir, who got extraordinary results from their clients by having them be more specific in what they expressed. Mastering The Meta-Model: 10 Tips for greater effectiveness (Part 1) Learn NLP Meta Model from Free eBook and Resources. The NLP meta model is a heuristic set of questions intended to elaborate and clarify information as well as challenge and expand the limits to a person’s model of the world.

Learn NLP Meta Model from Free eBook and Resources

It responds to the linguistic distortions, generalizations, and deletions in the speaker’s language. The meta model forms the basis of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It was developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Grinder and Bandler “explained how people create faulty mental maps of reality, failing to test their linguistic – cognitive models against the experience of their senses.” NLP Meta Model, by John David Hoag. The function of the Meta Model is to help us identify and transform problematic deletions, distortions and generalizations in our thinking and communication with others, How The Language We Use Can Delete, Distort and Generalize Our Thinking and Communication "The basic principle behind the Meta Model is Korzybski's notion that 'the map is not the territory.' That is, the models we make of the world around us with our brains and our language are not the world itself but representations of it.

" -- Dilts and DeLozier, Encyclopedia of Systemic Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP New Coding, 2000. History The Meta Model, NLP's first formal model, was published in 1975 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in their ground breaking book, The Structure of Magic, Vol. 1.